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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Its all about ‘ Labour Supporting Strikes Across Country ‘ and Starmer their illustrious leader refusing to condemn the strike as many Labourites ringed below can be seen with RMT strikers ‘ Its called the day we went back to 70’s and so Kindness & Love XX says 🙏🙏’s for these leaders to stop supporting what they get funding to support and put people first Amen

Daily Mail front page
At least 25 Labour MPs ignored a warning from the party’s leadership to join strikers at picket lines on Tuesday, the Daily Mail reports. Featuring a picture of Labour MPs at Victoria Station in London, the paper’s headline says “Labour isn’t working”, accusing party leader Sir Keir Starmer of “hiding away” from the issue.
The Times front page
The fallout following the first day of the biggest rail strikes in decades leads many of Wednesday’s front pages. The Times reports that the prime minister is ready for a strike “stalemate” to “last months”, believing the government must win its battle with rail unions. Boris Johnson fears that giving in to wage demands would lead to 1970s-style inflation, while the RMT union says it is prepared for a war of attrition, the paper reports.
The Daily Mirror front page
The Daily Mirror reports that the boss of Network Rail, Andrew Haines, earns 20 times the wage of a train guard. One guard referred to by the paper, who earns £30,000, says he wants fair pay. The Mirror notes that Transport Secretary Grant Shapps again refused to meet with unions over the dispute.
The Financial Times front page
The Financial Times reports that rail bosses have called on unions to agree to almost 2,000 job cuts. The papers quotes the prime minister as saying the rail sector must modernise or “go bust”. Meanwhile, the RMT and rail companies will be resuming talks on Wednesday.
The Express front page
The Daily Express questions if “Hatred of Boris” has motivated the rail strike in its front-page headline, noting that the leader of the RMT blamed the PM for the damaging dispute between unions and the government. The paper accuses Mick Lynch of leading”class war” revenge after he criticised Boris Johnson and blamed “old Etonians speaking Latin and Greek” for the strike action.
The i front page
Meanwhile, a plan by the government to break rail strikes is in doubt, according to the i. The paper says it understands a change in law would take about six months to get through Parliament but ministers are determined to continue to limit similar action in the future.
The Daily Star front page
MPs were told to get a cab or stay in a hotel to avoid the chaos caused by the train strikes on Tuesday, the Daily Star reports. “They think it’s all Uber… it is now”, says the paper’s headline.
The Sun front page
“Class war” is the Sun’s headline, noting that teachers have now threatened to strike. The paper reports that the National Education Union has told No 10 it wants a 12% rise for members by September.
The Guardian front page
Elsewhere, the government will set out plans to continue with its Rwanda asylum plan on Wednesday after it was blocked by Europe’s human rights court, the Guardian reports. The paper says the repeal of the Human Rights Act, which the government described as a restatement of Britain’s sovereignty, includes reducing the influence of the European Court of Human Rights.
The Daily Telegraph front page
State pensions and benefits are set to rise in line with double-digit inflation, the Telegraph reports, despite the government telling rail workers to accept cuts. The paper says the Treasury confirmed on Tuesday that the pension triple-lock would be reinstated after it was paused during the pandemic – taking the annual pay-out to beyond £10,000.
The Metro front page
“Gold age pensions” declares the Metro, which notes the rise was promised on the same day the government encouraged “restraint” from rail workers who walked out over an offered 3% pay rise. Treasury minister Simon Clarke confirmed pensioners are set for a rise that matches inflation, the paper reports.
BBC News Daily on Facebook Messenger

Pictures of deserted rail stations appear on many of the front pages. 

“Hush Hour” is how the Metro captions its shot of a single train at London’s Clapham Junction during what should have been rush hour. 

The “Day we went back to the 70s” is the Daily Mail’s verdict on the strikes. The paper claims the Labour party is in chaos over the industrial action, with 25 left-wing MPs defying an order from leader Sir Keir Starmer not to join picket lines. 

For the Sun, the strikes represent a return to the “Class War” of the 1970s. 

The Daily Express agrees. The paper reports that the RMT leader Mick Lynch “couldn’t resist” blaming “old Etonions speaking Latin and Greek” for the dispute. 

But the Daily Mirror’s front page firmly backs the unions. It points out the head of Network Rail earns 20 times more than a struggling train guard – and says it’s time to “level up”.

People running through Clapham Junction station

The government’s confirmation that it’s to reinstate the triple lock on pensions makes the front page of several papers. 

The Daily Telegraph says No 10 sources have struggled to explain how it would not be inflationary to allow pensions and benefits to rise in line with prices, when they had already warned that it would be if applied to workers’ pay. 

In its editorial, the paper says the government has no real plan to revive economic growth and bring down inflation and it warns that ministers and the Bank of England need to take the situation more seriously.

The Times describes government plans to publish a Bill of Rights in Parliament today as a “radical reform of the country’s human rights laws”. The paper says the sweeping changes will allow ministers to overrule European judges who stop Britain removing illegal migrants. 

“Tory Bill accused of fatally weakening human rights” is the Guardian’s take on the proposals. It says last week’s ruling by the European Court of Human Rights grounding a flight due to remove migrants to Rwanda was a factor in bringing the bill forward and that campaigners and leading lawyers believe the government is systematically eroding people’s rights. 

“Can you pass-the one-legged 10 second health test?” asks the Daily Express. Its one of several papers to report on a new international study which suggests that people who are better at balancing on one leg after the age of 50 are likely to live longer. 

And the Times brings more potential bad news for the middle-aged, reporting that more than half of restaurants in London are too noisy to hold a conversation. 

Sound data collected randomly at more than 1,000 eateries in the capital found over 50% had sound levels which made it difficult to chat. 

The paper says London restaurants have the highest sound levels in Europe and come second only to San Francisco worldwide. 

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