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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Its all about pressure on all Tory’s as Labour with backing of SNP & Liberal say remove ‘ Price Cap ‘ and Freeze cruel bills now’ at the price of 30 Billion plus for just 6-months as day by day its ‘ Drip By Drip ‘ of Government Control with no real decisions in sight Kindness & Love XX says 🙏🙏’s ‘ For Common Sense to Prevail ‘ Amen

The headline in the i reads: "Sunak and Truss under pressure to cut price cap"
The issue of soaring energy bills continues to lead many of the papers. The i says that Tory leadership contenders Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are under mounting pressure to propose reforms to cut the rises in the energy price cap set to take effect in the coming months. The paper also reports on Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s call to freeze energy bills – which he says would save households £1,000 a year.
The Metro front page reports on pledge by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer to help cut the cost of energy bills.
The Metro says Sir Keir’s proposal would cost £8bn, which he says could be funded with an extension to the windfall tax on oil and gas companies, and that it forms part of Labour’s overall £29bn plan to tackle the rising cost of energy. The paper says Sir Keir will be hoping the package “trumps any solutions offered by [the] Tory leadership rivals”.
The headline in the Mirror reads: "Starmer's energy demand: freeze cruel bills now".
Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Sir Keir says the country faces a “national emergency” because of rising energy bills and that hard-hit families “should not pay a penny more” than the rates dictated by the current price cap.
The headline in the Times reads: "Three in four Tory voters back Labour's energy plan"
The Times leads on polling suggesting three in four Tory voters back Sir Keir’s energy plan. It also reports that charities have warned children will go hungry unless existing support packages are doubled, though notes that Ms Truss, currently the bookmakers’ favourite to be the next prime minister, has said a windfall tax of the sort proposed by Labour would raise the risk of recession.
The headline in the Express reads: "'Radical' Truss vows to reform crisis Britain"
Ms Truss plans to address the crisis by taking “dynamic action” to boost growth and help the poorest, according to the Daily Express. The paper says Ms Truss wants to “sever Britain’s growing dependence on crisis handouts with her radical plan to boost the economy”.
The Star reports that experts have said people can help ease the ongoing drought by not cleaning their windows and flushing loos less often.
“You filthy suds” is the eyecatching headline for the Daily Star as it reports that experts have said people can help ease England’s drought by not cleaning their windows and by flushing their loos less often. The paper also notes that, despite the situation, “fatcat water firms” have paid out £3bn to investors.
The headline in the Sun reads: "After record drought, drip drip hooray"
Parts of the nation saw their prayers for rainfall finally answered on Saturday, reports the Sun. The paper says that three days of thunderous downpours are now forecast after weeks of “tinder-dry weather”, but adds that that could mean flash floods are on the way.
The headline in the Guardian reads: "Indonesians on UK farms 'face risk of debt bondage'"
The Guardian reports that Indonesian labourers working on UK farms are at risk of “debt bondage” because of the fees they pay to unlicensed brokers in their home country in order to secure work. The paper’s front page also highlights a quote by author Margaret Atwood, who says Friday’s attack on Salman Rushdie shows that “if we don’t defend free speech we live in tyranny”.
The headline in the Telegraph reads: "Prepare to be disappointed with A-levels, pupils told"
The higher education watchdog has warned A-level students they should prepare for “disappointment” when they receive their results this week, the Daily Telegraph reports. The paper says the Office for Students has told it that a crackdown on grade inflation means even the brightest pupils may struggle to secure a place at their preferred university.
The headline in the Mail reads: "Pupils face toughest university scramble in decades"
“Pupils face toughest university scramble in decades”, reads the headline in the Daily Mail. The paper says that a fall in the number of clearing places at universities in the elite Russell Group means that “those who fail to achieve the grades needed for their first-choice course are likely to be disappointed again when they try to find an alternative”.
The headline in the Financial Times reads: "US lawmakers call for Trump security threat assessment"
And the Financial Times reports that US politicians have demanded an assessment of the potential national security threat posed by Donald Trump’s “hoarding of classified documents”. It comes after the FBI conducted a search of the former president’s Mar-a-Lago estate, with a warrant revealing he was being investigated for possible violations of the law related to national defence, mishandling of government material, and obstruction of justice.

The issue of soaring energy bills continues to lead many of the papers. 

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer tells the Daily Mirror that the UK is facing a “national emergency” and that hard-hit families “should not pay a penny more”. The Metro says Sir Keir is aiming to “trump” any offers from the Conservative leadership contenders, who the i says are under pressure to cut the energy price cap. 

“At last, he has an idea”, says the Sun. But the Times reports that three in four Tory voters back Labour’s proposals. It says polling by YouGov “suggests a public appetite for radical measures” to combat the rising cost of energy.

Liz Truss, currently the bookies’ favourite to be the next prime minister, plans to address the crisis by taking “dynamic action” to boost growth and help the poorest, according to the Daily Express. The paper says Ms Truss wants to “sever Britain’s growing dependence on crisis handouts with her radical plan to boost the economy”.

“Losing liberties, again”, says the front page of the international edition of the New York Times, as it paints a devastating picture of Afghanistan one year after the Taliban returned to power. The paper describes the country as having “hurtled backwards in time” as it “slips again into pariah status” and says the militant group has “reversed two decades of reforms” and “instilled an undercurrent of fear in the lives of those who oppose its rule”. 

Taliban stand guard near a Shiite Muslims Mosque during Ashura Day in Kabul, Afghanistan
Monday marks a year since the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan

The country’s Tolo News reports that the UN has warned that the country’s “future is bleak if more is not done to reverse the devastating human rights situation”. The Kabul-based Khamaa Press says thatAfghan journalists living in exile in Pakistan are marking the anniversary as the day freedom of speech in the country died and have lit candles to commemorate “a year in silence”. The Afghan Islamic Press says a public holiday will be observed across the country on Monday as Taliban officials celebrate the withdrawal of US and other forces.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the higher education watchdog is warning of a “significant increase in applicants being rejected from their preferred universities”. The paper says exam boards are expected to give out stricter marks than those predicted by teachers during the pandemic, and that pupils should be prepared for “disappointment” when results are announced this week. 

According to the Daily Mail, tens of thousands of school leavers will be hit with “double heartbreak”. It says those who miss out on their preferred university place could struggle to find a course through clearing because the number of last-minute courses at Russell Group universities has halved in two years. 

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