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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Well peoples today continues with dialog over getting a peaceful solution to Ukraine – Russia War but its not just about PEACE nothing is further from the TRUTH and ALL sides are manipulating the situation for their ends with oil, weapons, food and anything else to MAKE MONEY remember this is the GOLDEN AGE for some NOT ALL more soon God Bless Amen 🙏🙏

The front page of The Times includes a picture of a Ukrainian fighter standing in a trench in full military garb and holding a rifle
The war in Ukraine continues to dominate the front pages, with The Times devoting its own to a report from Kyiv as the city braces itself for the arrival of Russian forces. Correspondent Richard Spencer writes that those residents who have stayed behind to mount a defence are relying on “trenches, sandbags, and relentless optimism”. The page includes a picture of a Ukrainian fighter standing in a trench in full military garb and holding a rifle.

The i also focuses on the assault soon expected to hit Kyiv. The paper says that Russian forces on the city’s outskirts are “systematically targeting people who try to escape siege or find food supplies, leaving the streets littered with corpses”. A picture shows a young man and an older man looking down a train station platform with pained expressions on their faces. The page also reports that Russian morale is thought to be waning after the death of a third major-general.

A picture of Marianna Podgurskaya holding her newborn baby leads the front page of the Daily Mirror beneath the headline: “Hope amid horror”. An earlier viral photo showed the 26-year-old still heavily pregnant and making her way out of a maternity hospital after it was shelled by Russian forces. Ms Podgurskaya is seen still bearing the cuts and bruises she suffered in the bombing, but the paper reports she was able to give birth to a healthy baby girl, named Veronika, safely.

The Guardian also features Ms Podgurskaya on its front page, but its lead story reports that French President Emmanuel Macron has criticised the UK for its treatment of Ukrainian refugees. Speaking at the end of a EU summit in Versailles, Mr Macron reportedly said the UK had brought additional misery to those fleeing the conflict by insisting visa applications to the UK are made in Paris and Brussels.

Moves by Western nations to cut trade ties with Russia are the subject of the Financial Times front page. The paper reports that the G7 countries have revoked Russia’s status as a “most-favoured nation”, which normally allows it to trade goods on preferential terms. It also reports the US President Joe Biden has warned Russia will pay a “severe price” should it use chemical weapons in Ukraine. A picture shows Ukrainian soldiers operating an artillery gun as the battle against Russian forces continues.

The Telegraph leads on a call by former foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt for a massive increase in Britain’s defence spending. Writing for the paper, Hunt said UK spending should rise to levels similar to those seen in the US, and that “peace comes from strength, not luck”. The paper also reports that an attempt by Poland to provide Ukraine with fighter jets via the US was vetoed by President Biden over fears it could lead to “World War Three”.

“Putin’s ‘Plot To Blackmail The World’,” reads the headline in the Express. The paper reports that Ukrainian spy chiefs are concerned the Russian president is planning to stage a “false flag” attack on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant so as to blame Ukraine for any fallout. It says the attack would be intended to “hold the world to ransom” and “stop the West halting his invasion”.

The Star’s front page features a picture of a rocket launch behind the headline: “Not Now North Korea & India!” The paper says that, “as the world goes to hell in a handcart”, North Korea has tested a new missile capable of hitting the US. It also reports on an incident on Wednesday in which India accidentally fired a missile into Pakistan.

The Daily Mail reports that the Queen has pulled out of a Commonwealth Day service scheduled for Monday and says the move has sparked “fresh fears for her health”. Prince Charles will reportedly attend the event, to be held at Westminster Abbey, in her place. The paper says the Queen is understood to be “extremely regretful” about missing what would have been her first public appearance since October.

The Royal Family also dominates the front page of The Sun, but with Prince Harry as the focus. The paper says the prince has declined to return to the UK from the US to attend a memorial service for his grandfather, Prince Philip, who died in April of last year. It says the prince felt “unsafe” returning to the event after losing his personal security detail.

The coming battle for Ukraine’s capital and the ongoing fallout dominates the headlines.

BBC News:

The headline on the front page of The Times reads: “Kyiv ready to face the onslaught“. A woman in army fatigues – a gun held across her body – is shown standing in a trench, dug by Ukrainian fighters. The paper says the city now awaits “the seemingly inevitable arrival of Russian tanks”.

The i’s front page is taken up by a picture of two men standing on a train station platform in Kyiv with pained expressions on their faces. The paper says the Russian military are “systematically targeting people” who try to escape the siege and that the streets on the city’s outskirts are “littered with corpses”.

EPA: People set up a barrier made out of sandbags in downtown Kyiv

President Putin could be developing a “plot to blackmail the world“, according to the Daily Express. The paper says Ukrainian spy chiefs suspect the Russian leader of planning a “false flag” attack on the Chernobyl nuclear site which he will then try to blame on Ukraine. It says the attack would be intended to “hold the world to ransom” and “stop the West halting his invasion”. 

A call for a “massive boost” in defence spending from former Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt leads the Daily Telegraph. Writing in the paper, Hunt declares: “Peace comes from strength, not luck”. But the paper also says it understands Chancellor Rishi Sunak is holding firm against calls for a rise in the defence budget.

The Guardian reports that French President Emmanuel Macron has savaged the UK government’s response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis. Speaking at the end of a EU summit in Versailles, Mr Macron reportedly said the UK had brought additional misery to those fleeing the conflict by insisting visa applications to the UK are made in Paris and Brussels. 

The front page of the Daily Mirror features the words “Hope amid horror” above a photo of a young Ukrainian woman who has safely given birth to a baby girl. The paper says Marianna Podgurskaya – who still has visible cuts and bruises on her face – had to flee from a bomb blast on her maternity ward in Mariupol two days ago.

There are “fresh fears” for the Queen’s health, says the Daily Mail. It comes after an announcement that the 95-year-old, who recently had Covid, will not be attending Monday’s Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey. The paper says the service has always been “so important” the Queen and that she is understood to be “extremely regretful” about missing it.

The Sun leads with criticism of Prince Harry’s decision not to travel from California for his grandfather’s memorial service at the end of this month. The prince has reportedly said he would feel “unsafe” making the journey after losing his personal security, but the paper calls it an “astonishing snub” to his family.

The sports sections continue to be dominated by Chelsea and the fallout from the sanctions imposed on the football club’s Russian owner, Roman Abramovich. The Telegraph says that Chelsea stars are exploring potential escape routes after company credit cards were frozen, while the Mirror reports that Chelsea’s manager, Thomas Tuchel, has talked of players being “frightened” about the future.

The i says that club officials have begged the government to ease financial curbs, while The Guardian says it’s the end of the “Abramovich era” but suggests that a fast sale of the club can “limit Chelsea’s woes”.

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