Beautiful women! No wonder! They’re all WITCHES, living in that land; ~

“AWAKENING!” a poem in the series “It’s A God Thang!” September 7, 2019 (Saturday)


“Has-[S]HE-finally-a-wakened?” (pause)

So, we-RUSHED to-His?-side, inquiring: “Shall we-be-Vegan? or Do-YOU-Want-us-to-all-be- “BACON-ed?”*

“Well, I DUNNO,” said GOD; “what do you think I got? A College Degree?”

“YES!” we said emphatically! “Isn’t [S]HE SMART?” [They all did agree!]

“I think I’ll KICK The Israelis – out-of The Holy Land,

Yet, you say (that) I-DON’T UNDER-STAND,

But I’M NOT-IN-LOVE (Am I?) Why should I take a stand?

Just call: 940 – 550 – 5 (or 9) 923 – and ask for Rand!?

Well, after-checking “the listings,” we found THAT number was from Wi[t]chita Falls;

Which just shows WHY, in that area of Texas, they-have-so-many-DOLLS:

Beautiful women! No wonder! They’re all WITCHES, living in that land;

I might go by there – and join a “witches’ band,”

And play spooky music, while worshipping The God Who Has Just Opened [His] Eyes,

Who’s singing this blessed song! We-think IT’s a big surprise:

“I got me an angel wife! She’s the jo-oy of my life! She makes me smile & sing; Such happiness she-does-bring! She’s-the only one for me! [I tell her, glee-ful-ly,] Because she is so sweet! [An-gels-are really neat!]”**

fin ♥

  • – After all “nothing burps better than bacon!”

** – and witches too! Perhaps, they are very similar, or one in the same!?

By ace101

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