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This is a translation from a popular Chinese in line publication I think, but not sure, daily.
Gender sometimes gets mixed up such as Ruston referred to as ‘he’ and names not always right e.g. Frydenberg.

Damn good summary though as to why LNP should not be Re elected.
It’s a good counter to some of the bullshit and misinformation being pushed by some sources on WeChat.

Worth reading.

Election Buzz 5: 15 Reasons the Liberals Lost the Election
Author: Old Shaw

With just a week to go until the general election on May 21, Labour’s lead in the polls and the closeness of specific constituencies make up two election scenarios. Will the Labor Party win by 56% over the Liberals by 44%, or will Labor win by a narrow margin? Or will both parties fail to win by more than half and need a coalition with a third party? I think the Liberal Party lost the election with no suspense. Here are 15 reasons why the Liberals lost the election.

  • Very few countries have a ruling party or a prime minister who can stand for a second term in an election. For example, in Japan (prime minister change), South Korea, the United States, Germany, Israel and so on (a few exceptions such as France), epidemic control is a high test, coupled with poor response to floods. The Liberals are clearly unqualified. Australia has so far infected 5 million people, that is, 1 in 5 Australians infected. The federal government uses lying flat to control the epidemic;
  • Although the polls have been high, Morrison has been criticized in a lot of places, such as the fire holiday, climate stance, etc. Morison recently admitted that he is ineffective in governing, showing that the Liberal Party has lost its momentum;
  • In the face of the epidemic and the instability of the global economy, the Liberal Party has paid no attention to the people’s livelihood and spent a huge amount of money on military expenditure to prepare for war. It has also played the security card in its election campaign. It is not down to earth. Moreover, it has paid a huge sum of $5.5 billion in compensation to France from taxpayers. This is very incompetent. All this has cost the Liberals points. Polls show that voters are concerned about the livelihood of the people, the economy, and security only ranked eighth, the election is also desperately playing anti-China card, the Liberal Party did not grasp the minds of voters, lost focus;
  • Under the Liberal Party, racial discrimination is on the rise and the wrong foreign policy toward China is adopted. Leading to domestic racial discrimination against Chinese emerge in endlessly, the negative impact is far-reaching. The negative opinion of Chinese people in the polls has hit a new high, and the Liberal Party cannot shirk its responsibility. Thus losing minority votes; In the early days of the epidemic, the Chinese will always remember that the Liberal Party government in Australia not only collected fees for evacuating overseas Chinese but also sent them to the detention center on Christmas Island, treating them as monsters.
    The Liberal Party has zero interaction with the Chinese community (not counting during the election), does not take photos with Chinese, and looks down on Chinese.
  • There are more than 17 million registered voters for the 2022 general election, an increase of 1 million voters over the 2019 general election. Of those 1 million voters, 600,000 were Australian-born first-time voters and 400,000 were new naturalised immigrants. 600,000 young first-timers. This is one of the reasons why the Green Party did better this election than the previous one, and the Chinese community started to support the Greens, especially in the Senate. On the other hand, if the Greens vote increases, the Liberals will lose.
    Forty countries have agreed to phase out coal, and most have signed up to the climate agreement, with the exception of Australia (the US pulled out under Donald Trump, Australia followed, and rejoined under Biden, but Australia didn’t).
    What are the Liberals’ plans for the climate future? No. Ultimately, the Liberal Party is anti – climate anti – environmental, can not be expected to provide our children and grandchildren a pleasant environment.
  • During the Liberal Party’s term, sexual scandals continued, the image of falling water, losing the support of female voters. In March 2021, former Liberal foreign minister Julie Bishop said, A group of smug Liberal MPs call themselves the Big Swing Little Brother Club.
  • Drawing on the lessons of the last election defeat, the Labour Party did not launch a damaging platform, only a candy platform to retain swing voters in the centre.
  • There is disunity within the Liberal Party. The infighting was exposed to the public as Liberal MPs railed against Mr Morrison until the election. No disunited party in history has ever won an election.
  • Australia-China trade has fallen to a low ebb, hurting many industries that depend on the trade, including tourism, education immigration agency, real estate leasing, import and export trade, catering, retail and so on. The Liberal Party’s loss of the economic card dampens popularity. Giving up the Chinese market to the United States and helping the US count the money after being sold by the USA is like selling Australia’s economic interests.
  • The Liberals have disappointed voters with a lacklustre record in their second term. Various disappointments led longtime Liberals to switch to Labor.
  • The Liberal Party’s hostility to the Chinese homeland caused many longtime Liberal supporters to switch sides with the Labor Party. The Morrison government’s hostile attitude towards China has cost it $55 billion a year in lost tourism revenue. For a long time, the spending power of Chinese tourists is almost the sum of the second to the tenth. No country can replace China’s source of tourists. And red wine, lobster, coal, logs, barley and wheat… Really understand the economy will govern the country like this? The simple question is, has the Liberal Party made your business better?
  • The Aussie network has not moved with the times. The Liberals blocked modernization of the Internet, vetoed Labor’s plans for fiber optics, and stuck with backward copper wires, putting Australia behind Asia in internet speeds. This is the biggest opinion of many netizens.
  • The Liberal Party’s attack on health care, pensions, the basic welfare of the public, and the loss of popular support. Some netizens pointed out that Morrison announced that he would appoint Anne Ruston as health minister if he was re-elected. Medicare is an important cornerstone of Australia’s welfare and social system. The Liberals, who have long wanted to take a stab at Medicare, have nominated such a man as Health Minister to cancel a century’s worth of benefits, and the Morrison government is likely to spend the savings on astronomical military spending. Under the rule of the Liberal Party in the future, it will not be a wild idea to pay for medical treatment.
  • The Liberal Party has long practiced fraud, rumors smearing and arousing voter resentment.
  • The Liberals refused to set up an integrity commission, sparking voter discontent. The Liberals used $33 million of taxpayers’ money to buy land that was worth just $3 million; Half a million of taxpayers’ money to pay for an extramarital affair with a Liberal minister.

If the Liberals lost the election and replaced Fattenberg as leader, it would be of no value. Morrison’s current cabinet is not out of politics, the Liberal Party will not play for a long time, Australia does not need Morison, Dutton and the like of the United States kneeling politicians. Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd recently branded Mr Dutton an “idiot.”

Although this article is written before the election results, even if the time travel, but I predict that the Liberal Party will lose the election is inevitable, the election result between the Labor Party won the majority in power and Labor and the Greens coalition in one of the two.

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