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Ace Press News From Cutting Room Floor: Published: June.05: 2023:

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Mortgage rates ‘squeeze’ with ‘ INCREASE IN COST ‘ AS BANKS TURN – SCREW ‘ to get back their ‘ MONEY & OR PREVENT DEFAULTS/BECOME PROPERTY OWNERS ‘ as PEOPLE take out 35yr terms Kindness & Love XX says 🙏🙏’s Lord Thy God for ‘ Meek to Inherit The Earth ‘ Amen

The front page of The Times
There is no stand-out lead across Monday’s newspapers. The Times leads with a story about the GMB and Unite unions, which both back Labour, criticising the party’s “proposed ban on new drilling licences for North Sea oil and gas”. Shadow business secretary Jonathan Reynolds is quoted as saying the party’s plan to allow energy extraction to continue until 2050 “would protect the jobs of those working in the sector”. The paper also reports more than 100,000 households “face a squeeze on their finances” as mortgage lenders increase rates. It says Santander and TSB increased their rates over the weekend, with Coventry Building Society set to increase its rates on Tuesday.
The front page of the Daily Mail
Rising mortgage rates lead the Daily Mail, as it reports “a record one in five first-time buyers” have signed up to mortgages of 35 years or more “as interest rates soar”. It notes this will mean homeowners running up “thousands of pounds more debt on the interest over the lifetime of the mortgage”. Under the header “This Morning Meltdown”, space is also found to preview a piece inside the paper about Holly Willoughby’s return to ITV’s flagship daytime programme after a two-week break, following the scandal surrounding her former co-host Phillip Schofield.
The front page of the The Sun
The Sun make the return of Holly Willoughby its lead, under the headline “Phil: I won’t watch Holly”. The paper quotes friends of the television presenter who say he will be “too devastated” to tune in on Monday morning. Mr Schofield resigned from ITV after admitting to lying about an affair with a younger colleague.
The front page of the Daily Mirror
A few of Monday’s papers lead off with health stories, with the Daily Mirror reporting a warning from infectious disease expert Prof Robert Wilkinson that a tuberculosis pandemic could threaten the UK. The paper’s health editor Martin Bagot reports from South Africa, speaking to TB survivors.
The front page of the Guardian
Ahead of hearings this week before the Covid-19 inquiry, the Guardian reports a claim from the Trades Union Congress that the UK was left “hugely unprepared” for the pandemic due to “years of austerity”, comments aimed at the policies of governments led by David Cameron and George Osborne. The paper has approached both men for comment, and a government spokesperson said it had “provided around £400bn of support during the pandemic to protect lives and livelihoods”.
The front page of the Daily Telegraph
The Daily Telegraph continues its recent focus on the impact of Covid-19 policies by highlighting a study that examined the efficacy of the UK’s first lockdown in spring 2020. The paper’s headline states the study concluded that the “lockdown benefits” were “a drop in the bucket compared to the costs”.
The front page of the Metro
The front page of Monday’s Metro focuses on the issue of attacks carried out on ambulance workers, with 9,500 incidents in five years according to a new report. “Staff successfully campaigned for sentences for attacks on emergency workers to be doubled as a deterrent,’ the papers reports, but adds there is still an issue with perpetrators not being charged.
The front page of the i
The i leads with its own research about attitudes towards artificial intelligence, with more than half of 18 to 24 year olds telling the paper they are concerned the technology “will damage their employment prospects”.
The front page of the Daily Express
The Daily Express leads with a preview of a speech from the prime minister on his pledge to end small boat Channel crossings and cut the asylum backlog. Speaking in Kent on Monday, Rishi Sunak is expected to “vow to do everything to curb the migrant crisis”, the paper says.
The front page of the Financial Times
On the front of Monday’s Financial Times there is news that Saudi Arabia will cut oil production, something which will have an knock-on effect on the international market. It also reports “Labour is set to receive a £5m financial boost from the former boss of a car glass repair firm” to help it fight the next election.
The front page of the Daily Star
And finally, under the headline “We’re oven ready Brits”, the Daily Star leads off on the news that temperatures in the UK could hit 27C this week.

The Daily Telegraph leads with news of a study by scientists at Johns Hopkins University and Sweden’s Lund University – which it says suggests that the Covid lockdown measures in the spring of 2020 saved as few at 1,700 lives in England and Wales. 

According to the paper, the study concludes that the benefits of the policy were “a drop in the bucket compared to the staggering collateral costs”, such as lockdown’s impact on economic growth and children’s education. 

Asked to comment on the study, a government spokesman tells the paper ministers are committed to learning from the findings of the Covid inquiry.

Information sign in London during Covid lockdown

The Guardian’s headline also focuses on the pandemic. It quotes the Trades Union Congress as saying Conservative austerity left Britain “hugely unprepared” for Covid. 

Ahead of the opening hearing of the Covid inquiry next week, the paper says the TUC will argue, in a report, that the policies of David Cameron and his chancellor, George Osborne, led to “unsafe staffing in public services and decimated workplace safety enforcement”. The paper says both men are likely to push back against the claims when they are called for cross-examination by the inquiry.

The Times says two of Labour’s biggest union backers have criticised what it describes as a “central pillar” of Sir Keir Starmer’s green strategy. 

It reports that Gary Smith, the general Secretary of the GMB, has joined Sharon Graham of Unite in criticising Labour’s pledge to ban new licences for oil and gas extraction in the North Sea. 

It quotes Mr Smith as saying the proposals are naive and display a “lack of intellectual rigour and thinking”. The paper says Sir Keir has stated that Labour would allow existing North Sea projects to continue until 2050.

The i paper reports more than half of young adults, aged 18-24, are concerned that artificial intelligence systems will damage their employment prospects. A survey for the paper says 52% expect that advanced AI may one-day start to act “against our human interests”. 

The Daily Mail’s front page says there is a “record demand” for 35 year mortgages because of rising interest rates. It says one-in-five first time buyers are signing up for a longer mortgage term in an effort to make repayments more affordable. But it warns that in many cases people will still be paying off the deals into their seventies. 

The Daily Mirror reports that a British scientist – Professor Robert Wilkinson – is warning that a tuberculosis pandemic could hit the UKunless a “one-shot cure” is found. It says the professor, who works at a clinic in South Africa, has predicted the bug will “overtake Covid as the world’s most deadly infectious disease”.

And the Times tells readers that Scotland is “hoping to rival the Red Sea as a snorkellers’ paradise”. It says the Scottish Wildlife Trust is setting up a series of snorkelling trails around the country. But its reporter, who went to have a go, said a safety briefing for the Red Sea probably would not include “quite so much chat about uncontrollable shivering”. 

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