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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Its all about ‘ Wish You Weren’t Here’, the Daily Mail is one of several papers to use its front page to highlight the long delays at the Port of Dover as people try to all get away on holiday at the same time ‘ Happy Holiday ‘ for some Kindness & Love XX says Amen

The Daily Star front page
Travel chaos is the main story on many of Saturday’s front pages, after those hoping to get away at the start of the summer holidays faced up to six-hour queues at Dover on Friday. Happy holidays, says the Daily Star, as it asks: “Are we nearly there yet?”
Daily Mail front page
“Wish you weren’t here!” jokes the Daily Mail. The paper says tens of thousands of families face having their holidays ruined at the start of “the busiest school break for years”. It says “go-slow protesters” hit motorways, while a critical incident was declared at Dover.
Financial Times front page
The Financial Times says holidaymakers should expect more delays at Dover this weekend after a “ferocious Anglo-French row broke out over the management of post-Brexit border controls on the English Channel”.
The Mirror front page
The Mirror describes it as “summer getaway hell” and reports that airports were also “rammed”, with long waits at Manchester airport.
Telegraph front page
The Daily Telegraph says Conservative leadership finalist Liz Truss has told France it must stop the “avoidable and unacceptable” problems at the border, blaming the “awful situation” at Dover on Paris for failing to staff border posts in the port. French officials, however, blamed the delays on a “technical incident”.
The Times front page
In other news, the Times leads on its interview with the other Conservative leadership finalist, Rishi Sunak. He tells the paper the UK faces a national emergency over the economy, NHS backlogs and illegal migration, and he promises to put the government on a “crisis footing” from day one if he becomes prime minister.
The Express front page
Meanwhile, the Daily Express has commissioned a poll which suggests that Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has the edge over Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer as to who would make the best prime minister. The paper says it “flies in the face of Rishi Sunak’s claim that he is the best-placed person to beat the Labour leader”.
The Guardian front page
The Guardian reports that hundreds of laws covering employment and environmental protections could “disappear overnight” if Ms Truss becomes prime minister, after she pledged a 15-month deadline to scrap all remaining EU regulations.
The Sun front page
The Sun leads on news that comedian and Top Gear presenter Paddy McGuinness is splitting up with his wife of 11 years, Christine.

The Daily Mirror and the Daily Star both feature photographs of huge queues of cars waiting to board ferries.

According to the Financial Times Weekend, a “ferocious row” has broken out between the UK and France over post-Brexit border controls – after port officials accused Paris of providing a “woefully inadequate” number of passport control officers.

Cars queue in many lanes at Dover

The Daily Telegraph quotes unnamed sources who claim the disruption was a “deliberate move” by the French following tensions in the wake of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

Conservative leadership candidate Rishi Sunak has told the Times that Britain is facing a “national emergency” – and he would put the government on a “crisis footing” from day one if he succeeds Boris Johnson.

The former chancellor says he will announce policies to tackle five problem areas over the coming weeks, including the economy, NHS backlogs and illegal migration.

His strategy, says the paper, “is to argue that the government he was part of fewer than three weeks ago is not doing enough”.

Rishi Sunak

Mr Sunak also insists the scandal over his wife’s tax affairs earlier this year has made him stronger.

And he rejects claims he can’t be trusted to tell the truth, arguing he’s being more honest than his leadership rival, Liz Truss, about the economic challenges ahead.

The Guardian warns there could be a “bonfire of rights” if Ms Truss defeats Mr Sunak in the battle for the keys to Downing Street. 

The paper says her pledge to scrap all remaining EU regulation within 15 months is part of her attempt to position herself as the “Brexit delivery prime minister”, with her timetable “notably accelerated” from that given by Boris Johnson’s government.

The Daily Express claims the victory hopes of the foreign secretary have been boosted by a poll which suggests that voters believe she’d be a better prime minister than the Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

Liz Truss

A report which says Britain has one of the most costly health systems in the developed world – but some of the worst health outcomes – is featured by the Daily Telegraph.

The study by the Civitas think tank warns that health spending is costing the country about £10,000 per household a year – the third highest share of GDP in Europe.

It also suggests almost 50,000 die in the UK each year for want of effective medical intervention – with only the US faring worse amongst wealthy nations.

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