Ace says ……….He has come but we know not where …..he brings love to you and me

Hello my friends, followers and readers well it me again come to tell you about what has happened, i know so many of you have already suffered but not as much as his son in heaven has ….he sits awaiting this ‘ Son of Man ‘ at the righand of God …but there’s more ……..

Let’s look back at what took place so long ago ….when Jesu (Jesus) was taken away now he gave up his life not for us but for you and you and you … this was a act of kindness that God gave his only son to die for us to then save us from tyranny ….but there’s more ……..

Face of Suffering For God & His People

As time goes on some have forsaken his son and his kind word of what was to come, we lost our way he was buried some say ….but others say he rose again …….whatever you believe there is one certain belief he left a mark on us ….as everyday in every way someone mentions his name ….they call him by many and that has always been so ….but this is all when asked by the Romans he would ……’ Is that who you say that I Am ‘ so no one knew but a few that were chosen by him that’s who he is or was and he came from God you see …….but there’s more …..

A wonderful man a gentleman a man who love everyone and never has existed until this day another one like him ……how do l know of these things well l can feel this day that God has entered into my life ………l searched you see for God and his love and could not find him as l travelled around that l really mattered to him as l had suffered on this earth from words you see that went into me …..oh NO not just my head but my ❤️ and cold descended on me …….but there’s more …..

Then one night …….last night it was a special time for me, well we all get that day when we are born on earth and that happened to me …….now we are born at a special time but not all know of this until we are told ……..well a longtime ago l prayed to ‘ Just Be Loved For Who I Am ‘ and that was when l was very young as parents could not show me and then last night just at the time l was born on earth you will see ……………………..I FELT that LOVE that PERFECT love pouring through ME ……it lasted only but a few minutes but l know this NOW … was God he had come to make me feel l was WANTED by him for some reason and as yet it is still not clear ………but fear left me last night as l knew that he was near …….but there’s more …..

God Lifted Me UP Last Night

So as l progress this day l feel a kinda of feeling that l will never be alone again as he is quite near you see as he is in my ❤️ and he is the first you see and that love that l feel today l can TRUST it in me …because as before l abandoned hope and instead turned to fear ….l thought he had forgotten me and l was not WORTHY for his love ……but now l know that he was carrying me until l was ready and taking care of my life even though l do not know …..he had loved me before l was even born and in the image of me chosen me for a special time in history …….but there’s more ……

So when you read this story as a story is what it is this is all about a child who grew up to me a man ….who suffered as so many of you and some still do today ….so l ask you this upon this night in what ever part of the country …..just PRAY to be LOVED as l did so long ago and l PROMISE this that WHEN your GOD by any NAME will look to COME TO YOU AND YOU AND YOU ……..but there’s more …….

Now thats how it should be …..

So my friends, followers & readers this l leave you with THIS MESSAGE and l send you ‘ Love & Light ‘ from Kindness & Me be safe in the knowledge that God By Any Other Name is looking after YOU & ME Amen God Bless To You ALL and sending my 🙏’s to you ……and until the next time just remember ‘ God Loves YOU …Blessing on you ALL

Published: Jan.26: 2021