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#AceDailyNews says here are today’s Newspaper Headlines: It’s all about ‘ Voters Leaving The Tories ‘ as Tory Conference Commences with PM defending her strategy with many Tories not even at the conference and many others planning her downfall with rumors of 70 ready to put in letters of ‘ NO CONFIDENCE ‘ as ‘ Blunder Truss ( Losing Parties Support with Many Voters) So today Kindness & Love XX 🙏🙏’s for one last chance to gain TRUST (PM Truss) or it all comes crashing down Amen

The Observer front page 2 October 2022
“Voters abandon Tories as faith in economic competence dives” is the headline leading the Observer. According to a poll for the paper, three-quarters of UK voters, including 71% of those who supported the Conservatives in the 2019 general election, believe the prime minister and chancellor have lost control of the economy. Labour has also extended its lead by 14 percentage points in the past week, according to the survey by Opinium. In further grim news for the government, Liz Truss’s ratings are lower than Boris Johnson’s were at the height of the Partygate scandal, the paper adds.
The Sunday Telegraph front page 2 October 2022
Yet the prime minister appears defiant on the front of the Sunday Telegraph. Defending last month’s mini-budget, Ms Truss tells the paper that “tough decisions” are required to boost growth, adding that voters are more concerned with education and jobs than with polls. The PM wants to cut red tape for businesses, the paper reports, and plans to combat what she calls Britain’s “lack of dynamism”. “We cannot continue on the current trajectory of managed decline… we must take a new direction,” she told the paper. Her comments come ahead of the Conservative Party conference, starting on Sunday.
The Sunday People front page 2 October 2022
“You’ve lost their Truss, Liz” is the Sunday People’s headline, as the paper reports that 70 Conservative MPs are planning to topple the new prime minister – who has been in the job for less than month.
The Sunday Telegraph front page 2 October 2022
According to the Sunday Times, Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng attended a drinks event – where hedge fund managers were in attendance – just hours after delivering his mini-budget. The paper says the chancellor gave guests insights about planned spending cuts, raising questions about his political judgement. But the lead story for the paper focuses on Liz Truss’s reported advice to King Charles III not to attend November’s COP27 climate change conference, where he was due to deliver a speech. Ms Truss objected to the King’s plans during an audience at Buckingham Palace last month – a move likely to fuel tensions between the new PM and new monarch, the paper comments.
The Sunday Mirror front page 2 October 2022
The Sunday Mirror reports on British aid worker Paul Urey, who died after being captured in the Ukraine war. He sent a message to his daughters, which was delivered by Dylan Healy, who was also detained by pro-Russian forces. Mr Healy, who has since been released, told Mr Urey’s daughters: “Your dad loved you and thought about you every day.” Mr Urey, who died in July, was doing humanitarian work, his family and the UK government have said.
The Sunday Express front page 2 October 2022
Meanwhile, a man has been charged with the murder of Olivia Pratt-Korbel, who was shot in her home in Liverpool, the Sunday Express reports. Thomas Cashman, 34, has also been charged with the attempted murder of the nine-year-old’s mother and Joseph Nee. Olivia was shot in the chest and her mother was injured as Mr Nee was chased into their home. Mr Cashman is due to appear in court on Monday.
The Daily Star front page 2 October 2022
And the Daily Star Sunday has a ghostly front page story, as the paper reports allegations from impressionist Jon Culshaw that comedian Les Dawson pranked him from beyond the grave by ripping a hole in his trousers.

Liz Truss has given her first newspaper interview as prime minister to the Sunday Telegraph, telling it that only her plan to transform Britain into a low-tax, high-growth economy will reverse what she calls the “current trajectory of managed decline”. 

She dismisses suggestions she will sack the chancellor after his mini-Budget was followed by a big drop in the value of sterling, insisting he is doing an “excellent job”. 

She also says she will ease regulations for 40,000 firms by changing the definition of a small business from one with up to 250 employees, to up to 500. 

Writing in the Sunday Express, the prime minister acknowledges that the past week was “disruptive”, but argues that “breaking with business as usual was never going to be easy”.

The front page of the Observer highlights a survey that suggests three-quarters of voters believe that Ms Truss has “lost control” of the economy. 

Writing in the paper, the Conservative peer Lord Barwell claims the prime minister has thrown away the Tories’ reputation for sound management of the public finances in her first month in office and warns it will take “years” to undo the damage. 

With the headline “You’ve lost their truss, Liz”, the Sunday People claimsthat Conservative rebel MPs are trying to amass 70 letters of no confidence in Ms Truss, as they believe that number would convince senior backbenchers to change the party’s leadership rules and topple her as PM.

Liz Truss

The home secretary has told the Sun on Sunday that the number of people crossing the Channel in small boats is “out of control”. 

The paper says Suella Braverman will reform the Modern Slavery Act to make it “easier to boot out” migrants and foreign criminals after she warned that the “really low bar” to be considered a victim of modern slavery was “gumming up” the deportation system. 

Ms Braverman also says some police forces “pander to political correctness” after being “captured” by woke groups and she wants them to “get back to basics” by investigating “forgotten” crimes such as burglary and vandalism.

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