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This just in from the cutting room floor 19/02/2022: 

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Well people is ALL about Carnage’ as ‘122mph storm batters Britain’ and continues into Saturday and how its ‘Once In A Lifetime Event’

The i weekend front page 19 February 2022
The fallout and damage wrought by Storm Eunice dominates Saturday’s front pages. A lighthouse nearly being engulfed by an enormous wave is the lead image on the front of the i weekend, with the headline “122mph storm batters Britain”. The high-speed gust on the Isle of Wight set a provisional record in England. The paper reports that three people in the UK were killed and several others seriously injured due to falling trees and flying debris.

A man was also killed in Ireland, and other parts of Europe saw more fatalities. The Guardian reports that the Met Office described the storm as the worst since the Burns Day storm 32 years ago in which 47 people died. Some 20 million people – about a third of the British population – were told to stay at home as two rare red warnings were issued, covering much of southern England, south Wales and London, the paper adds.

“Carnage” is the Daily Mirror’s headline, as the paper opts for a photo of high waves in Blackpool. The inset image on the front page is of London’s O2 missing a section of its roof – an image which several papers have chosen as their main photo. The paper adds that some 150,000 homes were left without power.

The Times ups that number as it estimates that more than 200,000 homes were without power in England and Wales as darkness fell on Friday night, with energy firms under pressure to quickly restore power. “Day of destruction” is the headline dominating the front page, with its lead image of the damaged O2 building. The London Fire Brigade declared a “major incident” after receiving 550 calls in two and a half hours, the paper adds.

The scenes at the O2 provide Daily Telegraph cartoonist Matt with inspiration. He depicts a couple forlornly looking into their garden saying: “We never visited the Dome, but now a bit of the Dome has visited us.” The paper’s lead story suggests that around the country, some power cuts could last 48 hours, and potentially even longer in more rural areas.

The cost of cleaning up the storm is expected to exceed £500m, the Daily Express reports. Its headline is “Battered by killer storm”.

The Daily Star refers to the rare weather event as the “wrath of Eunice”, accompanied by an image of a tree which has fallen on top of a car. It adds that dozens of planes struggled to land on Friday. The paper’s “thought for the day” strikes a more comic tone, asking “If anyone finds our wheelie bin, please let us know.”

Although Storm Eunice features on the Daily Mail front page, its lead story is an interview with the head of MI5, Ken McCallum, who has told the paper that the UK is in a “struggle” to protect its way of life. He warns that China and Russia are waging an all-encompassing “contest” for international supremacy, the paper says.

Finally, the FT Weekend leads with rising tensions in east Ukraine – a situation Russian President Vladimir Putin has blamed on Kyiv, the paper reports. It adds that the Kremlin has revealed plans for nuclear exercises to test ballistic and cruise missiles, which will be personally supervised by Mr Putin. And the US now estimates that Russian has amassed more than 169,000 troops at the Ukrainian border.

Most of the front pages choose the image of London’s O2 Arena – with part of its fabric roof shredded – to illustrate the damage caused by Storm #Eunice

BBC News:

“Blown Apart” is the headline in the Sun, which says more than 1,000 people had to be evacuated from the entertainment venue as huge pieces of its canopy came loose with an “almighty bang”.

Pictures of crushed cars, fallen power station chimneys and huge waves fill the inside of the Daily Express

It says the storm left a “terrifying trail of destruction”. It puts the potential repair bill at £500m. 

But government officials tell the Daily Telegraph that things could have been worse – and they are relieved Eunice did not cause significant coastal flooding.

The Environment Agency still has a small number of flood warnings in place, and is urging people to stay away from the coast.

Damage to the roof of the O2 Arena, in south east London, caused by Storm Eunice

Several papers consider whether climate change means ferocious storms like Eunice will become more common in future.

The i weekend thinks they might, as global warming increases the amount of rainfall that storms contain and raises sea levels.

One expert, Dr Friederike Otto from Imperial College London, believes violent storms will be a much more regular occurrence in the second half of this century as climate change increases winter wind speeds.

The Daily Mirror uses its editorial to call for a formal review of whether the UK is prepared for regular extreme weather events, but says the priority now should be to help communities rebuild.

Tree surgeons work to clear a fallen tree in Spencer Park, Battersea

The Daily Mail leads on an interview with the head of MI5, Ken McCallum, who claims the UK and other Western nations are in a “struggle” with “hostile states” like Russia and that threatens our way of life.

He suggests that his organisation is now routinely having to decide whether to prioritise home-grown terrorists or foreign spies, such is the threat posed by Russian and Chinese agents.

Mr McCallum also warns that the crisis in Ukraine could “unleash a wave of cyber-attacks” from Moscow, targeting UK organisations such as the NHS.

The new minister for Brexit opportunities, Jacob Rees-Mogg, tells the Times he wants to cut around 65,000 civil service roles in the next few years to bring Whitehall back to the size it was before the pandemic.

He says he will personally review all new vacant posts to see if they can be closed, and wants to re-evaluate the government’s network of arm’s length “quangos” to make sure taxpayers are getting value for money.

And most of the papers mention Jerry Dyer, who became an online smash yesterday as he broadcast hours of live, unfiltered footage of planes trying to land in strong crosswinds at Heathrow Airport.

The Guardian says at one point, 200,000 people were watching Big Jet TV as Mr Dyer “screeched with delight” any time a pilot pulled off a challenging landing.

The Daily Star also enjoyed his “hilarious” commentary, peppered with phrases such as “easy, easy” and “bosh!” – while some of his new fans have suggested holding future screenings in pubs.

And also ALL about Ukraine & Meeting of UN Security Council on Saturday with leaders discussing HOW to handle Russia

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