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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Main news today highlights how the report criticised the #NHS Test and Trace system as chaotic…………..For the Metro, the findings from the health and science committees are “damning”. Chaos and delays by the government and scientific advisers cost lives, the paper says – and adds that Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Prof Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance are “in the firing line” but the vaccine roll-out is given thumbs 👍 and not as everyone wants to bring down the government with a thumbs 👎 as per usual ..more soon folks …..

The Guardian 12 October
The first major probe into how the UK responded to Covid makes the front of several papers including the Guardian. According to the 151-page report – which comes from MPs and is called “Coronavirus: lessons learned to date” – Britain’s handling of Covid in the early days “was one of the worst public health failures in UK history”. The failings had “profound” consequences, the paper adds.

Oct.13, 2021: @acenewsservices

The Daily Mail describes the report as “devastating”, saying it lays bare the government’s “blunders”. The paper focuses on the report’s finding that many thousands of people living in care homes “died needlessly” – and the elderly were seen as an “afterthought”

BBC News: Staff:

The verdict of two select committees on the UK’s early response to the coronavirus pandemic dominates many front pages.

The Daily Mirror puts a figure on the number of lives that could have been saved, according to the report. More than 20,000 people could still be alive if ministers had locked down just days earlier, it says, calling the wait the “deadliest of delays”.

The mistakes made by ministers and top scientists are described as “astonishing”, the i says. The paper says ministers were “blinded by groupthink” which meant the UK did not learn from what was happening elsewhere in the world.

The i adds that bereaved families are angry they were not able to give evidence to this report, and are calling for the inquiry to happen.In their report, the MPs accuse the government and scientists of backing a strategy that amounted to herd immunity, the Financial Times reports.

It says the report is the first authoritative investigation of the UK’s pandemic response ahead of the upcoming full public inquiry. In response, the government said it has been guided by scientific and medical experts and did not shy away from quick and decisive action.

The Daily Telegraph focuses on a different report, this time from the Institute for Fiscal Studies. The think tank says the tax rises planned by Boris Johnson for the NHS and social care are not enough, and that the government’s proposed health and social care levy may need to double in order to tackle the crisis. It comes amid growing concerns over surging government spending, the Telegraph adds.The Times leads with the latest on the gas price crisis.

According to the paper, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is supporting multimillion-pound bailout loans for industries that could close with spiralling costs. It says there was a battle within the cabinet over whether to give government support to energy-intensive industries like chemical and steel – and No 10 stepped in to side with Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng against Chancellor Rishi Sunak.Amid fears of food shortages in the run-up to Christmas, the Daily Express seeks to reassure shoppers on its front page.

The paper quotes an industry expert who says retailers are “pulling out all the stops” and working hard with supply chains to make sure shelves are stocked.The Daily Star’s top story is on Heinz, which reportedly wants to replace plastic ketchup bottles with eco-friendly glass ones. But the company’s boss says the problem with glass bottles is that customers don’t like banging them on the bottom to get the last drops out. In its thought for the day, the paper asks: “Is it socially acceptable to ease ketchup out of the bottle with a knife?”

The Times notes that the government is said to have made “big mistakes”, particularly in not introducing a lockdown quickly enough, and that “group-think” among ministers, civil servants and scientific advisers was chiefly responsible. 

It says the British response was “bungled” and “fatalistic”, which led to a strategy that amounted to “herd immunity” – despite the country having “some of the best expertise available anywhere in the world”. 

The Guardian focuses on that “fatalistic” approach and evidence, it says, of “British exceptionalism”. The paper says these factors exacerbated the number of deaths. 

Under a headline “Deadliest of delays”, the Daily Mirror suggests thatmore than 20,000 lives could have been saved, if Boris Johnson had locked down the UK a week earlier in March last year. The i newspaper puts the figure at “many thousands”. 

Getty ImagesThe report into the government’s handling of Covid comes from two parliamentary committees

For the Daily Mail, the report is “devastating”. It highlights what it calls the “needless” deaths of many thousands of people in care homes – which it says resulted from the elderly being treated as an “afterthought”. 

The Mail recalls that in the first month of lockdown, 25,000 hospital patients were discharged into care homes without being tested for Covid. 

The Metro pictures the prime minister, England’s chief medical officer Prof Chris Whitty, and the government’s chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance in Downing Street. Its headline is “shamed over Covid”. 

The Sun points out that the MPs also found that the vaccination rollout was “one of the most effective in the world”. Its Covid verdict: “From bad job to good jab”. 

After a Treasury official accused the Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng of “making things up”, the Times says the Chancellor Rishi Sunak has losthis Whitehall battle with Mr Kwarteng. 

According to the paper, Boris Johnson is backing a bailout of industries hit hard by high gas prices, through a programme of state-backed loans. 

The Daily Telegraph leads with the findings of the Institute for Fiscal Studies on the state of the public finances ahead of the Budget in two weeks. 

The Telegraph says the think tank has concluded that the national insurance tax rises announced by Boris Johnson will not be enough to fund the NHS – and that the levy may need to more than double. 

The paper reckons this could add nearly £1,000 to the annual tax bill of a worker earning £40,000. 

The Sun’s main story is that an Insulate Britain protester who was arrested for blocking the M25 is married to a road boss responsible for traffic flow at Transport for London. 

According to the paper, the ecoactivist has been “plotting to unleash hell” on motorists, while her husband’s job is to keep traffic moving. The Sun’s headline: “Hashtag Awks”.

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