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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Its all about preparing to say ‘ farewell Boris ‘ but rumours are rife on some many fronts that he may find a job in the cabinet but Kindness & Love XX says 🙏🙏’s as Only God Knows Best Amen

The headline in the Daily Mirror reads 'Now Britain demands bills freeze;
A number of Wednesday’s papers lead with the latest on soaring energy prices. In a poll of its readers, the Daily Mirror says that 82% of people back an urgent freeze in energy bills. The paper says 12 million homes may not be able to meet the annual rise to £3,549.
The headline in the Guardian reads 'Hunger fears as food banks warn stock may run out'
Also reporting on the cost of living crisis, the Guardian leads with a warning from food banks around Britain who say that a “completely unsustainable” surge in demand that will prevent them feeding the hungriest families this winter. The paper also has a tribute piece to Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet leader who ended the Cold War, who has died at the age of 91.
The headline in the i Newspaper reads 'Save us from 400% energy hike: small firms plead with Truss'
The i leads with reports of fears that small firms are facing mass closures without an energy price cap or new help from the next prime minister. The paper says staff are already being sacked in some small companies that face a fivefold increase in bills.
The headline in the Financial Times reads 'Sunak warns over risk of markets losing faith in British economy'
The Financial Times leads with a warning from Tory leadership contender Rishi Sunak who says it would be “complacent and irresponsible” to ignore the risk of markets losing confidence in the British economy. It comes as wagers against UK government debt sent short-term borrowing costs in the gilt market soaring. Mr Sunak tells the paper that he “struggled to see” how Liz Truss’s promises of sweeping tax cuts and help for families struggling with soaring energy costs “add up”.
The headline in the Daily Express reads 'Farewell... I'm proud of the things we did'
The Daily Express reports that “upbeat” Boris Johnson says he is “proud” of delivering on his promises and backed his successor to “grab the torch and run with it”. The paper says the prime minister praised the “heroic” nature of the British people and said he was confident the country will bounce back “strongly” after the cost of living crisis.
The headline in the Metro reads 'World mourns a true man of peace;
The Metro leads with a tribute to Mikhail Gobrachev, the Soviet Union’s final leader who helped bring the Cold War to an end, who has died aged 91 after a long illness.
The headline in the Times reads 'App will let patients avoid long NHS waits'
The Times says that patients will be able to use the NHS app to “shop around” for hospitals with the shortest waiting lists in a renewed drive to cut backlogs for routine care. The paper says that health bosses agreed on Tuesday to give patients more choice over where they are treated by next April in an effort to use digital league tables to direct people towards hospitals with the shortest waits.
The headline in the Daily Mail reads 'Have police given up on burglary?'
The Daily Mail leads with a “damning report” by former detective chief inspector David Spencer on the state of policing, who said that it has “lost its way” and the public feel forces have “all but given up on crimes” such as burglary. Mr Spencer, who is now head of crime and justice at the Policy Exchange think-tank, called for a radical shake-up of forces including wider use of existing powers to sack failing chief constables, the paper reports.
The headline in the Daily Telegraph reads 'Get back to basics, woke police told'
The Daily Telegraph also leads on the report from the Policy Exchange think-tank that finds the public feel officers are “distracted” from solving crime by “woke causes”. The paper says the report calls for police to be barred from taking the knee or wearing campaign badges on their uniforms to avoid any risk of appearing to have “partisan political views”.
The headline in the Sun reads 'Duchess of delusion'
The Sun reports that Meghan was “ridiculed” by Nelson Mandela’s grandson for saying she had been compared to the anti-apartheid hero. The paper says that Zwelivelile “Mandla” Mandela said overcoming 60 years of oppression in South Africa “can never be compared” to marrying a “white prince”.
The headline in the Daily Star reads 'Diva? Moi?'
And the Daily Star says that “the worlds biggest diva has revealed her shock at being labelled a massive diva by the world’s other biggest diva”.

Mikhail Gorbachev is pictured on several of the front pages. The Daily Telegraph describes the former Soviet leader as “charming and modernising”.

The Sun calls him a “peace-maker”. Metro’s headline is “World mourns a true man of peace”. The Times says he was widely hated by Russians who resented the loss of the country’s super-power status. The I points out that many in Russia never forgave him for the “turbulence” that his reforms unleashed.

“Have police given up on burglary?” asks the headline on the front of the Daily Mail, as it covers a report by a former detective chief inspector who warns that the public feel forces have all but given up on dealing with break-ins.

It says David Spencer, who is now at the centre-right think tank Policy Exchange has called for a “radical shake-up” of forces, including wider use of existing powers to sack failing chief constables.

The Telegraph focuses on his calls for officers to be barred from taking the knee or wearing campaign badges – to stop the impression that officers are too distracted by what it calls “woke” causes to solve crimes.

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev
Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, who brought the Cold War to a peaceful end, has died aged 91

The Times reports on plans for patients in England to use the NHS smartphone app to shop around for hospitals with the shortest waiting lists, as part of efforts to cut backlogs for routine care. The paper has seen a memo which explains that the app will contain the same information that is currently available to GPs, so people can decide where they want to be treated. 

The impact of rising prices leads on three of the front pages. The Guardian says that food banks around Britain have warned of a “completely unsustainable” surge in demand that may leave them having to turn people away this winter.

A poll of Daily Mirror readers suggests that eight in 10 people want the government to keep the energy price cap at its current level, rather than allow October’s planned rise to more than £3,500 a year.

And the i reports on fears that small firms are facing mass closures without an energy price cap or new help from the next prime minister. It says staff are already being sacked from some small companies which face a fivefold increase in bills. 

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