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“ARMED & DANGEROUS?” a poem in the series: “God Defends My God Given Right To Bear Firearms!” July 8, 2019 (Monday)

It’s SO EASY – to shoot* – and lose your life

Like-the-accidental-slip- of-a-Ginsu-knife!

The Gun! who-invented? such a sinister thing!

Well, it-was-certainly A-KILLER** for-killing doth bring,

Hopes! for-a faster, a-more-efficient-kill!

Well, curse your invention(s), you stinky ol’ “pill!”

It should-not-a even-been invented AT ALL!

IF – it might contribute – to-even one-person’s-fall!

It-just makes-it too easy – to “DO -yourself” quick;

Curse your invention! F – – – your gun pick!

Here’s to YOU-ALL, who LOVE having guns,

Because “It’s Your Right!” You-all-suck, you-sad-“huns!”

YOUR FOCUS ON FIREARMS, brings me alarm!

When you look at this picture!*** A BULLET DOTH HARM,

Those who are suffering, and haven’t-time-to-think,


Well, I’ll-label-YOU “a-fink,”

IF-you-are-so-focused on having your way,

With gun ownership! Well, I-wish-for-the-day,

When-your-foul-mind(s)-clear(s) and you-CAN count-the-LOSS,

Of EVEN ONE PERSON! Your guns, you should toss!

Yes, I know, HERE’S-THE-THING, as you’re moaning and gripe:

“The World is GUN-DANGEROUS, and filled with such strife,

That my gun, it-is NEEDED, to-insure I’m well guar-dED,


Well, GET THIS! I agree! Now-that-guns-have-gone-this-far!

But – LOOK INTO YOUR HEART! and-please-scrape-out-“the-tar,”

The sticky, black grease – of a-dirty-gun there!

[It’s]-A-KILLING-CLUTCHING-DESIRE – with-an-expedient-care!

fin <3

And – IF this here song:

makes you feel EVEN-A-LITTLE-BIT-GOOD,

You’ve more-scraping-to-do Scrape-away! Yes, I-WOULD!

And, IF you wanna tell me: “J-Jay, go JUMP IN A LAKE!”

Well, I’m already hiding there – “under water,” waiting-for-your-“gun-will”-to-break!

  • – on purpose – or not!

** – Yes, I know, we’re ALL killers, BUT – we needn’t go around proving it all the time!

*** – “The Suicide” by Edouard Manet, The French Impressionistic artist

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