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Ace Press News From Cutting Room Floor: Published: June.09: 2023:

#AceDailyNews says here todays Newspaper Headlines: Its all about ‘ British Child Stabbed in France ‘ together with THREE others in their ‘ WHEELCHAIRS ‘ by a ‘ SYRIAN REFUGEE who was ARRESTED Kindness & Love XX says 🙏🙏’s Lord Thy God for Peace & Truth to ‘ Rule Thy Earth ‘ Amen

Metro front page
Metro leads on the stabbings in a park in Annecy, in France’s south-east, on Thursday. The headline says children were “stabbed in their pushchairs” and also includes an image of what appears to be the knifeman.
Daily Express front page
The Daily Express focuses on a three-year-old British girl being among the children who were attacked. The paper also has a picture of a woman trying to block a man from running away.
Daily Mail
The Daily Mail also carries an image from the stabbings in Annecy. Its other lead story is that NHS bosses have been told that patients have no right to know if they are being treated by transgender doctors.
Mirror front page
The Daily Mirror focuses on a woman who tried to stop the knifeman in the Annecy park.
The Sun front page
The Sun’s front page also leads on the British three-year-old girl being stabbed.
The Times front page
The Times covers the same story, and also looks at mortgage deals being pulled in a rush to raise rates, along with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and US President Joe Biden hailing an “Atlantic declaration” to protect the West.
Guardian front page
The Guardian also focuses on Mr Sunak and Mr Biden announcing their “Atlantic declaration” at a joint press conference at the White House. There is also a striking photograph of New York’s smog-filled skyline.
FT front page
The FT carries a large image of Mr Sunak and Mr Biden grinning during their meeting at the White House. Elsewhere on the front page, London’s city regular has broadened its probe into the Odey firm following sexual assault claims.

Thursday’s attack on children in France, in which a three year-old British girl is among the wounded, is on many of the front pages. 

The Sun says the suspect has been named as a 31-year-old Syrian migrant Abdalmasih. The paper says his application for asylum is thought to have been declined four days before the attack. 

According to the Daily Express, he had a refugee status in Sweden. 

The man told police he was a Christian, and the authorities said he had no criminal record or history of psychiatric illness. 

In other news, The Times describes the Atlantic Declaration – announced by Rishi Sunak and president Biden on Thursday – as an economic alliance to close ranks against China. 

The paper says the deal, in effect, proclaims the end of the era of unfettered globalisation.

The agreement also marks a shift away from the recent UK orthodoxy of unfettered free trade in favour of mutual protectionism. 

Rishi Sunak and Joe Biden
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak met US President Joe Biden at the White House on Thursday

According to the Financial Times, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is to scale back the windfall tax on oil and gas producers, in order to boost investment in the North Sea. The paper says that under the plan, the levy will apply only if oil and gas prices are above a certain level.

The article quotes unnamed Ukrainian officials saying that the deployment of Leopard Two tanks in the southern Zaporizhzhia region meant the operation was under way. 

The same sources also said that the Russians had put up stiff resistance and the Ukrainians had suffered losses. 

Metro front page
Metro leads on Prince Harry’s second day in the witness box for his historic phone hacking case. The paper focuses on his claim that he found a device on his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy’s car in 2005.
Daily Mail
Police are now attending every home burglary for the first time, according to the Daily Mail. The paper says the breakthrough deal, which was struck by 43 chief constables, means offenders are being caught in the act and locked up within hours. There is also a picture of the Princess of Wales playing rugby during a visit to Maidenhead on Wednesday.
The i front page
The i focuses on small businesses across the UK planning to launch legal action against energy companies over high-cost deals that added thousands of pounds to their annual bills through undeclared commission fees. The paper says energy firms now face huge payouts after brokers “exploited” a loophole that raised tariff bills.
The Times front page
The Times says Rishi Sunak is preparing to approve former prime minister Boris Johnson’s 50-strong honours list within weeks in a move which could trigger two by-elections. This is because Nadine Dorries, the former culture secretary, and Alok Sharma, the former Cop26 president, are both expected to stand down to take peerages. The paper adds Mr Sunak will accept the list in a bid to end months of acrimony between the two men.
Mirror front page
The Daily Mirror also leads on Julie Goodyer’s “dementia heartache”, adding her husband admitted they face a difficult future as “her condition will get, perhaps speedily, worse.”
Daily Express front page
Heathrow staff have been criticised for turning down a double-digit pay rise in favour of holiday strike chaos, according to the Daily Express. It comes as the Unite union said 2,000 of its members are set to walk out over 31 days every weekend from 24 June until the end of August.
Guardian front page
The Guardian splashes on an exclusive story that Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie hosted a close friend who helped plan their wedding at Chequers when a number of Covid restrictions were in place. However, a spokesperson for the former prime minister told the paper that “this was entirely lawful”.
FT front page
The New York skyline makes the front page of the Financial Times as smog from Canada’s wildfires fills the air in the US city. Meanwhile, there is also a story on how Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer has sidelined the opposition’s left.
Daily Star front page
Great white sharks happily swim along with humans nearly every day without biting them, the Daily Star’s front page says.

The Times says Rishi Sunak is ready to approve Boris Johnson’s long-awaited resignation honours list, and it could be published within a matter of weeks. 

The paper says the delay has been a significant source of tension between the two men. 

And there’s renewed speculation that the former Cabinet ministers, Nadine Dorries, and Sir Alok Sharma, will stand down as MPs to take up peerages – triggering two by-elections in the autumn. 

Sticking with the former PM, The Guardian says Boris Johnson and his wife, Carrie, hosted a close friend at Chequers in May 2021 for an overnight stay, when some Covid restrictions were still in place. 

The paper says at the time indoor gatherings between different households weren’t allowed except when “reasonably necessary” for reasons such as work or childcare.

A spokesman for the former prime minister said the stay was “entirely lawful” and covered by “relevant provisions in the Covid regulations”.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson is featured on two front pages on Thursday

Alex Franklin-Smith – from the National Police Chiefs’ Council – is quoted as saying he’s pleased that all forces are now able to “fulfil the commitment”, which was set out last year, but that it was only the “first step”.

The front pages of the Daily Mirror and the Sun focus on the actress Julie Goodyear – best known for playing Bet Lynch in Coronation Street – revealing that she’s been diagnosed with dementia.

The 81-year-old’s husband says they’re coming to terms with the situation as they face a “difficult future”.

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