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Ace Press News From Cutting Room Floor: Published: Jan.27: 2023:

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: ‘ Zahawi to hand over ‘ Tax Returns ‘ as many Tories SAY TIME TO GO as Chancellor Hunt Plans for the Economy with telling everyone DO NOT TALK BRITAIN DOWN as he prepares for TAX BUDGET and says HE WILL TRANSFORM BRITAIN into WHAT ? Kindness & Love XX says 🙏🙏’s Lord Thy God for People to Follow the Path of Righteousness Amen

The i front page 27 January 2023
The i says Nadhim Zahawi has given permission for HMRC to reveal his tax history to No 10’s investigation. The paper quotes the HMRC chief executive’s comments to MPs suggesting that Mr Zahawi did not make an “innocent error” in his tax affairs.
The Guardian front page 27 January 2023
Windrush campaigners describe the government’s decision not to implement recommendations that would have intensified external checks on the Home Office as a “slap in the face”. The paper also reports that Mr Zahawi is under pressure to reveal the source of about £30m of unsecured loans made to his wife’s UK property company.
The Daily Mail front page 27 January 2023
The Daily Mail previews Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s speech on plans to boost economic growth, saying he will “make the case for optimism” and transform “British genius and hard work” into long-term prosperity. The Chancellor will hit out at “declinism peddled by Labour” and argue that the economy is standing up well against global rivals.
The Financial Times front page 27 January 2023
Rolls-Royce’s new chief executive has told employees the group must transform the way it operates or it will not survive, the Financial Times reports. Elsewhere, the paper says a report by the Independent public spending watchdog found the government wasted nearly £15bn on Covid PPE and other medical items during the past two financial years.
The Daily Mirror front page 27 January 2023
Sir Rod Stewart has made several of Friday’s front pages for comments he made about the Conservative party. In a call to Sky News, Sir Rod hit out at the government over its handling of the NHS, saying the government should “stand down and give Labour a go”, the Daily Mirror reports.
The Daily Telegraph front page 27 January 2023
The Daily Telegraph says Nicola Sturgeon’s trans laws were “in disarray” last night after she announced a trans woman who raped two women before she changed gender was moved to a men’s prison. The paper quotes a UK government source as saying the case demonstrated the risks posed by the plans.
The Times front page 27 January 2023
The Times says ministers are looking at allowing foreign students to work longer hours under plans to tackle staff shortages in areas like hospitality and retail. Overseas students are currently limited to 20 hours of paid work a week during term time, but the government is discussing raising this cap to 30 hours or removing it completely.
The Sun front page 27 January 2023
The Sun says Top Gear’s Freddie Flintoff has put his TV career on hold after a car crash on the show last month. Mr Flintoff suffered facial injuries and broken ribs, it reports. And after its own investigation, the paper says Britain’s HS2 rail project may never reach central London as bosses look to cut costs.
The Metro front page 27 January 2023
The Metro says sex predators are grooming a growing number of children to abuse themselves on camera. Investigators say cases are up 1,000% since the pandemic, it reports.
The Daily Star front page 27 January 2023
And as if things weren’t bad enough, the Daily Star warns we’re “all doomed!” The paper says Oxford University scientists have warned that evil robots could one day turn on humans and kill us all.

The Sun reports that HS2 might not reach Euston but could stop instead at a new hub in West London – with commuters finishing their journeys into central London by Elizabeth line or tube. The government has not denied the report. 

The paper says HS2 is blighted by soaring inflation. It quotes insiders saying that subcontractors in their droves have warned that due to the rising cost of concrete, steel and labour, they can’t fulfil their contracts without going bust. 

The suggestion by the head of HMRC that Nadhim Zahawi did not make an innocent error in his tax affairs is widely covered. The Guardian reportsthat Mr Zahawi is under pressure to reveal the source of about £30m of unsecured loans made to his wife’s UK property company.

Sir Rod Stewart

The Daily Telegraph says Nicola Sturgeon’s controversial trans laws are in disarray after she was forced to announce that a rapist who now identifies as female would be moved into a male prison – after what it describes as a “fierce backlash”. It quotes critics saying the row highlights the risk of the SNP’s proposal to allow people to self-identify their legal gender without a medical diagnosis.

The Daily Mail previews a speech today by the Chancellor in which he’ll set out plans to boost economic growth and argue that the economy is standing up well against global rivals. The paper says Jeremy Hunt will “make the case for optimism” and hit out at what he’ll call the “declinism” of the opposition.

The Times reports that foreign students will be allowed to work longer hours under plans to boost the economy by plugging vacancies in areas such as hospitality and retail. The paper says Rishi Sunak is concerned that he will struggle to fulfil a pledge that the economy will grow this year unless the government can deal with the surge in job vacancies.

The Guardian says there’s been an angry reaction to a decision by the government to row back on a series of commitments made in the wake of the Windrush scandal. The move was revealed in a written Commons statement by the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman. 

She said she would not establish a migrants’ commissioner or increase the powers of the independent chief inspector of borders and immigration. Windrush campaigners tell the paper the u-turn is a “slap in the face”.

The longstanding Conservative supporter Sir Rod Stewart is pictured on several front pages after he rang a Sky News phone-in to call for a change of government. During the call, he expressed heartbreak at the state of the NHS and said it was time for Labour to “have a go”. In a reference to one of the star’s songs, the Times has a picture of him on stage with the caption: ‘I do want to talk about it.’

“Legend savages Tories” is the Daily Mirror’s headline. The Telegraph says it will be a blow to Rishi Sunak – coming just three years after Sir Rod congratulated Boris Johnson on his election victory.

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