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Jan.27, 2022: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: “You’ve had your parties… now here is the bill” says the Metro. It quotes Met Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick, who has said police will look at any evidence uncovered in civil servant Sue Gray’s report that suggests lawbreaking by those who “knew or ought to have known what they were doing was an offence”.

Front page of the Financial Times
Most front pages on Wednesday report on an investigation launched by the Metropolitan Police into parties held at No 10 during the Covid pandemic. “Johnson gears up for survival fight as [Sue] Gray hastens to release findings” is the Financial Times’s lead. The paper reports that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is at the centre of the police investigation into gatherings. His spokesman has said the PM does not believe he has broken the law.

Sue Gray’s upcoming report into lockdown parties at Downing Street – and the Metropolitan Police’s investigation – are the focus for all the front pages.

BBC News: Staff:

The i also reports on the Scotland Yard investigation, adding that Sue Gray’s report could be released as early as Wednesday. It claims potential leadership rivals, Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, “have yet to make a public show of support for PM”.

The Guardian’s lead story also focuses on the latest developments to the lockdown parties saga. The paper says “Boris Johnson is braced for the most perilous 48 hours of his premiership”, as Sue Gray’s findings are expected to be published soon.

“Pressure on Johnson to release full Gray report” is the Daily Telegraph’s lead. It pictures Dame Cressida Dick, responsible for the Met investigation. Scotland Yard says its investigation should not stop the inquiry findings being published, the paper says.

The Times reports that photographs of Downing Street parties have been handed to Sue Gray, with some pictures including the prime minister. The paper also reports that Boris Johnson is preparing to publish Ms Gray’s report before making a statement to the Commons on Wednesday.

The Daily Mirror carries a full picture of Downing Street’s front door with the stark headline: “Number’s up PM.”

The Daily Star also refers to the pictures of Boris Johnson, which it says have been handed to Sue Gray.

Meanwhile, the Sun pictures a Met Police officer approaching No 10. The paper says Downing Street “is now a crime scene”.

Boris Johnson “backs police probe” reads the Daily Express, as the paper reports the prime minister is keen to “draw a line” under the “fiasco”. The paper also reports on Mr Johnson’s latest statement on the conflict between Western powers and Russia over Ukraine, quoting the UK’s pledge to send British troops if Russia invades.

In contrast to most front pages on Wednesday, the Daily Mail focuses on the latest developments in the conflict with Russia. The paper says the focus on broken Covid rules suggest that the UK has “lost all sense of proportion” and it should be more concerned about President Vladimir Putin taunting the West “with terrifying military displays”.

The Sun says No 10 is now a crime scene, with the headline, “Ello, ‘Ello, ‘Ello, BoJo”. The Daily Mirror has a photograph of a police officer in front of the door of No 10. It reports Sue Gray has seen pictures of Boris Johnson with wine bottles at gatherings. He is believed to have attended half a dozen of them, the Mirror says. ‘Number’s up, PM’, is its headline. 

A senior Conservative tells the Guardian that Scotland Yard’s criminal inquiry will be a “different ball game”, and that officials who did not tell Ms Gray the truth will “not hold back from the cops”. 

The Times claims Boris Johnson now faces a police interview over the gatherings, and would be the first sitting prime minister to experience this since Sir Tony Blair, when he was questioned as a witness in the 2006 cash for honours scandal. The paper expects Mr Johnson’s interview would be under caution if he was suspected of personally breaching the rules. It says that according to reports at the time, Sir Tony was clear that if he had been interviewed under caution, then he would have had to resign as prime minister.

The Daily Telegraph reports that ‘Operation Save Boris’ is in full swing. It says last night Mr Johnson saw more than a dozen Tory MPs for one-on-one meetings, aimed at winning their backing. A string of supportive MPs, it reports, claimed ousting Mr Johnson would “strengthen the hand” of Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who the paper says is seeking advantage from the standoff with Ukraine. Amid pressure from Tory MPs about the cost of living, the Telegraph adds that Downing Street’s insistence that April’s rise in national insurance is definitely going ahead has been watered down to a statement it has “no plans” to abandon it. 

The Financial Times says Mr Johnson is “gearing up for a survival fight”. One Tory MP tells the paper Mr Johnson “genuinely believes he’ll get out of this. His optimism is more than skin deep”.

The Daily Mail believes the UK has “lost all sense of proportion” over lockdown parties. Its leader column says that in strict legal terms, the offences the Met is looking into are “relatively trivial”; more akin to dropping some litter, or being late filing your tax return than “serious criminality”. 

Finally, the Guardian notes the authorities in Beijing have rewritten the climax of the 1999 cult classic, “Fight Club”. In the original, the narrator kills off his alter ego, and watches as buildings explode, conveying the message there’s a plan under way to bring down modern civilisation. But the Guardian reports that the Chinese ending has a black screen and a message saying the police figured out the plan, arrested all the criminals and prevented the bombing. In this new version, Brad Pitt’s character, Tyler, gets sent to a “lunatic asylum” for treatment. The paper reports that social media users in China are outraged.

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