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So I caught up with a new friend tonight and we got talking about the Hong Kong protest. I spoke about my current view which is the people protesting now are eroding away at the outcome they are fighting to save. What do I mean by that? Well there are a lot of different protest reasons now, the extradition bill is as good as dead yet the protest goes on. No one wants a China takeover or military intervention so here is my issue.

Hong Kong police prior to the protests are calm, non violent police, especially compared to Australia and nothing wrong with Aussie cops, they do a great job. HK police have family parents, wives, kids, grandkids etc. they don’t want China here either. They see the protest escalate and see that the protests have gone to far. Yet the protests keep escalating which is getting closer to no choice. I would want to stop someone doing this as well and would try all I could.

My friend spoke of a guy he knows who is a HK detective, he has a family and a mortgage and let’s face it in HK that is serious $. He is a detective yet is now in the riot squad making up numbers. His wife hates him, his kids hate him, his parents and parents in law hate him. Yet how can he resign? It’s his career?

Empathy, Hong Kong and maturity. The young kids running the protests are naive with how high this is escalating and what they are now actually trying to achieve because they’ve won a lot of ground and now are greedy but ignorant of how unachievable the adjusted goal is.

An interesting few weeks ahead, I hope the start to listen to some of the old farts around them.

By ace101

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