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#AceDailyNews says here are today’s Newspaper Headlines: It’s all about ‘ Scotland Losing In Supreme Court ‘ for a ‘ NEW REFERENDUM ‘ and in PARLIAMENT TODAY arguments erupt over ‘ DEMOCRACY CALLS & UNION RULES ‘ as First Minister Sturgeon says it’s NOT OVER and Kindness & Love XX says ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™’s to ask the RIGHT QUESTION or WAIT for God to Answer Amen

The front of the Metro carries a picture of RMT union boss Mick Lynch, who has announced a number of strikes around Christmas. The headline reads: "It's Mick Grinch"
A number of Wednesday’s papers lead with the news that the RMT rail union is to stage a series of strikes before and after Christmas. Metro carries a picture of union boss Mick Lynch besides the headline “Mick Grinch”, and says the impact on the rail network will be made worse by an overtime ban and engineering works scheduled for the same period.
The headline in the Mail asks: "When will we rein in the unions intent on xmas chaos?"
The Mail takes an even less sympathetic view of the announcement, urging ministers to “get a grip” on the issue and asking when the government will “rein in the unions intent on Christmas chaos”. The paper reports that businesses in the hospitality sector have warned the strikes will cost them millions at what is normally one of the most lucrative times of the year.
The headline in the Express reads: "Union inflict Christmas strike misery"
Britain faces a “nightmare before Christmas”, according to the Express. It says the RMT’s announcement has “piled further misery” on top of strikes by civil servants, HGV drivers, postal workers, nurses, and security staff already planned over the next two months.
The headline in the i reads: "Rebels force Sunak to back down on housing"
The i reports that a rebellion of almost 50 Tory MPs has forced Rishi Sunak to scrap plans to introduce mandatory local housebuilding targets for councils. The paper says the episode was the first parliamentary test of the prime minister’s leadership and that the “early defeat shows [the] scale of Sunak’s task to manage warring Tories”.
The headline in the Guardian reads: "Doctors' warning: poverty forcing sick people to keep going to work"
The new head of the Royal College of GPs has warned that sick people are refusing notes from their doctor because they cannot afford to miss work, the Guardian reports. The paper quotes Dr Kamila Hawthorne saying that greater numbers of patients are experiencing asthma attacks because they cannot heat their homes, as well as mental health issues brought on by the cost of living crisis.
The headline in the Telegraph reads: "Menopausal NHS staff can work from home"
The Telegraph reports that menopausal women working in the NHS are to be allowed to work from home under new guidance. Writing for the paper, NHS England chief executive Amanda Pritchard says female health workers should not have to “silently suffer” and encourages other employers to follow suit.
The headline in the Times reads: "Big rise in gambling addictions"
Another health story leads the Times, which reports that demand for NHS clinics treating gambling addictions has risen by 42% in the last year. The paper says clinics have been full of “young men in football shirts” who have fallen foul of “predatory tactics” by betting firms, and that doctors have warned the increase means the health service is “picking up the tab” of the online betting industry.
The headline in the Financial Times reads: "FTX chief ran crypto group as his fiefdom, court hears"
The Financial Times reports that a US court has heard Sam Bankman-Fried, head of collapsed cryptocurrency exchange FTX, ran the firm like a “personal fiefdom” and spent “substantial amounts of money” on things not related to the business. The company filed for bankruptcy earlier this month following a liquidity crisis. A lawyer told the court that the collapse had “allowed everyone for the first time to see under the covers and recognise the emperor had no clothes”.
The front of the Mirror references the ongoing row about whether players at the Qatar World Cup should be allowed to wear symbols in support of LGBT rights. The headline reads: "Country that bans love"
World Cup host Qatar is accused of waging a “war on equality” on the front page of the Mirror. The paper reports that Fifa subjected the England team to “extreme blackmail” to stop captain Harry Kane wearing a One Love armband in support of LGBT rights for the side’s opening game against Iran on Monday.
The Star carries a picture of disappointed Argentina fans following the team's World Cup defeat to Saudi Arabia. The headline reads: "Cry for me, Argentina!"
The Star’s front page depicts Argentina fans looking despondent following the team’s shock 2-1 defeat to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday. The paper says the “hand of God was at work” during the game.
The front page of the Sun reports on a doctor who was given an award by the King for her work saving lives in Ukraine.
And the Sun carries a picture of “heroic” doctor Freda Newlands, who on Tuesday was honoured at the paper’s Who Cares Wins awards for her lifesaving work in Ukraine, and who was presented with the award by the then-prince of Wales at a surprise reception the day before the death of the Queen.

A number of Wednesday’s papers lead with the news that the RMT rail union is to stage a series of strikes before and after Christmas.

“When will we rein in the unions intent on Christmas chaos?” is the Daily Mail’s headline. The paper says the strikes could cost the hospitality industry millions of pounds but that ministers don’t want to be bounced into a settlement with the union because they are worried that significant pay rises would set a precedent.

In an editorial, the Sun accused what it calls “rail union thugs” of wrecking the first family Christmas since Covid struck. According to the Daily Express, Britain faces a “nightmare before Christmas”, with thousands of civil servants, lorry drivers, postal workers, nurses, and security staff also set to down tools over the next two months. 

Mick Lynch, general secretary of the RMT rail union, speaks at a rally
The RMT rail union, headed by general secretary Mick Lynch, has announced a series of strikes before and after Christmas

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, the head of NHS England, Amanda Pritchard, says menopausal women employed in the health service will be able to work from home if their symptoms require it. She says female staff should not have to “silently suffer” and that the change will boost the workforce in the long run. But the paper adds that one in five employees in NHS England is a woman of menopausal age, and that the policy could see thousands of staff take time off frontline duties at a time of record pressures.

The new head of the Royal College of GPs, Kamila Hawthorne, tells the Guardian that some of her patients – in the Welsh valleys – are refusing sick notes because they can’t afford not to work. She also warns soaring food prices are leading to a rise in fatigue, mouth ulcers, and weak muscles as people are become deficient in key vitamins because they can’t afford to eat well.

On its front page, the Times says there’s been a big increase in gambling addictions. According to the report, nearly 600 people were referred to specialist NHS gambling clinics in the past six months, a 42% increase on the same period last year. Senior doctors tell the paper that clinics are full of “young men in football shirts” who have fallen foul of “predatory tactics” by betting firms. 

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