#AceDailyNews says …First British Asian (Hindu) PM & Youngest Takes U.K Helm of Tory Ship saying he believes in Integrity, Professionalism & Prosperity …

This short speech by Rishi Sunak was felt benevolent and & humble as l felt maybe the U.K has its first PM that could steer Tory Ship into Calmer Waters. Well, that is what l feel today – Let’s see if he sticks by his word; God will support that truth …..

He is being ‘ Touted as an Immigrant ‘ and a man who on this day of ‘ Diwali New Year ‘ is a Beginning and will lighting a candle tonight many people will see it as a future for ‘ Diversity & Inclusion ‘ in a divided country where ‘ Racism ‘ exists but people deny and once it comes into that 🕯 of light – People accept and then want change – So l wish this man ‘ Good Luck ‘ as he comes into ‘ Choppy Waters ‘ of Wanton Greed and into those ‘ Calmer Waters of Need ‘ ……

With God;s Good Grace Today & Every Day l Say Happy Diwali and an Amazing New Year to everyone …..