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The Texas Quote of the Day:

“A petrified wood explosion is sweeping over Glen Rose … Every new building is incorporating some of this ‘wood’ from the nearby petrified forests into its walls or fences. Every owner of house needing repairs is lying awake at night studying out how he may most attractively weave some stone logs or chunks or stump or chips or splinters into its walls and make it distinctively Glen Rosian.”

From 1929, an article in the Dallas Morning News describes the boom in petrified wood construction that Glen Rose, Texas experienced in the late 1920s. About 45 of the structures still stand.  Shown here is the Ed Young Service station on CR 312.

I believe locals refer to it as sycamore grove. It was built in 1928 and served as a speakeasy during Prohibition. 

Traces of Texas reader Aaron Maxwell took this photo and kindly sent it in.

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