(AUSTRALIA) Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Report: Wife of Osama al-Hasani, a citizen facing extradition to Saudi Arabia, has redoubled her emotional pleas for the government to do more to help her husband detained in a Moroccan prison #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.13: Mrs al-Hasani said Australian consular officials had assured her they were doing what they could but she said she had not heard yet directly from the Australian ambassador to Morocco, Michael Cutts:

Australian Osama al-Hasani ‘devastated’ when told he will be extradited to Saudi Arabia: ‘Hana al-Hasani and her husband’s legal team plan to appeal the extradition, which was decided by a Moroccan court early on Thursday in the capital, Rabat.

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Osama al-Hasani
Osama al-Hasani with his wife Hana al-Hasani and their baby in Turkey.(Supplied)

“[Australian consular staff] have had high-level meetings, but I urge them to fight more or to try harder to release my husband,” she said through an interpreter.

“There are a lot of meetings but nothing comes from them. I just want them to bring back my husband. He is an Australian citizen and it is his right that they fight for him.”

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has previously said they are in contact with Moroccan officials and providing consular support, but did not go into detail. The Department has been contacted for comment on Mrs al-Hasani’s comments.

Australian-Saudi dual national Osama al-Hasani has spent the last month detained in a prison in the Moroccan town of Tiflet, just east of Rabat.

He was arrested on February 8 in the coastal Moroccan city of Tangier where he had arrived to join his wife and young son.

Moroccan police made the arrest on an Interpol warrant issued by Saudi Arabia, who charged Dr al-Hasani with a car theft matter — which Dr al-Hasani rejects.

A man sitting on a couch.
A Moroccan court has decided to extradite Osama al-Hasani, a dual Australian-Saudi citizen.(Supplied)

From prison, he had almost no contact with his wife until she was allowed to make a rare and emotional visit yesterday.

After a month in detention, Dr al-Hasani had lost significant weight and appeared exhausted, she said.

She recalled how her husband had been overjoyed to see her but was unaware of the court’s decision that he would be extradited to Saudi Arabia until she personally delivered the news.

“He was happy at the beginning to see me because it’s the first time I’ve seen him. But when I told him that the court ruled that he will be deported back to Saudi, he broke down and was devastated,” she said.

A barrister from a London-based chambers acting for Dr al-Hasani said no information had been passed on to Mrs al-Hasani about the legal proceedings involving her husband.

“What is unknown is what happens next. It’s completely unclear when he might be extradited. Could it be imminently? It could be at any time. It might be a few days,” said Haydee Dijkstal.

There is no current date set for extradition, but Dr al-Hasani’s legal team and wife are desperately worried about what fate he might meet when he is handed over to Saudi authorities.

Mrs al-Hasani said she spends her days now meeting with lawyers and praying her husband will be released from custody so her young son can grow up with his father.

“I wish this nightmare will end soon,” she said, holding back tears.

Saudi-Australian Activist Osama Al-Hasani Arrested, Might be Deported to Jeddah

Dr. Osama Al-Hasani was arrested on February 8th, 4 hours after landing at Casablanca’s international airport where he intended to visit  his newborn child in Morocco, according to his wife’s interview with SBS News.

Dr. Al-Hasani, who holds both Australian and Saudi citizenships, is facing the danger of being deported to Saudi Arabia; as his wife fears that he will end up having the same destiny that Jamal Khashoggi had.

— Prisoners of Conscience (@m3takl_en)  

Human rights activists have urged the Moroccan government not to send him back to Saudi Arabia using the Arabic and the English hashtags “#لاترحلوا_اسامة_الحسني and #DontDeportOsamaAlHasani.” Others have called on international organizations to interfere in releasing him from prison.

— Prisoners of Conscience (@m3takl_en)  

Moreover, a petition was created to stop the deportation of Osama Al-Hasani by Moroccan authorities to Saudi Arabia, adding that his life is threatened if he goes back to Jeddah because he is involved in activism and works with rights groups. 

— VENÜS.YÜRI (@venus8yuri)  

The foreign affairs department in Australia announced to reporters earlier this week that it was providing consular assistance to an Australian national in Morocco, but without revealing his identity.

Nevertheless, Dr Osama Al-Hasani is set to face Moroccan court on March 3rd, then he is likely to be sent back to Saudi Arabia, “where the real danger lies,” Prisoners of Conscience tweeted.

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