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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Well people’s Boris is main headline with ‘ I Am The Leader Britain Needs ‘ but the party are ‘ Rallying Around To Remove Him ‘ sooner rather than later but as you know in ‘ politics ‘ anything can happen – watch this space folks

Kindness & Love XX says 🙏🙏’s for guidance in the UK and common – sense to prevail Amen

The Sunday Express front page 24 April 2022
The Sunday Express carries comments from Boris Johnson defending his premiership. According to the paper, the prime minister has highlighted 10 landmark measures due to become law in the next few days as proof that he is delivering for Britain. It reports Mr Johnson as saying: “Whether it be in response to Putin’s illegal invasion or our recovery from the pandemic, we are providing the leadership needed in challenging times.” It comes as the so-called Partygate scandal continues to loom over Downing Street, with MPs last week backing a Commons inquiry into whether the PM misled them.
The Observer front page 24 April 2022
But Mr Johnson should go sooner rather than later, according to senior Conservative MPs quoted by the Observer. A growing number of top Tory MPs are supporting the plan even without a clear and obvious successor, the paper reports. One former minister told the Observer: “There is now a feeling that we can’t defend what is going on and that we can’t delay any longer because of the succession or Ukraine. If we don’t act well before the party conference in October, it will be too late.”
The Sunday Times front page 24 April 2022
A Sunday Times investigation claims that Ukraine repeatedly asked to buy weapons from Britain for several years but was turned down by three successive prime ministers. According to the paper, Sir Michael Fallon, defence secretary under David Cameron and Theresa May, said he was approached by Kyiv wanting to buy arms, but was blocked in cabinet and had to say no. Ministers “felt extremely strongly that we should do nothing to further provoke Russia”, he is quoted as saying. His comments are echoed by two former cabinet ministers, the paper adds.
The Sunday People front page 24 April 2022
Meanwhile, the Sunday People says that Chancellor Rishi Sunak is in hot water again over plans to reportedly build a pool at his home. It could cost up to £13,000 a year to heat, according to the paper, which contrasts the chancellor’s luxury addition to his home with the country’s cost of living crisis.
The Sunday Telegraph front page 24 April 2022
In other ministerial news, Home Secretary Priti Patel has accused the BBC of exhibiting an undercurrent of xenophobia in its reporting of the government’s controversial immigration deal with Rwanda, according to the Sunday Telegraph. Ms Patel has given an interview to the paper, in which she criticises questions she was asked by BBC journalists. Under the scheme, people deemed to have entered the UK unlawfully will be flown to Rwanda, where they would be processed, and if successful, would have long-term accommodation in the African country. The government’s new policy has received criticism from opposition parties, Conservative MPs, religious leaders and the UN’s Refugee Agency.
The Sunday Mirror front page 24 April 2022
Elsewhere, P&O Ferries has been accused of sinking to what the Sunday Mirror calls a new low as it reports that the firm is trying to cut wages of cheap staff who replaced sacked crews. According to the paper, overseas agency workers hired to replace the nearly 800 staff who lost their jobs have claimed they were asked to sign new contracts on lower pay. The paper reports that sources close to the firm have denied trying to amend rates of pay.
The Daily Star Sunday front page 24 April 2022
And the Daily Star Sunday has an out-of-this-world front page as it interviews a woman who says she is living in fear after experiencing nine encounters with extra-terrestrials. “E.T. go home” is the paper’s headline.
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An investigation by the Sunday Times has, in the paper’s words, “laid bare the obfuscation, foot-dragging and failure at the heart of the British government to confront the threat posed by Russia” over the past seven years.

It claims that as prime minister, David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson all refused repeated requests from Ukraine to buy weapons from the UK because of fears about provoking Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

The paper’s leader column delivers a damning verdict on what it calls the failure of successive governments to grasp the danger posed by Moscow, noting that “the few voices who called for a more hawkish approach were sidelined in favour of a policy amounting to appeasement”.

The Sunday Express says Mr Johnson has delivered a full-throttled defence of his premiership amid what the paper describes as a firm belief in Downing Street that he can put the Partygate saga behind him.

It reports that Mr Johnson highlighted 10 landmark measures due to become law this week as proof that he is delivering for Britain.

But according to the Observer, plans to ditch the prime minister sooner rather than later are being advanced by a growing number of senior Conservatives.

It says there is mounting alarm amongst Tories at the effects Partygate could have on their electoral chances, prompting senior MPs to urge wavering colleagues to strike before it is too late.

A serviceman of the Luhansk People"s Republic holds a NLAW Swidish-UK made Light Anti-tank weapon
The UK has agreed to provide Ukraine with more military equipment, but the Sunday Times says Kyiv’s requests have been ignored for years

The home secretary has told the Sunday Telegraph that the BBC was guilty of xenophobia when reporting the government’s plan to send some asylum-seekers to Rwanda.

Priti Patel says she was taken aback by the tone of BBC journalists’ references to the African country when she announced the agreement 10 days ago.

The BBC says its journalists asked questions about the scheme.

Ms Patel also claims there were undercurrents of xenophobia in parliament – but she insists she remains fully behind the plans – and reveals she is now looking for other potential countries with which similar agreements could be struck. 

A renewed call by the government’s efficiency minister for civil servants to stop working at home is featured by the Mail on Sunday.

Writing in the paper, Jacob Rees-Mogg warns that public sector workers based in London could be sacked if they refuse to return to Whitehall, arguing “if people are not back in their office, it will be fair to assume the job does not need to be in London”.

His view is backed by the Mail’s leader column, which insists working from home is a bad habit that is ruining the economy.

With the headline, “Rishi in hot water again”, the Sunday People says the chancellor has angered voters for the second time in weeks, following the row about his wife’s tax affairs.

It reports that Rishi Sunak is planning to spend up to £13,000 a year heating his new swimming pool at his home in North Yorkshire.

The paper says that figure is six-and-a-half times the average annual energy bill for a family home and has sparked outrage amongst his constituents at a time of soaring gas prices.

Mr Sunak declined to comment.

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