Ace says ……Honour Thy Mother & Thy Father

Now here’s one with a real beginning and for so many a real end …..we are born and we die that’s how the saying goes but its the bit in between that measures who or what we are so there’s more …..

It’s not what we say but what we do that God will measure us by …so many people we call friends make promises and when you need them most are not there but when they speak and say anytime, they do not consider that means when you need them most ….well that is the same for our mother and our father ….one day they will want our help and guidance just as they gave their help and guidance ….So what we do determines who we are ……and God watches but there’s more …….

Our first thoughts at this time are either of ourselves or them be it one or both ….in the case of self its will it prevent me getting a bigger house, or another new car and of course do l want that hassle …….or selfless its how can l provide the beast possible for them in their declining years …..I chose that one …..but first l prayed for help and guidance …well he is my spiritual father and then there’s more ………

Now its a decision care or nursing home l know of both having worked in both, and also was not always impressed with design of either they lacked spiritual care and people were seen as an earner ….oh yes they gave a type of care but this depended on the carer ….or in some cases if you were lucky enough to have a nursing manager ….so some decide as l did the sacrifice was worth it care in her home was best but there’s more …….

Soon after you opt to look after that person it all changes your life changes as their life changes and you become not a son or daughter but a carer ….you are in charge of another persons life …..Now that’s hard and some days my mother who l honoured was very very difficult and could not and had never as l found out told the truth ….but there’s more ……..

You try with the help of ‘ care service providers ‘ to give what’s needed and what’s needed is love, but love may mean a hoist or toiletting and my mother in my case said l don’t need these things, but you as l had to gird your loins and take the best decision in your ❤️and provide what’s needed ……except you will be blamed and called names …told you don’t care and all the time trying to do a job …be aware at anytime day or night a phone call and its a fall … my mums case 41-falls and then there’s more …….

In some cases dementia sets in and that person neither knows who you are or what you are doing in her home and cant tell you are there child and l was her and l was 14yrs of age to her and a stranger …the health deteriorates and sometimes your own relationships and yet you care and continue caring that’s honouring your mother and your father …..why do l say that well there’s more ……..

Its was my promised to my father as he died at just 55yrs of age and he asked me to take care of my mother after he had gone and so by that promised l ‘ Honoured My Mother & My Father ‘ God Bless them both ….but there’s more ……

But not until another day ………God Bless you friends, followers and readers and keep well and 🙏’s to all those that are caring for others at this present time ….Amen