Are we a racist Nation ?~ America or any COUNTRY. Do you believe that Hate SPEACH is against HUMANITY- answer that – Question yourself – is your insides the same as everyone else. 🤗 Perhaps others need this right now to understand we ARE Brothers and Sisters on Earth together. 🤗 Interesting stuff that isn’t it folk! Keep reading 😊simple little Thoughts of the day 😁 HELLO WORLD sprinkle KINDNESS wherever you go- it’s free you know 😁😅

From day one, it’s just been my white mom and me, although that’s nothing I would complain about. Throughout my life, she has been one of the only people in my white family to acknowledge and promote me being black. Since I never knew or met my father or the black side of my family, that was a big thing. I had nobody of color in my known family and for a while, very few black people in my life at all. Looking back on 18 years of living, my mom has been the only person in my family who encourages me and helps me understand what it means to be black, live life as a black youth and young man. She’s the only person who ever brought black role models into my life and acknowledged the struggles I’ve faced being a black young man.

Malachi in a football uniform on the field with his mother.

One of the largest nuisances I’ve faced has been people constantly insisting that I “pick a side.” I was born to a white mom and a black father who was never present, making me half black and light skinned. Because of who I am, people throughout my life, especially into high school, would insist on me being either black or white. Maybe it was because I’m from the south, but people casually tell me I am “too white” to really be black. And, yet for someone who was “too white,” I constantly dealt with the disadvantages that came with being black in the American south.

My grandma is one of the people who constantly insisted I was white whenever she got the chance. If I ever mentioned being black around my grandma, she would always chime in with “you’re white, too” no matter who I was talking to or what the context was. She could literally be in another room as I mentioned being black and she would holler into the room that I’m also white. My grandmother once even sat me down to try and explain to me how President Obama was black, and I was different because I’m white. Even though we both are mixed are both were born of a white mother and black father, it seemed to miss her. To her President Obama and I were two totally different racial categories simply because she said so and could somehow justify it in her narrow mind. My mom explained to me that this is called cognitive dissonance.

No matter how much my grandma or others insisted I was white I still have to struggle with the burdens and microaggressions that black people regularly face. When I was 15 and 16 I learned to drive knowing that getting pulled over for any reason, even as small as for a speeding ticket, could get me shot by a cop without reason or cause. While other kids were learning to yield to pedestrians, my mom taught me to put my hands on the dash and not make any sudden moves in the case of a traffic stop.

I learned that the white cop who stopped me as I was walking around Downtown Fort Myers with my white girlfriend just to ask her in the middle of our date “Are you okay? Is this man bothering you?” wouldn’t see me as white but as a black man who has no business walking around town with a white young lady. He sees me as a nuisance and a trouble maker.

I grew up knowing that no matter how white I am, confederate flag toting rednecks would still have no problem telling me and my friends to “go back home you niggers” as they drove by in their pickup trucks. Whenever somebody asks what race I am I proudly say that I am black. Because being half white has shown me the privileges that come with being white while providing me access to none of them. Being half black simply gives me a window to peer into the house of the white world as I stand outside getting soaked by the downpour of burdens that come with being black.

We had a black PRESIDENT

We had a black First Lady

We had black attorney general’s, one man and one woman

We have a black Secretary of State

We had a black Chief of Staff for the Armed Services

We have a black female National Security Advisors

A back woman is among the ten wealthiest people in the contry

We have a black Supreme Court Justice

We have a Hispanic female Supreme Court Justice

We have black Congressmen, black Senators, black mayors and black entertainers

We have black Police Officers and black Firefighters

We have a Black Miss American Pagent

We have a black woman win the Miss American Pagent ( no White Miss American Pageants allowed) 😊

The National Football League is 70% black

The National Basket League is 75% black

Major League Baseball is 45% black

All these accomplishments, yet African Americans are just now topping 13% of the American population

Still believe we are a racist nation? PROBABLY








The fact that humanity
Has to clarify that any lives
Should be concern enough 🤗

    By @peacewriter51

    Life is like a bunch of roses. Some sparkle like raindrops. Some fade when there's no sun. Some just fade away in time. Some dance in many colors. Some drop with hanging wings. Some make you fall in love. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Life you can be sure of, you will not get out ALIVE.(sorry about that)