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Jan.22, 2022: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: According to the Times, the Tory MPs who are accusing the government of blackmail say they have text messages and a secretly recorded conversation with the chief whip – and they’re considering publishing them. The papers says No 10 has denied the claims of blackmail. One member of the group of Tory rebels claims that a whip told them “you’re done” when they voted against the government last year.

Daily Mirror - 21 January
Several of Friday’s papers feature the accusations that Tory whips have been blackmailing MPs to support Boris Johnson. The Daily Mirror describes it as the “lowest of the low” as it reports that ex-Tory MP Christian Wakeford – who this week defected to Labour – was told he would lose funding for a new school in his constituency unless he voted against free school meals. The PM says he has “seen no evidence” of blackmail in his party.

Tory MPs retaliate in ‘blackmail storm’ The Guardian says there are at least five MPs who have expressed concern about the government making threats against them. It also reports that Mr Johnson is said to be increasingly convinced that he could see off a vote of no confidence. It says allies of the prime minister believe a vote is almost inevitable – but the rebels now have significant doubts whether they could defeat him.

The i newspaper says Mr Johnson’s position is “precarious” – reporting on a “Tory civil war” over his future. It has commissioned a poll that suggests 71% of the public think Mr Johnson will not survive until the next election. Meanwhile, former PM Theresa May is reportedly “enjoying” the plot but concerned by the chaos, her allies tell the paper.

After its front page yesterday described Mr Johnson as a “lame duck”, the Daily Star sent one of its reporters to Downing Street dressed as a duck. The paper says the prime minister “ducked out of a showdown” with the reporter and instead took flight to avoid a tough grilling.

The Metro calls the claims of blackmail “another political crisis” facing the prime minister. It quotes Conservative MP William Wragg who said suspected plotters were threatened with damaging press stories and funding cuts for constituency projects. Meanwhile, the paper’s main front page picture shows commuters at London’s Waterloo station as working from home guidance ended.

The return to offices also makes the front page of the Daily Mail, which reports that union leaders have “frustrated” Boris Johnson’s drive to get people back into offices. Mr Johnson said he wanted civil servants to set an example and has ordered ministers to make sure they resume “normal working” – but the Mail says unions are resisting, with the FDA union saying the world of work has “changed for good”.

The Daily Telegraph reports that some headteachers are insisting that pupils still wear face masks in the classroom – despite the official government guidance being changed. It says more than 100 schools have written to parents saying face coverings will continue. Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi said his department would contact schools that were refusing to scrap masks.

The cost of living crisis makes the front page of the Daily Express, which reports the chancellor is considering plans to give one-off payouts of ยฃ500 to millions of people to help with energy bills. Bills are expected to soar in April and then again in October, the paper says.

The top story for the Financial Times is on the latest tension between Ukraine and Russia. The FT reports on the “dismay” in Ukraine after US President Joe Biden suggested the West might react with a weaker response if Russia launched a “minor incursion”. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky hit back saying “there are no minor incursion”. The White House later issued a statement to play down Mr Biden’s comments and harden its warning to Russia, the FT adds.

BBC News: Staff:

The Times reports that Tory MPs who’ve accused government whips of “blackmailing” them are considering whether to publish texts and a recording of a “heated conversation” to back up their claims. 

One MP who wants Boris Johnson to go has told the Daily Telegraph that he’d like “the chief whip’s head on a spike”.

The backbenchers’ assertions about the threats are strongly disputed in the Telegraph by a source involved in the whipping operation, who calls for a “shred of evidence”.

The i newspaper declares that the prime minister’s position is “precarious”.

Its political editor suggests that Mr Johnson was never loved by his party but, while he was a winner, that didn’t matter. Now polls suggest a fall in his popularity the Conservatives may demand a new leader. 

But a cabinet minister says in the Guardian that Mr Johnson is increasingly confident that he would win in a vote of no confidence and calls the whipping row a “sideshow”.

Boris Johnson is facing down an attempt from some Tory MPs to oust him as leader

The Daily Mail insists that “the plot to unseat” him is “deflating faster than a punctured balloon”. 

The Telegraph describes head teachers as “defying” Mr Johnson by insisting children still wear masks in class, despite a change in the guidance. 

The Mail says that this has “angered parents”. The paper also reports that unions representing civil servants are at war with the prime minister over his call for Whitehall workers to return to work. 

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror questions the decision to relax the Covid rules, calling it “too much too soon,” while the Guardian accuses Mr Johnson of not following the science.

According to the Daily Express, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak, is considering offering millions of people on low incomes ยฃ500 to help them pay their rising energy bills. 

The Sun likens the grants to the direct payments made by Donald Trump during the Covid crisis.

The situation in Ukraine also features in several of Friday’s papers

On its front page, the Guardian examines US allegations that Moscow’s intelligence services are recruiting Ukrainian officials to take over the government in Kyiv and co-operate with an occupying Russian force. 

The claims, the paper suggests, indicate that Russia is preparing for a full-scale invasion. 

The Times says that according to defence sources, Britain is considering sending hundreds more troops to Ukraine’s Nato neighbours to act as a “deterrent”,

The Mirror reports that an SAS unit is on standby to rescue any UK officials in Ukraine, if Russia does carry out an attack. 

The Guardian’s columnist Simon Jenkins warns against British involvement in Ukraine, insisting the UK has no business there and would only push up gas prices and or even trigger a bigger conflict.

And finally, fur is flying says the Financial Times, because of a decision by the authorities in Hong Kong to cull more than 1,000 hamsters under its Covid restrictions. 

Volunteers have been rescuing the pets, signing petitions and even hiring private jets that cost more than $25,000 each (ยฃ18,395) to fly owners and their rodents out of the city.

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