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Ace Press News From Cutting Room Floor: Published: Jan.31: 2023:

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Its ‘ ALL OUT STRIKE TODAY WEDNESDAY ‘ as the Train, Bus, Public Sector & Teachers & NHS – WALK-OUT & ‘ ECONOMY TO SHRINK ‘ says IMF amid correction in BUDGET fallout Kindness & Love XX says 🙏🙏’s Lord Thy God to ‘ Point People To Path of Righteousness ‘ Amen

The Guardian front page 31 January
The Guardian is among several of Tuesday’s papers leading with a report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Britain is expected to be the only G7 nation to see its economy shrink this year, the paper says, citing a “sharp growth downgrade” from the IMF. It expects the UK economy to contract by 0.6%, which contrasts with earlier estimates of 0.3% growth.
The Financial Times front page 31 January
The IMF report is the leading story for the Financial Times, whose front page features a graphic showing the UK’s projected growth in 2023 compared to other G7 countries. It reports the IMF’s warning that Britain “is the only leading economy likely to slide into recession this year” and that household spending will “falter”.
Daily Mail front page 31 January
The Daily Mail uses its front page to urge the government to cut taxes and “go for growth” in light of the IMF report. The paper describes the economic forecast as “grim” and says it will put more pressure on ministers to cut taxes.
The Telegraph front page 31 January
But as The Daily Telegraph reports, the prime minister and the chancellor are resisting calls to cut taxes, with Jeremy Hunt stating last week that inflation needs to come down first. “Economy to shrink after tax raid, says IMF” is the paper’s headline, adding that the IMF’s growth downgrade for the UK reflects higher taxes and interest rates.
The Times front page 31 January
The Times leads with the news that teachers’ strikes will take place in England and Wales on Wednesday after talks between unions and the government ended without resolution. It reports that parents are being left “in limbo” after unions told members “to keep head teachers in the dark” as to whether they would be part of the walkouts.
Daily Express front page 31 January
The “shocking state of the NHS” leads Tuesday’s Daily Express, which cites a report that found one in four patients wanting to see their GP failed to secure an appointment within one month. The paper cites analysis from the Office for National Statistics which surveyed more than 4,700 households in December. It found that 23% of people wanting a GP appointment failed to get one and 39% were offered a phone consultation instead.
Daily Mirror front page 31 January
The Daily Mirror reports an exclusive interview with former Labour leader Neil Kinnock. He “warned you about the Tories 40 years ago – and now he’s warning you again”, the paper says, referencing a speech he delivered days before Margaret Thatcher won the 1983 general election. As the speech approaches its 40th anniversary, Mr Kinnock tells the paper that the words of warning he spoke at the time are now “so close to reality”.
The Daily Star front page 31 January
The cost of living crisis makes the front page of the Daily Star, which leads with the news that Britons are cutting back on toilet roll to save money. Alongside the headline, “We’ve really hit the skids”, the paper illustrates the issue with images of loo roll and the promise of seven sheets of “free Daily Star bog roll inside”.
The Sun front page 31 January
‘N-word shame’ is the headline from The Sun, which leads with an apology from a Chelsea football player over a video posted on social media last year. A representative for Mykhailo Mudryk told the paper he was “deeply sorry for any offence caused” by the video posted on his TikTok account last July. They said the player’s use of the N-word was “solely to recite lyrics of a song”, adding that the clip has since been removed.

The Times reports that schools in England and Wales are struggling to plan for Wednesday’s teachers’ strike, leaving parents in “limbo”. 

The paper says unions have told their members to keep their head teachers “in the dark” about whether or not they’re taking part in industrial action. More than 20,000 schools are expected to be affected by the walkouts. It quotes one headteacher who says most of their staff are not revealing if they’re involved in the strike, pointing out that it’s “absolutely their right” but it’s making the situation “stressful”.

The i says it understands that an ethics probe into allegations the Justice Secretary Dominic Raab bullied civil servants has been delayed by the need to interview 20 people. The paper says Rishi Sunak commissioned the independent investigation more than two months ago but it has still not reported back. Separately, the Daily Telegraph reports that two former cabinet ministers have said Mr Raab and the bullying claims have become a “distraction” and that he should resign. Mr Raab denies any wrongdoing.

The shocking state of the NHS is “exposed”, says the front page of the Daily Express, by new figures showing one in four patients wanting to see their GP failed to get an appointment. The Daily Mail has also picked up on the report saying the delays are leaving many people in pain, as well as affecting their relationships and work. 

A general view of a member of staff on a NHS hospital ward

A warning from the former Labour leader, Lord Kinnock, is the focus of the Daily Mirror’s front page. He says a speech he made 40 years ago about what the paper calls the “cruelty of life” under Conservative rule is coming true again. In 1983 he said “I warn you not to be ordinary. I warn you not to be young. I warn you not to fall ill. I warn you not to get old.” 

The Church of England is quoted in The Daily Express and The Daily Telegraph, as saying it doesn’t underestimate the need to connect with young people, after new census figures showed this group mostly identified as having no religion. The data, which covers England and Wales, also shows the average age of Christians is now above 50. The group Humanists UK say the figures “make plain” that the country faces a non-religious future.

The Guardian is one of the papers to have picked up on comments by the organisational guru Marie Kondo that she has given up on tidying since the birth of her third child in 2021. Known for asking people to consider abandoning possessions if they don’t spark joy, she says as her family life is much busier she’s no longer putting pressure on herself to keep her home in order. 

And The Daily Mail asks the question of the day: Is it naff to colour code your books? It says there’s no doubt the “shelfie” is having a moment and features several home libraries, including that of the bestselling novelist, Adele Parks, who has her 1,500 books all filed according to the colour of their spines.

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