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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Fury’ & Chaos’ and we reported from the Pentagon their Press Release on the United States formally ending its military mission in Afghanistan came too late for many of the papers but the news is reflected on their websites

Metro front page 31/08/21
Many of the front pages focus on Afghanistan, as the final flights carrying US troops leave Kabul. The Metro says gunfire was heard across the Afghan capital as the US ended their 20-year presence in the country, with reports suggesting the shots were in celebration.

Sept.01, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News:

BBC Sport: There is an atmosphere of “fury and fear”, according to the i, which says tens of thousands of people who worked for the West were left behind, despite evacuation efforts. Meanwhile, the US is considering drone strikes to destroy military hardware now in Taliban hands, the paper reports.

The UK could also launch air strikes in Afghanistan, according to the Telegraph, which says the RAF is prepared to target the Islamic State group in the country. The head of the RAF, Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston tells the paper the UK has to “play a global role in the global coalition to defeat Daesh, whether it’s strikes, or whether it’s moving troops or equipment into a particular country”.

“We’re in charge now”, is the headline for the Sun alongside a picture of Taliban militants posing with their weapons behind a UK police helmet and US state trooper’s hat. The paper says the “chillingly symbolic” photo was taken in the former British police training headquarters in Kabul.

The Guardian says there was “chaos and bloodshed” as the US withdrew, with the Pentagon investigating reports of civilian casualties from a drone strike targeting a suicide bomber in Kabul. The Pentagon said it was “not in a position to dispute” accounts of nine people from one family – including seven children – being killed in the strike on Sunday.

The Times has a picture of two of the children said to be among those killed in the US drone strike. Meanwhile, in its lead story, the paper reports on a leak of Pentagon notes suggesting the US kept open a gate at Kabul airport, despite the risk of a terror attack, to help the British evacuation. But the leak has prompted a backlash from UK government sources and Tory MPs, who have accused Washington of trying to “shift the blame” for the deadly bombing at the airport last week.

The Financial Times focuses on the Covid pandemic, reporting that a surge in infections and hospital admissions in the US has sparked a warning by the EU that restrictions could be reintroduced on transatlantic travellers. The paper says the US has seen rising case rates driven by the Delta variant, while vaccination rates remain relatively low.

There is more positive news for the UK tourism industry on the front page of the Daily Mirror, which says Brits have “fallen back in love” with domestic holidays. The paper predicts a “staycation boom” next year, with inquiries up 74%.

The Daily Mail reports that disposable nappies could be taxed to encourage parents to switch to green alternatives. A Whitehall source tells the paper that nappies are the next single-use plastic item the government is looking at targeting – but an outright ban would be “too tough for parents”, so a form of tax is being considered instead.

The Daily Star has a story about pigeons hampering Elon Musk’s new £7.25bn broadband service. “Pesky pigeons” are mistaking its satellite dishes for bird baths, while bird poo is blocking signals, according to the paper.

The Daily Mail says the last US flights “slipped out” of the country leaving citizens and allies behind. 

The Guardian says there was “chaos”, while the i and the Daily Mirror describe the Taliban in Kabul celebrating with gunfire and fireworks. 

Looking at some of the American news websites, USA Today sums up the latest developments with the headline “retreat complete”. The New York Times says the last American flight from Afghanistan has left behind a “host of unfulfilled promises” and “anxious questions” about the country’s future.

The head of the RAF, Air Chief Marshall Sir Mike Wigston, has told the Daily Telegraph they are ready to launch fresh strikes against the Islamic State group in Afghanistan. He said the UK had to be able to play a role in the “global coalition” to defeat the extremists.

The Times reports that the special relationship between the UK and America is under strain. Pentagon leaks suggest US military leaders had wanted to close the Abbey Gate at Kabul airport hours before the deadly bombing last Thursday, but didn’t to assist the British evacuation efforts. 

The paper says senior government sources and Conservative MPs have accused Washington of trying to “shift the blame”. 

The front page of the Sun has what it calls a “chillingly symbolic” photograph of Taliban militants posing with their weapons at a table in, what the paper says, is the former British police training headquarters in Kabul. The headline is: “We’re in charge now”.

The Financial Times says the surge in coronavirus infections and hospitalisations in America has prompted the EU to warn that restrictions could be reintroduced for transatlantic travellers. The paper says the US, like other countries this summer, has seen rising case rates as the Delta variant became more dominant but there are concerns that vaccination rates remain relatively low in some states.Disposable nappies could be the next single-use plastic item to be targeted by the government, according to the Daily Mail.

A Whitehall source working on the policy has told the paper that a ban on the product would be “too tough” for parents so a tax is the more likely option. The hope is that people will switch to more environmentally-friendly alternatives. But the founder of Mumsnet, Justine Roberts, has warned that it could be hard for some parents to make the switch as reusable nappies can be more time-consuming. Jeff Overs/BBCStephen Fry is a long-standing campaigner on mental healthStephen Fry has called for proper support for young people suffering from the after-effects of Covid lockdowns.

He has written in the Daily Telegraph about an appeal by the charity Mind for new mental health walk-in centres to be created for 11 to 25-year-olds. The actor – who has previously spoken of his own experiences of living with bipolar – said he was thankful there was not as much stigma attached to the subject anymore but that something had to be done to address the current rise in the severity and scale of mental health problems in the UK.

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