And let us venture to Heaven, Dear; 🌟🌟

(Pre)MORAL: “Heaven’s just a state of mind.”

“OUR HEAVENLY (AD)VENTURE.” a poem December 11, 2019 (Wednesday)

For, when you shake your sweet behind,

CHEMICALS. They take us “THERE,” Into Heaven, where we have NO CARE,

And TIME stands still; endorphins are “fanned.”

ONE WORD: “brainchemicals.” Do you under stand?


It’s NO WONDER that I just want more,

Passage into “Beulah Land.”

Pop that Velcro’s dainty band,

And let us venture to Heaven, Dear;

Oh, I KNOW (some day) we might have to come back here,

But at least for a lifetime or, maybe, a dozen or two,

We can glide Golden Shores, with our “coochie coo.”

History Lesson: The only Heaven ever reported,

Is when “some fool” (had) drugs (that) he snorted,

And later he wrote: “I made it in / And now I’m back,.”


THIS HEAVENLY QUEST by (1) holding each other a lot,

And (2) kissing and cuddling; we don’t need to smoke pot,

Or harder drugs to get real HIGH.

We’re going to Heaven; it ain’t no lie.

From Jesus, our (Post)MORAL: “Heaven is within you.” (pause) SO, (pause)

VENTURE INWARD. Heaven’s LOVE (is what) we’ll know.

fin ♥

Limerick entitled: “IT’S AN ADDICTION TOO.”

I’m a chronically addicted man / I’m addicted to: WantingToBeInHeaven,

So, here’s my plan: / I’ll see my “pill doc” once a week, / For new prescriptionsAndSheCanAlsoTESTme toInsureIdon’tREEK,

Of: HeavenlyLeavenAndFishSmells, for these I seek.

By ace101

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