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history Cedar Scrub Settlement.


The Upper Pappinbarra Creek finds its head waters between the Upper Wilson River and the Forbes, and finally winds its way, through excellent grazing and dairying country, into the Hastings River below Beechwood.
In this particular part of the creek, some 10 miles beyond the older settlements, the Government has thrown open to returned Diggers 20 odd blocks, averaging over 300 acres each, on which is found a dozen returned men seeking home and fortune out of the dense scrub. It is known as the ” Soldier Settlement,” and its Diggers are a worthy example of grit and industry.
Their efforts to emulate the grand old pioneers of the olden days are watched with some interest by all connected with the land throughout the Hastings Shire. A few days’ visit among these young diehards furnishes the most cheerful of prospects for any enthusiast about to “go on the land.”

It is also noteworthy that the virgin forests abound plentifully in tallow wood, mahogany, blackbutt, gum, beech, sassafras, rosewood, and silky oak, and the exploitation of this wealth of timber is severely checked.
Bullocky finds extreme difficulty and encounters much delay in negotiating the turns, and the settlers find room only for their spring cart vehicles throughout the many cuttings. Not only by the awful state of the so-called road at Wallis’, Landrigan’s and Lewis’ properties, but by the narrow width and sharp turns of the settlers’ new road leading through their properties.

It is appropriate to mention that words of praise and approval are current on the new settlers’ lips in regard to the advice and counsel coming from the early pioneers.
In this Mr. Wallis and. Mr. George Lewis and many others of the older settlement extend the glad hand of encouragement and advice. Some of these older properties reveal the bushcraft and energy of the old days.
They are all more or less situated in picturesque surroundings, and the charming names of many of them, such as ” Riversleigh,’ ‘Bellview,’ ‘Ferndale,’ ‘Cowell,’ and ‘Cloverhill,’ conjure immediately in one’s mind some distant old English scene.

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