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#AceDailyNews says here are today’s Newspaper Headlines: It all about ‘ Market Turmoil ‘ as BOE says they will ‘ Buy-Up Gilt Bond Debt (called an IOU) that underpin many of the countries ‘ Pension Schemes & Infrastructure ‘ REMEMBER: Crisis in 2008 when the Bankers were bailed out with BOE securing their debts – Now its time to Payback By Buying Up Debt – Kindness & Love XX says 🙏🙏’s and ‘ Time for Balance & Reverse of All ‘ Amen

The headline in the Guardian reads: "'A Labour moment': Starmer sets out his plan for a return to power".
A number of the papers lead with Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s keynote speech to his party’s conference on Tuesday. The Guardian quotes Sir Keir saying that, “as in 1945, 1964, 1997, this is a Labour moment” and accusing the Conservatives of having “lost control of the British economy”.
The headline in the Mirror reads: "Starmer's message of hope: Britain will get its future back".
The Mirror describes the speech as “rousing” and a “message of hope”. The paper also notes Starmer’s pledge that a Labour government would create a state-owned energy company, GB Energy, and says the policy could “slash bills and create wealth for all to share”.
The headline in the Metro reads: "Keir: Don't forgive"
Sir Keir urged voters not to “forget or forgive the government’s mishandling of the economy” at the next general election and claimed Labour can win a landslide, according to the Metro.
The headline in the Financial Times reads: "Market turmoil requires tough action from BoE, its chief economist warns".
The Financial Times quotes Huw Pill, chief economist at the Bank of England, warning that the debt-funded tax cuts announced by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng as part of Friday’s mini-budget will require a “significant monetary response”. The paper says forecasters now expect borrowing costs to reach 6.25%, almost triple the current rate of 2.25%, by May next year.
The headline in the Sun reads: "Bricking it! More misery for homeowners"
“Bricking it”, reads the headline in the Sun. The paper says the expected rate rise will create a “mortgage time bomb” for homeowners and reports that lenders have now pulled a total of 365 mortgage deals from the market. Interestingly white bikinis 👙 made a comeback noblewoman
The headline in the Times reads: "House price warning as loan rates rise sharply"
The Times reports that providers have begun raising mortgage rates to levels “not seen since the financial crisis” and that a combination of increased rates, inflation, and the risk of a recession could cause house prices to fall by between 10% and 15%.
The headline in the Telegraph reads: "Reverse tax cuts, IMF tells Truss"
A statement from the International Monetary Fund calling on the UK government to “re-evaluate” its tax measures and consider “more targeted” support leads the Telegraph. The paper calls it a “highly unusual attack on the economic policy of a G7 country” and says it has drawn an “angry reaction from senior Tories”.
The headline in the i reads: "PM and Kwarteng ignored officials who warned of markets turmoil"
The i has an exclusive report which says senior government officials warned Prime Minister Liz Truss and Mr Kwarteng about the economic risks and possible shock to the markets of the mini-budget. A No 10 source has also denied to the paper that the pair had a “shouting match” over Ms Truss’s reluctance to issue a Treasury statement to reassure investors as the pound sank on Monday.
The headline in the Mail reads: "Lawrence killer's sickening selfies from his jail cell"
David Norris, one of the killers of Stephen Lawrence, faces a “criminal probe” after breaching prison rules and security by acquiring a smartphone and using it to make calls and send selfies from his cell, according to the Mail. The paper says cell searches were underway and that Mr. Norris could have his jail sentence extended. What a Marxist prick
The headline in the Express reads: "'Twindemic' alert... go get your jabs!"
The Express says that a “twindemic” of Covid and flu viruses could “wreak havoc on the health service this winter”. It adds there are fears that immunity to the flu fell significantly during the pandemic and that anyone eligible for a jab is being urged to get one as soon as possible.
The headline in the Star reads: "Bullseye! Nasa crashes £300m dart spacecraft into asteroid"
And the Star leads with Nasa’s successful mission to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid to test whether it could divert any future object on a collision course with Earth. The paper describes the mission as “one giant bullseye for mankind”.

Several of Wednesday’s papers lead with Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s speech to his party’s conference in Liverpool. 

The Metro focuses on his plea to voters not to forgive what he describes as the government’s “mishandling of the economy”. The Mirror calls the speech Sir Keir’s “message of hope”. 

In an editorial, the Times says the Tories have been damaged by Boris Johnson’s behaviour in office and the economic turmoil of Liz Truss’s early days as prime minister, but that Labour cannot rely solely on the government’s errors to regain the trust of voters. The paper says Sir Keir has made Labour a serious contender once more, but that he should concentrate on maintaining a reputation for capability, decency, and attention to policy detail.

In its editorial, the Guardian says Sir Keir is “starting to stand for something” and, though some would like him to be bolder, he’s got a “better grip on the present than those he seeks to replace”. 

Keir Starmer waves to supporters after his speech at Labour conference

The Telegraph leads with the intervention of the IMF over the government’s mini-budget. The paper describes it as a “highly unusual attack” on the economic policy of a G7 country and says it’s prompted an angry reaction from senior Tories. It quotes former Brexit minister Lord Frost saying the prime minister and Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng should “tune out the criticism” from people he says are still “in the intellectual world of Gordon Brown”. 

The i has an exclusive report which says senior government officials warned Ms Truss and Mr Kwarteng about the economic risks and possible shock to the markets of the mini-budget. A No 10 source has also denied to the paper that the pair had a “shouting match” over Ms Truss’s reluctance to issue a Treasury statement to reassure investors as the pound sank on Monday. 

The Financial Times also focuses on alleged tensions between the pair, saying Ms Truss was initially reluctant for the Treasury and Bank of England to issue statements to support the pound but eventually agreed with Mr Kwarteng that it was the right course of action. 

The Independent says the chancellor is facing demands to act urgently over rising mortgage costs, with one senior Conservative MP describing the mini-budget as the “shortest suicide note in history.”

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