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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: ” Pray for Kyiv” is the headline for the Daily Mail, which says Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to reduce the Ukrainian capital to rubble. It pictures flames engulfing a TV tower in Kyiv which was hit by a Russian missile strike, killing five civilians.

i front page 02/03/22
The i front page is dominated by a picture of a Ukrainian street littered with debris and abandoned tanks, as it reports the capital is braced for mass bombardment. The Kremlin is now planning a “siege, starve and surrender” strategy, it quotes Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK as saying.

Moscow had warned civilians to leave Kyiv ahead of heavy aerial bombardment, the Times reports. It has raised fears the capital could come under the same “fierce assault” as the second city of Kharkiv, the paper says.

The Sun brands the attack “barbaric” and says it sparked “new outrage”. The paper highlights how the TV tower is near the site of the Babyn Yar Holocaust memorial, where 100,000 victims of the Nazis are buried.

The Telegraph says the strike sparked a plea from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for Western intervention to stop genocide in his country. “To the world: what is the point of saying ‘never again’ for 80 years, if the world stays silent when a bomb drops on the same site of Babyn Yar,” the paper quotes President Zelensky as saying.

The Daily Mirror pictures a defiant President Zelensky with his fist in the air as he declared to the European Parliament by video call: “Nobody will break us.” He warned the Russian president that Ukrainians would fight to the death, as Moscow’s forces close in on the capital, the paper reports.

“Blitzed… but never beaten” is the Daily Express’s take. It says the “menacing sight” of a column of Russian tanks approaching failed “to crush the spirit of fearless Ukrainians”.

Meanwhile, many are still trying to flee Kyiv as Russian forces edge closer to the capital, the Guardian reports. The paper’s correspondent there describes a “desperate rush” to leave by train, with a crowd of thousands on just one platform trying to secure a ride west.

The Daily Star’s front page brands President Putin a “coward” and a “war criminal”, saying he is “indiscriminately killing men, women and children” in Ukraine. Pointing to a young Ukrainian refugee, the paper says this will be the “real legacy” of the Russian president.

“Shunned by the world” is the headline for the Metro, which says United Nations diplomats showed their “contempt” for Russia by walking out of a conference as the Russian foreign minister blamed Ukraine for its invasion. More than 100 left the room as Sergei Lavrov spoke by video link at the Human Rights Council in Geneva – leaving only a handful of envoys from countries such as China, Syria and Venezuela, the paper reports.

As missile attacks on Ukrainian cities intensified, the Financial Times reports that China signalled it was ready to play a “peacemaker” role in finding a ceasefire. Beijing said it was “extremely concerned about the harm to civilians”. The FT describes this as a change of tone after China branded the US the “culprit” in the crisis ahead of the invasion.

The Telegraph says Ukraine’s president has “begged” the West to intervene to stop a genocide in his country, after a Russian missile struck a television tower close to the Holocaust memorial in Kyiv. The paper highlights a Twitter post by Volodymyr Zelensky, in which he warned of “history repeating”.

BBC News:

The Times says the memorial commemorates the deaths of more than 30,000 Jews who were shot by the Nazis in their assault on Kyiv in 1941. It quotes Britain’s ambassador to Ukraine, Melinda Simmons, who described the missile strike as “stark staring proof” of the “sickening hollowness” of President Putin’s claim that Russia was attempting to denazify its neighbour.

The Mail urges its readers to “pray for Kyiv” after Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that Mr Putin planned to reduce the capital “to rubble”. It says the Kremlin issued a “chilling warning” to the city’s three million residents – ordering them to leave or face bombardment. 

The Sun focuses on what it calls a “serpent of death” – the 40-mile convoy of Russian tanks, artillery and armoured vehicles snaking through Ukraine as it advances on Kyiv. 

The paper suggests the “terrifying force” is almost certain to fan out to encircle the city in the coming days “before blasting its way through civilian neighbourhoods in a bloody final push”. 

The Guardian highlights what it calls the “desperate rush” for the last train departing from Kyiv. Its reporting conveys the sense of panic at the railway station, noting the “piercing screams” of children as thousands of people surged forward to try to secure a “prized place” on a ride to safety. 

“Look at these faces,” one woman tells the paper. “They are exactly the same as in the photographs from World War Two, and it’s just five days. Can you imagine what will happen in a month?” 

The despair of those who failed to board the train is vividly described, including a woman who “leaned against a pillar, dejected, tears falling on the cat she was cradling in her arms”.

The Financial Times says China has signalled it is ready to play a role in finding a ceasefire in Ukraine. Beijing issued a statement on Tuesday saying it was “extremely concerned about the harm to civilians” – and the FT sees this as a “change in tone” after China previously described the US as the “culprit” in the crisis. 

The Times uses its leader column to urge President Xi to do more, arguing that in a world held together by bonds of trade and finance there is nothing to be gained by a return to a geopolitical order of polarised groupings. 

“It is within Mr Xi’s power to call Mr Putin to heel,” it says. “He should do so.”

Reuters: A TV tower in Kyiv was struck by a Russian missile on Tuesday

The front pages of the Express and the Mirror both feature the same image of Ukraine’s President Zelensky – raising his fist in what the Express calls “an act of strength and valour” as he addressed EU politicians via video-link yesterday. 

“Blitzed but never beaten,” says its headline. The Mirror says Mr Zelensky was “defiant” as he warned President Putin that Ukrainians would fight to the death against his forces, insisting “nobody will break us”.

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