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June.25, 2021: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here is todays Newspaper Headlines: Green list holiday ‘joy’ and ‘confusion’ as Friday’s papers react to the news that more countries are being added to the UK’s green travel list but as always its never enough

Mail 25 June
The transport secretary’s announcement that 16 places are being added to the UK’s green travel list – meaning arrivals from them to the UK do not have to quarantine – is met with much excitement on the front page of the Daily Mail. “Holiday islands here we come!” it says. The paper even replaces bullet points with cartoon suns to stress the point. People in the UK have “finally” been “given hope of a summer getaway”, it says.

BBC News:

The Daily Telegraph leads on claims that adding countries to the “green watch list” – signalling that they are at risk of moving back to amber – has made travel more “complex and confusing”. It quotes a representative from the Airport Operators’ Association saying this is “not yet the meaningful restart the aviation industry needs”

The Guardian says ministers “sought to rescue to the summer holiday season” – but it “risked being immediately undermined” after some European leaders said they would toughen their own border measures: The paper reports that some cabinet figures are concerned about a rush of people trying to bring forward their second doses, after ministers said people returning from amber countries will be able to avoid isolation later this summer if they have had both jabs.

EU plans “to scrap quarantine-free holidays” have thrown the UK government’s announcement “into chaos”, the Times reports. It says restrictions “could be introduced over the next week if, as expected, the EU designates Britain as a virus variant area of concern”

The Metro reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has “called on Europe to team up and impose a 14-day quarantine” on travellers from the UK: The paper marks the timing – just before England plays Germany in the European Championships on Tuesday – by saying that the country “demands penalties”.

The Daily Express reports that Spain is “defying a European plot to wreck our holidays” Its foreign minister “confirmed they would ignore” Merkel and “welcome British tourists this summer”, it says. The paper is also one of many to feature a picture of US singer Britney Spears on its front page, after she launched a blistering attack on her conservatorship in a court hearing.

Daily Mirror readers are met with a picture of a beach in Majorca and the prospect of “hols joy”. The paper leads on the government’s intention to drop quarantine fully vaccinated people returning from amber list countries.

The Daily Star’s front page focuses on Russian aircraft and ships shadowing a British warship near Crimea. “Not now WW3,” the paper says, as it reports that Lord Richard Dannatt, the former head of the British Army, says the threat “must be taken seriously”.

And a smiling picture of US President Joe Biden features on the front page of the Financial Times, which reports that he secured a $1tn (£720bn) infrastructure deal: Its main story, though, is that the Bank of England has sought to “calm fears” about forecasts that inflation will rise above 3%. The bank said the surge was “transitory”, the paper says.

“Holiday islands here we come!” exclaims the Daily Mail. It wants to know when the amber restrictions will change for the fully vaccinated, saying it would be a “costly mistake” to wait until well into August. 

“Summer holidays boost,” says the i, while the Daily Mirror welcomes “hols joy”.

But the Daily Telegraph says MPs and travel industry figures have criticised the new rules for creating “complexity and confusion”. It calls the latest advice “a recipe for further limbo and chaos”. Its editorial says: “The question hanging over all of this is whether or not the government trusts its own vaccine programme.” 

The Sun calls the latest quarantine rules for holidaymakers a “shambles”. “Are they even remotely based on risk any more?” the tabloid asks. 

The Times suggests the proposals have been thrown into “chaos” by some EU leaders planning to require British holidaymakers to quarantine.

The Daily Express reports that Spain has vowed to defy what it calls the “EU plot to ruin our hols”. 

Meanwhile, the Guardian says some ministers fear the government’s promise to lift restrictions for returning travellers who are fully vaccinate could spark a rush for jabs, resulting in a supplies shortage. 

The Times reports on a new blood test that could help detect 50 types of cancer, including those that are difficult to spot, such as pancreatic cancer. Trials in the US suggest it’s accurate enough to be used as a screening tool for the over-50s. 

The i says that the NHS is expected to pilot the test in England this autumn and that it could be available to a million people by 2025. Cancer Research UK describes the technology as having potential.

The Financial Times examines the appointment of George Osborne as the next chair of the British Museum. The FT suggests it’s part of a push by the Conservative government to influence opinion at senior levels of the UK’s cultural institutions. 

The Guardian says Labour has condemned the decision, complaining that while in power the former Conservative chancellor oversaw large cuts to museum budgets.

The i says none of the leading culture figures it contacted would comment on his selection. 

The museum’s deputy chair, Lady Shafik, tells the Mail that Mr Osborne has a long standing commitment to culture: George Osborne is a former Conservative MP and editor of The Evening Standard

The Telegraph reports that 1.6 million more immigrants arrived in the UK from the EU than previously thought between 2012 and 2020. This is an increase of 80%. The Office for National Statistics has revised how it calculates these figures. Previously it used surveys, but now bases its calculations on tax and benefits data.

According to the Guardian, the head of the schools watchdog has criticised what she describes as the “self-appointed moral guardians” who are holding protests outside school gates. Ofsted’s chief, Amanda Spielman, says it can’t be right for children to cross what amounts to picket lines to reach their classes.

And the Times reports on a study which reveals how the alcohol levels in wine have increased over the past 30 years. Research suggests bottles in the 1990s had about 13% alcohol, whereas now they often exceed 14%. A renowned sommelier tells the Times it’s gone too far, and that lower levels are easier to digest and better for your health.

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