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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Its all about ‘ Scrapping EU Rules After Brexit ‘ as UNIONS & BUSINESS SAY NO but they only want #ProfitB4People so Kindness & Love XX says 🙏🙏’s for #PeopleB4Profit Amen

The headline in the Metro reads: "Referendum indy bin"
A variety of stories lead Thursday’s papers. Metro reports on a ruling by the Supreme Court that the Scottish government cannot hold another referendum on independence without the consent of the UK government. The paper says the decision was made on the grounds that Scots are not an “oppressed people”, but quotes SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon vowing that “democracy won’t be denied”.
The headline in the i reads: "Sunak faces battle with unhappy Tory MPs"
The i says Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is facing a battle with “unhappy” Tory MPs who think the government is lacking a clear policy agenda. The paper adds that, for many MPs, Christmas “can’t come soon enough” and that some are worried about the fate of their seats at the next election.
The headline in the Financial Times reads: "Business and unions demand Sunak scraps planned bonfire of EU rules"
The prime minister is under further pressure from business leaders and unions to drop plans to scrap large numbers of EU laws next year amid fears of “significant disruption”, the Financial Times reports. It notes that the move is among the key changes that have been pushed for by Tory eurosceptics. The paper is also one of a number to carry a picture of the German football team, who ahead of a match on Tuesday posed together with their hands over their mouths in an apparent protest at Fifa’s decision to ban armbands supporting LGBT rights.
The headline in the Times reads: "Britons told how to save energy"
Ministers are preparing a “full-scale” £25m public information campaign to encourage people to cut their energy usage and bills, the Times reports. The paper says it’s thought households could save up to £420 a year with no loss of comfort, and quotes Chancellor Jeremy Hunt saying they have a responsibility to lower usage to stop the country being “blackmailed” by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The headline in the Telegraph reads: "GPs to go on shame list over access"
The Telegraph reports on data due to be published by the health service setting out waiting times and in-person appointment levels at every GP surgery in England. The paper says the number of appointments taking place remotely rose during the pandemic and that poor access to family doctors is increasing pressure on A&E departments.
The headline in the Express reads: "New dementia drug could be ready next year"
A new drug proven to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease could be available in the UK next year, according to the Express.
The headline in the Mail reads: "Drivers hit with 30,000 packing tickets every days"
The Mail reports that a record 30,000 parking tickets are being issued by private firms every day, equating to one every three seconds. It says firms are on track to give out £1bn in fines this year, despite promises by ministers to crack down on “cowboy” operators.
The headline in the Mirror reads: "70,000 Brits scammed"
Some 120 people have been arrested in what police call the “biggest fraud operation ever run in this country”, after as many as 70,000 people had funds totalling tens of millions of pounds stolen in phone scams, the Mirror reports.
The headline in the Star reads: "Sincere condolences to our friends in the Germans in your hour of need (nah, only joking!)"
The Star leads on Germany’s surprise 2-1 loss to Japan in the World Cup on Wednesday, which follows Argentina’s defeat to Saudi Arabia earlier in the week. The paper says “we shouldn’t laugh” but that it’s “already the funniest World Cup in history”.
The headline in the Sun quotes TV presenter Jonnie Irwin saying: "Place In The Sun axed me after I got cancer"
And the Sun has an interview with former A Place In The Sun presenter Jonnie Irwin, who claims bosses on the show “dumped” him after he revealed a terminal lung cancer diagnosis. The 49-year-old says he was paid off mid-series and that his contract was not renewed, adding: “That broke my heart.”

A number of Thursday’s papers report on the ruling by the Supreme Court that the Scottish government cannot hold another independence referendum without the consent of Westminster. 

The Herald says the first minister has now rebranded the pro-independence campaign as “Scotland’s democracy movement”, while the Scotsman says her decision to make the next general election a de facto referendum is the “final roll of her political dice”. 

The National spoke to some of the pro-independence supporters who gathered outside the Scottish parliament yesterday, one of whom says: “The world knows now we are not in a union of equals”.

The Times says Ms Sturgeon will now stake her political career on winning more than half of votes in Scotland at the next election while campaigning on the single issue of independence. The paper says the Scottish government will, in effect, declare independence by trying to start separation talks if more than 50% of voters back nationalist parties.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon speaks at a pro-independence rally
SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon speaks at a pro-independence rally

Writing in the Financial Times, lawyer and commentator David Allen Green argues that the Supreme Court’s decision won’t be disappointing for the SNP politically because it will bolster supporters of independence. He says they’ll maintain that Scotland is locked into a supposedly “voluntary” union with no way out. 

In other news, the paper says Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faces major challenges in managing his party, with morale among MPs low and many now privately accepting that the next election is already lost. 

According to the i, the Tories aren’t as mutinous as they were under Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, but they are unhappy with the state of the economy and the prime minister’s plan to fix it.

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