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Jan.05, 2022: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: The i leads with how #COVID19 is affecting the #NHS, reporting that organisations representing medics are warning of a growing staffing crisis and calling for a more cautious approach on restrictions in England.

Several #NHS trusts have now declared “critical incidents”, with some maternity units closed and up to nine-hour waits for ambulances, according to the paper see increase of todays cases below:

Telegraph front page 04/01/22
The Daily Telegraph has an interview with the chairman of the government’s vaccine advisory group, who says fourth Covid jabs should not be offered until there is more evidence they are effective. Prof Sir Andrew Pollard, from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, tells the paper it is “not sustainable” to give boosters to the whole population every six months and in the future “we need to target the vulnerable”.

NHS staffing ‘crisis’ and are focusing on the pressure on the NHS, the Guardian says health leaders are warning that many parts of the service are now “in a state of crisis”. However, the prime minister has ruled out the introduction of new restrictions for now, the paper reports.

BBC News: Staff:

The Times focuses on Boris Johnson’s warning that hospitals in England will still face “considerable” pressure over the next few weeks. However, it quotes a government minister as saying London, the centre of the UK’s Omicron outbreak, may already be past the peak of its wave.

The Daily Mail warns of “chaos” for commuters and pupils as they return after the Christmas holidays, as the millions of people stuck in self-isolation will include many teachers and transport workers. Children returning to school risk being turned away at the gates if their teachers test positive for the virus, while employees face possible last-minute rail cancellations due to train staff being off work, the paper says.

The Daily Express is more upbeat, quoting the prime minister as saying the country is in a far better position because of its high vaccination rates. While he warns it is “absolute folly” to say the pandemic is ending, Mr Johnson stresses Omicron is “considerably milder” than previous variants.

And ‘secret’ Epstein deal: Pictures of the Duke of York feature on many of the front pages and he makes the lead story for the Daily Mirror. The paper reports on the deal that Virginia Giuffre, who has accused Prince Andrew of sexual assault, struck with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. It says Prince Andrew – who denies the allegations – hopes the settlement will cause the civil case against him to collapse because of an agreement not to sue anyone connected to Epstein that could be described as a “potential defendant”.

A headline in the Metro describes the legal move as “Duke’s final throw of the dice”. However, the paper’s lead story focuses on the challenges facing millions of families this year, who may be forced to choose between heating or eating as energy bills rise. Experts predict the average annual bill could surge 46% to ยฃ1,865 when the energy price cap lifts in April, then pass ยฃ2,000 with a 20% rise at the next review in August, the paper reports.

The Financial Times reports that Apple has become the first company to achieve a market value of $3tn. The iPhone and Mac computer maker has benefited from extra demand during the pandemic from employees upgrading their home offices, according to the paper.

The Daily Star has a story about space travel, reporting warnings from an expert that astronauts could turn cannibal if things go wrong during the exploration of Mars. Needing to illustrate this dire warning, the paper opts for a mocked-up picture of Silence of the Lambs actor Sir Anthony Hopkins in a space suit and continues the theme in its thought for the day – “Best pack a nice chianti and some fava beans”.

“Duke’s final throw of the dice,” is Metro’s take on the deal Prince Andrew thinks may cause his civil sexual abuse lawsuit in the US to be thrown out. 

The 2009 settlement signed by Virginia Guiffre and Jeffrey Epstein covered the billionaire and anyone connected to him who could be described as a “potential defendant”. 

The document will be central to a hearing in US this afternoon. 

The Sun calls it Andrew’s “D-Day”, while the Daily Telegraph points outthat if his lawyers fail to stop the case, he faces a lengthy deposition process that “could involve close members of his family”. Prince Andrew vehemently denies Ms Guiffre’s claims. 

Virginia Roberts

Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell in 2001

There are contrasting tones about the state of the pandemic on many of the front pages. “We’re on the right track to beat the virus” is the Daily Express headline, as it focuses on the prime minister’s vow to stick to his Plan B restrictions in England for now. 

But the i lays bare the pressure on the NHS, with maternity wards shut due to staffing shortages and people in the east of England being forced to wait more than nine hours for an ambulance. 

The Guardian adds that hospitals in north-east England and Yorkshire are now reporting the fastest growth in Covid patients.

The Daily Mail highlights what it calls the wider “Covid chaos” of a million Britons being stuck in isolation. 

It warns children could be turned away from the school gates if their teacher tests positive, while commuters may face last minute train cancellations. Operators including Avanti West Coast and Cross Country have already introduced reduced timetables. 

According to the Daily Star, rubbish has been left to pile up outside homes in Richmond in south-west London, while councils in areas including Manchester, Essex and Somerset have scaled back or suspended bin collections.

The Daily Telegraph has learnt that the mayor of London is planning to end the prosecution of young people caught with cannabis, as part of attempts to decriminalise drugs in the capital. 

Sadiq Khan’s plan would involve under-25s being offered speeding awareness-style courses or counselling instead of arrest. The trial is expected to begin in the boroughs of Lewisham, Bexley and Greenwich later this year. 

The lead for the Financial Times is Apple’s brief spell as the first publicly traded company to be valued at $3tn, when its total share value temporarily topped that mark. One analyst suggests the firm’s appeal for investors is based around a belief that it will follow Tesla into the automotive industry in the next five years. 

The paper notes that there is also a “bullish outlook” for Apple because of its “ballooning, high-margin” services business that has severed its dependence on iPhone replacements. 

And finally, several papers feature pictures of a group of people who queued for more than 24 hours to secure a beach hut at Avon Beach in Christchurch in Dorset. 

The Times reports that by the time the administration office began taking bookings at 08:00 yesterday morning more than 40 people were waiting. 

The Daily Star describes cabins as a “hut ticket”, while the Guardian wonders whether those who waited for more than a day in the cold and rain are now suffering from “cabin fever”.

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