Ace says ………….Portrait of Jesus



Every picture tells a story well that is how people see a picture an image or graphic today with the internet allowing so many people to play with memes and chat like you and me just like A&M ……

Here’s one Now what does it say to You & Me ….

Face of Jesus (Iesu) with the ‘ Eyes of Peace & Love ‘ that when you look deeper what do you see

Here is another this time hand painted of Jesus (Iesu) on the ‘ Mount of Olives maybe just look at the crowd surrounding the rock and can you see just how they look in you and me just like A&M ……

Just look at them people all gathered around listening with their Heart looking profound that they have never heard this before well some will say not all he is the Son of God this day

Now to move on and look at a another this time with a lamb well those that followed called him the Lamb of God born of an immaculate conception he was onto the earth and praise be to that Son of the Most High to care for creation and people alike in those parables that some listened to in me and you just like A&M


Now here is another and Jesus (Iesu) is pointing out something that will teach his disciples about could it be a mount of a temple that housed those that would take the last coin of those that could not afford it to give but they are the lowly and ‘ Poor In their Heart ‘ the ones that Jesus (Iesu) has come to save at the Beginning it will be at the End in you and me just like A&M ……

Look at their faces following the man who was called their Master and Lord that is who l am he would say if anyone ask’s and ask as they will just say to them l was sent by God up in Heaven to come down to Earth and bring the Good News of Peace & Truth one day it will bring all that ‘ Love to Earth again

Finally we come to the end of this one we say to you All in Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth that to reach to a point in your life one day when God will come and takeaway all ‘ Hurt & Dismay ‘ just silently 🙏🙏 and say thank you God for this man your son who came and died for us to have a life just like A&M ……

Book of Life of everyone written by God for that day to come upon the Earth as it is written in Heaven to bring the Goodness & Mercy to you and me so hold your Faith (Lock) and God will provide to help and guide you to Believe just like A&M …..

AMEN ⚜️🙏⚜️