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Dec.22, 2021: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: PM Boris Says changes before Christmas Day maybe needed but backbenchers and his own cabinet are opposed WHO would want to be Prime Minister NOW Kindness & Love❤️ says do what is in your ❤️ Boris and not what ministers with investment in businesses WANT as #COVID19 cases rise again see below:

” Confusion at Christmas” is the Daily Telegraph’s headline, as it says the prime minister is being urged to give clarity over Covid rules. The paper draws a contrast with Nicola Sturgeon who said she had “no intention” of making last-minute changes in Scotland.

The i
Many of the papers focus on government discussions over whether to impose further Covid restrictions in response to the Omicron variant. The I headlines on “Christmas lockdown blocked by Johnson and cabinet” as it says that ministers demanded more data on the impact of Omicron during an emergency meeting. It says Prime Minister Boris Johnson is unlikely to impose restrictions before 25 December, but the paper understands that missing statistics about the severity of the variant will be available before then.

BBC News: Staff:

The Financial Times says Boris Johnson “faces cabinet deadlock” over more Covid curbs before Christmas. The paper says the PM faced a “wave of cabinet opposition” to new restrictions which have forced him to shelve decisions including a potential post-Christmas “circuit breaker” until ministers have seen new data.

The Guardian says that a cabinet split means “no extra curbs – for now”. But it says Boris Johnson has warned further measures remain on the table with Omicron data being monitored “hour by hour”. The paper says Health Secretary Sajid Javid and Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries were among those pushing for swift action but Chancellor Rishi Sunak, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi are said to be holding out for more evidence.

The Times says that “Christmas hopes grow as Johnson delays action”. But it says a circuit breaker – banning household mixing – is being considered for 28 December. It quotes leader of the Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg who said that the government should trust people to make the right decisions, rather than imposing more restrictions.

The Daily Mail goes even further saying “Rejoice! Xmas is looking safe”. Cabinet sources say it is “almost certain” no new restrictions – which would have “ruined Christmas” – will be imposed before the big day, the paper reports.

The Daily Mirror takes a different angle on Covid as it says the Queen is preparing for a “quiet Xmas” as she cancels her traditional trip to Sandringham to stay in Windsor for the festivities. Pictures of the monarch feature on several of Tuesday’s front pages.

“Hold on to your baubles” is the Sun’s take on the situation as it says anxious families and businesses have been left in limbo. It says while the prime minister has warned there could be new curbs at any moment and the Queen has called off her family do, the Premier League will play on. But it says there is a “ray of hope” as booster jabs hit the million-a-day target.

The Daily Express tells Boris Johnson “you can’t cancel Christmas” as it refers to a poll which shows the majority of 14,000 of the paper’s readers would ignore emergency rules for festive gatherings.

The Metro focuses on the picture of Boris Johnson and his staff in the garden at Downing Street during lockdown, which emerged in Monday’s Guardian. It uses the headline “Raab’s tailor made excuse” referring to the deputy prime minister’s defence of the prime minister in which he said no rules were broken arguing: “It’s a place of work. They’re all in suits.”

The Daily Star has a typically cheeky take on the story as it provides readers with a “government-endorsed cut-out-and-keep work meeting cheeseboard” to avoid future lockdowns with.

“Rejoice! Christmas is looking safe” exclaims the Daily Mail – as it praises ministers for defying “gloomy scientists” by refusing to back “punitive” new lockdown measures in England which it says would have “ruined Christmas”

But the Sun is not so confident. It says anxious families and businesses have been left in “crimbo limbo” after Boris Johnson warned he could slap Covid restrictions on Christmas at any moment. 

A poll of Daily Express readers suggests that even if curbs on festive gatherings were to be introduced just over half of people would ignore them.

The i understands that the chancellor and the foreign secretary led the calls at Monday’s cabinet meeting for more data to be made availablebefore agreeing on fresh restrictions.

In the eyes of the Sun, Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are the “santas” of the situation, whereas ministers believed to have called for tougher measures – such as Sajid Javid and Michael Gove – are the “scrooges”.

Restaurants and pubs are asking for clarity on new restrictions, according to the Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph highlights demands for clarity over possible new Covid rules – including from Conservative MPs. The Tory backbencher, Dehenna Davison, told the paper pubs and restaurants have been asking her if they should place orders, and people have been questioning whether they should postpone their wedding for the fifth time. 

Government sources have told the Times it is now highly unlikely that extra measures will be introduced before Christmas – but that a two-week ban on household mixing from the 28 December is being considered. 

The Guardian explains that the parliamentary authorities are preparing for the possibility of MPs being recalled on the same date for a vote on any new rules.

The Scottish version of the Times leads on Nicola Sturgeon’s confirmation that Scotland will see no further restrictions before the 25th

But the paper points out that the rules may still be tightened before Hogmanay. The Scottish Daly Mail reports that more than 2.5 million Scots have now had their Covid booster jab as part of a huge national effort to prevent another lockdown.

The Queen will not be visiting Sandringham this Christmas

Many of the front pages feature photographs of the Queen, after she cancelled her traditional Christmas plans at Sandringham. The Daily Mirror says her “decisive move” is in “sharp contrast” to what it calls Mr Johnson’s “dithering”.

The Guardian reports that a Cabinet Office inquiry into alleged government parties in breach of Covid rules could be expanded after it published a photo showing Boris Johnson and his staff in the Downing Street garden with bottles of wine and a cheeseboard during the first lockdown. 

The Metro describes the deputy prime minister, Dominic Raab’s, insistence that it was not a social gathering because people were in suits as a “tailor made excuse”

The Daily Star cheekily offers its readers a “game-changing” “cut-out-and-keep work meeting cheeseboard”, which it says is guaranteed to help you bend future lockdown rules.

And, the Matt cartoon on the front of the Telegraph makes light of England losing the second Ashes test by 275 runs. It depicts a meeting of scientists on the SAGE advisory committee – with the caption “We did some modelling on possible outcomes in the Test cricket. The result was even worse than we predicted”.

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