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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Its all about Northern Ireland and any chance of ‘ Getting Peace In Our Time ‘ it first of all took 4yrs to get back in Stormont and now its about Article 16 – We want and everyone wants but ‘ No One Is Willing to Compromise ‘ so today another ‘ Negative Vote ‘ as so it goes on and on Kindness & Love XX says 🙏🙏 ‘s today for some sort of ‘ Common Sense ‘ to prevail Amen

Daily Express front page
With several front pages focusing on tensions over the post-Brexit trade deal for Northern Ireland, the Daily Express headline says that a “defiant” Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has warned: “We’ll rip up Brexit border deal”. The paper says Ms Truss told the EU she may have “no choice”, because the deal’s border checks between Britain and Northern Ireland were endangering peace.
The i newspaper front page
The i newspaper says the House of Lords is planning to delay the foreign secretary’s plan to scrap the Northern Ireland Protocol, with peers able to obstruct it for a year. The paper says the UK believes it could lawfully end the deal unilaterally, but is prepared for delays to pass the necessary legislation.
Daily Telegraph front page
Lord Frost, the man who negotiated the Brexit deal, writes in the Daily Telegraph that Prime Minister Boris Johnson must show the same leadership he displayed in the Ukraine war by ripping up the Northern Ireland Protocol. He says the Good Friday Agreement, which has underpinned peace in the nation since 1998, was now “on life support” due to the border checks between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.
The Guardian front page
Meanwhile, a delegation of US congressmen is flying to London amid concerns that tensions over the protocol could put peace and stability at risk, the Guardian reports. It says the group is led by Richie Neal, a committee chair who has “significant power” over any future UK and US trade deal, who has warned it cannot progress if there is “any jeopardy” to the Good Friday Agreement.
The Sun front page
“She’s Dame Debs” is the headline on the front of the Sun, as the paper celebrates a damehood for cancer campaigner, BBC podcast host and the paper’s own columnist Deborah James. The paper says Ms James “captured the hearts of the nation” with her honest accounts of her bowel cancer and has raised £3.6m since she revealed she was receiving end-of-life care this week.
Daily Mail front page
One in five civil service jobs – about 91,000 staff – will be axed, according to the Daily Mail, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggesting he will use the £3.5bn savings to tackle the cost of living crisis with tax cuts. “We have got to cut the cost of government to cut the cost of living,” Mr Johnson tells the paper.
The Times front page
But the Times’s lead story features a warning from former Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who says the Tories could lose the next election over voters’ deep concerns about the cost of living. Mr Hunt, who is not ruling out a leadership bid, tells the paper that the loss of nearly 500 seats in the local elections was not just “mid-term blues” and Boris Johnson has a “big mountain to climb”.
Daily Mirror front page
“The home of UK’s worst Covid law-breakers” says the Daily Mirror’s front page, alongside a picture of the Downing Street sign. The paper says that the 100 fixed penalty notices now issued by police to “people in power who MADE the rules” is a record.
Financial Times front page
The lead story in the Financial Times reports on “one of the toughest challenges” to the $1.3tn crypto-currency industry as a popular digital coin, Tether, failed to maintain its promise of parity with the US dollar. The paper says the drop to a low of 95.11 cents is a threat to the wider stability of crypto markets and is leading to calls for regulation.
Daily Star front page
“Keep yer hair on!” cries the Daily Star’s front page, as the paper reports on an employment tribunal case in which an electrician won a payout for sexual harassment because his male boss mocked him for being bald. The paper calls it a “hair-raising” tale.
BBC News Daily on Facebook Messenger

The Daily Mail leads on the prime minister’s plan to drastically reduce the size of the civil service.

Boris Johnson tells the paper the civil service is “swollen” after growing during the pandemic and says the cost of government must be cut, to reduce the cost of living. 

The Mail says slashing the number of jobs by a fifth would save about £3.5bn a year, freeing up resources for measures including tax cuts.

The paper’s editorial predicts intense opposition from Labour and unions, but says a bonfire of bureaucrats is long overdue. 

The Daily Telegraph highlights a call from the government’s former Brexit negotiator, Lord Frost, for Boris Johnson to do what he says is the “right thing” in tearing up the Northern Ireland Protocol on post-Brexit trading arrangements. 

In an article for the paper, Lord Frost says action is needed even if it means a confrontation with the EU. 

Graffiti opposing the Northern Ireland Protocol in a loyalist area of south Belfast

Spiralling tensions over the future of Northern Ireland have prompted the White House to despatch a team of congressmen for meetings in London, Dublin, Brussels and Belfast, according to the Guardian. 

The Daily Mirror, leading on yesterday’s fresh round of Westminster lockdown fines, says Downing Street is now the home of the UK’s worst Covid law-breakers

The paper reports that junior staff are “apoplectic” about being made to carry the can for Partygate and are preparing to take revenge on the prime minister by “revealing all” about his handling of the pandemic to the public inquiry due next year. 

The Times is among the papers to report that moon dust collected by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong has been used to grow plants for the first time – heralding what the paper calls a new era of lunar farming. 

Scientists added water and a solution of nutrients to a thimbleful of moon dust, the paper says. After planting a seed from a weed known as mouse-ear cress, shoots apparently emerged with green leaves. 

But the Guardian says the plants were stunted compared with those grown in volcanic ash, and showed signs of physiological distress. 

Buzz Aldrin on the moon

Several papers highlight an employment tribunal ruling that insulting a man for being bald is sexual harassment

After hearing a case between an electrician and the firm that dismissed him, three male judges are said to have noted their own lack of hair, as they concluded that insults about hair loss are also discriminatory, because baldness is more prevalent in men. 

“She’s Dame Debs” is the headline for the Sun, as it highlights the damehood being given to Deborah James, days after she revealed she’s receiving end-of-life care for bowel cancer. 

The paper says her heart-wrenching honesty inspired the nation – in particular Prince William – who the Sun says has been working hard behind the scenes to make sure she was given the honour. 

Deborah James tells the paper she’s blown away and that words can’t describe what it means for her family. 

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