Animal Rights

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Animal Rights Act ✨✨✨

Why do some people abuse animals? Why would anyone do that?
Why does animal cruelty happen?

If we had the complete answer to that question…

There have been several studies in psychology, sociology, and criminology in the past 25 years that have demonstrated that violent offenders frequently have childhood and adolescent histories of serious and repeated animal cruelty. The FBI has recognized the connection since the 1970s when its analysis of the lives of serial killers suggested that most had killed or tortured animals as children.

Who are these animal abusers? They are:

An individual that has already been a victim of violence
An individual that was raised in an abusive environment where cruelty to animals and others is the norm
victims of child abuse are more likely to become perpetrators of animal cruelty themselves
people with psychopathic personality disorders tend to torture pets and other small animals. This type of behavior is termed zoosadism. It’s often found that children and adolescents who show cruelty towards their pet dogs and cats have undergone some abusive behavior themselves or have witnessed some forms of abuse.
30 percent of children who have witnessed domestic violence act out a similar type of violence against their pets.
“Curiosity or exploration (i.e., the animal is injured or killed in the process of being examined, usually by a young or developmentally delayed child).
Peer pressure (e.g., peers may encourage animal abuse or require it as part of an initiation rite).
Mood enhancement (e.g., animal abuse is used to relieve boredom or depression).
Sexual gratification (i.e., bestiality).
Forced abuse (i.e., the child is coerced into animal abuse by a more powerful individual).
Attachment to an animal (e.g., the child kills an animal to prevent its torture by another individual).
Animal phobias (that cause a preemptive attack on a feared animal).
Identification with the child’s abuser (e.g., a victimized child may try to regain a sense of power by victimizing a more vulnerable animal).
Posttraumatic play (i.e., reenacting violent episodes with an animal victim).
Imitation (i.e., copying a parent’s or other adult’s abusive “discipline” of animals).
Self-injury (i.e., using an animal to inflict injuries on the child’s own body).
Rehearsal for interpersonal violence (i.e., “practicing” violence on stray animals or pets before engaging in violent acts against other people).
Vehicle for emotional abuse (for example, injuring a sibling’s pet to frighten the sibling),”
These are just a few of the answers to the question of why to make sense of that which makes no sense to most of us.

There are the reasons listed in Eija’s answer, but in short, humans are cruel. Humans have a sense of entitlement and like to abuse that power over other beings. They might see animals as lacking the things a human has and think it’s okay to hurt the other sentient being. Some people think it’s okay to beat an animal for “discipline” reasons, the same way people “whoop” their children. But because animals live in the moment, they don’t know or remember why their human is angry at them. And beating them doesn’t teach them anything except the human is a cruel, unforgiving monster that

Humans have assured ourselves that we are superior in every way to every other animal. All our religions assert this misconception, as well. We value more highly those specific characteristics which differentiate us from the other animals, like mathematics, art, music, and architecture. At the same time, we devalue abilities other animals possess that we don’t, like good eyesight, excellent hearing, strength, an exquisite sense of smell, and echolocation.

Then, to further disable our natural empathy, we arrange that most of the worst things we subject other animals to are done by paid henchmen –

Why do I love animals but hurt them when I’m upset. I used to torture my cat when I was a child, what’s wrong with me?
Why do I sometimes find sadistic pleasure in torturing animals? Cats, especially. Should I go to a therapist? I’m not this type of a horrible person in general but throughout my life, I’ve dealt with those sudden mood and personality swings a lot.
What does it mean when I want to torture animals to death?
When it comes to aminal abuse, The first question that arrives is, what one considers as Abuse. Let’s understand the following type of said abuse.

Physical abuse to work activity/Labour. ( Horse / Camel – Riding)
Physical Abuse for Fun. (You must have heard one incident in your life)
Killing For Fun. (This is similar to above just a sad solaceful ending).
Killing to control population or to maintain the food cycle. ( Thousands of dogs sometimes bees are killed by government agencies to maintain the food cycle and control overpopulation of one species)
Killing for food. (This is said necessity and some

It’s Pablo Escobar. His daughter wanted a unicorn. He could have just told her that unicorns don’t exist! What did he do instead?

He bought her a horse and stapled a cone to its head and wings to its back.

Then what happened to the horse??

The horse died from infection!

This was way too cruel and insensitive.

I got too upset!

Imagine it:

Girl: I want a unicorn.

Normal father: Okay, my girl, I am gonna buy a big unicorn toy for you ( because she is a kid and she is gonna believe it.)

This man: Yeah, sure, my girl, wait for a second *stabs a horse with a sword* and it has a unique horn. Because it’s ca

Because some people are cruel.

Q: “Why do some humans like to abuse animals?”

Animals can be associated in our minds with dependent children or babies – those real or imaginary siblings who stole the attention and the love of our mother, which was ours.

More deeply though, they can represent the despised and messy infant we once were; that child which we imagine our mother despised when she weaned us towards adulthood. We may have moved on from infancy by distancing ourselves from our former dependency – projecting or mentally evacuating our infant identity – which we now punish in its perceived new location – the helpless animal.

again war and peace answer not required, they abuse animals because it makes them feel good, rather like the American dentist i believe who used a high powered bow and an arrow to kill a leopard, were i in charge he would suffer the same fate, all hunters who do not kill to eat are blood lust arseholes.

i think that we attribute it to “sick” people. I think that whether it is blamed on sickness or some other reason, that person should be held accountable and their punishment should be such that they will never have that in their mind again.

Most answers so far have addressed the question from the point of view that attributes animal abuse to mental illness or the person’s abuse. I want to address it in the way I see it most often. Lack of knowledge. This covers every kind of animal that humans could have care of. People get a puppy because it’s cute and won’t it be fun to have a pet! They don’t know how to feed or exercise it properly, they don’t know how to train it or socialize it. Why wouldn’t a Labrador be happy in this lovely apartment? It barks when left alone, stupid dog, they get a bark collar, teach that dog, not to bark

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