America 🙇

KIND [ ] OF!” a poem Sunday: June 23, 2019

SUCCESS-and -FAILURE! Aren’t-they-the-same-event!?

One might stay! One? might-‘a’-went!

Then, can-they-trade places!? It’s-a-“TRiUMPhant-Point-ofView!”

Recently: “Withdraw-The-Order!”* ’cause-that’s-what-Donald-WANTS-TO-DO!

This-fellow-can-change-his-mind, with the click of a switch!

A threat of force!-or-a-“Twitter,” can-now-be-“A-Stitch,

A bloody, silly STITCH! IN-TIME,”**

Which-is-supposed-to-“save-us!?” But, you-know? Yeah! I’m,

Gazing-into “lifeless eyes,”*** Seeing each new-disguise,

And, yet, behind-each-“costume” [is]-the-same-deranged-gent!

Or-shark! Or-something! Can-anyone-make-a-dent,

In the thinking, in the thoughts – of-such-a-“beautiful,” rotten-mind!?


I remember, I remember – J. F. K.****

And I remember – his-charming- fa – mi-lay,

Jackie-O, his wife, and cherubs,

John-John-&-Caroline, when-there-weren’t-the[se]-Arabs,

Rather-The-Russians – were-threatening-“US”*-then!

I-wonder! Where-have those-“normal?”-days-been!

For, now, there’s-a-“Joker” with a-MODEL –

WIFE! and-children, prob’bly-nursed-by-a-bottle,

Scary! Creepy! but-not-FUN-like-The-Addams-Fam-ily,

More-like: “US!”* and-NOT-like “Amelie,”

A film-where-a-girl-tries-to-right-the-wrong!

TRUMP’s a cruel, demented song!

And, now, this “guy” is-trying for re-election!

I’m not so sure it’s the best selection!

Who knows what’ll happen! BUT – “He likes cruel to be kind!”

I kinda wish – another-President we-might-find!

fin <3

** – “a stitch in time saves nine” means to deal with “a problem” NOW, rather than later, when it may have become a much more difficult situation!

*** – “. . . the thing about a shark, he’s got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes!” Robert Shaw, as “Quint” in the film “Jaws!”

**** – President John F. Kennedy, 35th President of The United States

* – A film where [you think] a “supernatural,” replacement family of “ghouls” terrorizes the new family on The Block!

Kennedy Family 👪