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Dec.19, 2021: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here’s Newspaper Headlines: Cases of #COVID19 with Omicron Variant over 10,000 and cases to OVER 90,000 today with more measures requested by Sage to prevent NHS being overrun see below:

Front page of The Times
Cabinet Secretary Simon Case is the focus of most of today’s front pages. The Times says that the Downing Street parties inquiry is “in disarray” after Mr Case stepped aside from his role in the investigation.

Fresh #Omicron fears see below ……

The Mirror writes that “they were all at it”, alluding to the involvement of members of government in the breach of coronavirus restrictions during lockdown last year. It says that Simon Case “quit over his own team’s bash”. Ahead of the Strictly Come Dancing final later, the paper suggests that “Rose scents victory”.

BBC News: Staff:

No 10 inquiry ‘in disarray’

The Guardian reckons that Boris Johnson is “on notice” over his handling of government and – unless the prime minister “cleans up his act” – he could be “gone within a year”.

The Daily Telegraph’s assessment is that the prime minister’s “bid to move on from poll rout is derailed by fresh leaks”. In light of the recent by-election defeat and concerns raised about the No 10 parties inquiry, the paper is pessimistic about Mr Johnson’s position.

The Daily Express leads with a strong message of support for the prime minister. It reports that the Tories have been told Mr Johnson is “the only leader with the “courage” to see the UK through tough times. The paper’s assessment is: “Down but not out! Why we must put faith in Boris”. The paper also pictures actor Rose Ayling-Ellis and her professional dance partner, Giovanni Pernice.

Some of today’s front pages report on the spread of the new Covid-19 variant across the UK. The i’s lead story reports that Omicron infections are now “out of control”. It says that, in contrast with the Delta variant, there is twice the risk of infecting another household member if you are infected with Omicron. The UK’s four nations are to hold a Cobra meeting this weekend.

The Financial Times reports that, according to experts, infections from Omicron could lead to “a large number of people requiring hospitalisation”. The paper pictures Boris Johnson, suggesting that he is “on probation” following the North Shropshire by-election defeat.

Amid the rise in Covid infections in the UK, “Now cut the 10-day rule” is the Daily Mail’s lead. The paper reports that Covid isolation rules must be relaxed to a seven-day quarantine, instead of the current mandate for 10 days of isolation.

The Daily Star’s front page is slightly more festive. The paper reports that it is “odds-on for snow on Dec 25” and it headlines “white xmask”, alluding to the return of compulsory masks in some settings across the UK.

Most front pages feature the decision by Simon Case to recuse himself from leading the investigation into Downing Street lockdown parties, after it emerged an event was held in his own office. 

The Times says the UK’s top civil servant has been “forced out”, leaving the inquiry in “disarray”, and Number Ten “plunged into greater turmoil”. 

“They were all at it”, claims the Mirror. The Telegraph suggests the revelation has “undermined” attempts by Boris Johnson to move on from the by-election defeat suffered by the Conservatives in North Shropshire. But the Daily Express continues to back the prime minister, insisting he is “Down But Not Out”.

That Mail criticises what it calls Number Ten’s “disturbingly amateurish operation”

Many of the leader columns make grim reading for Mr Johnson as they assess the scale of Thursday’s stunning defeat. The Guardian describes it as a “bombshell”, and it suggests tactical anti-Conservative voting is “now playing an increasingly important role” in politics. The Sun acknowledges the Lib Dem victory was the “predictable” result of illicit parties and other scandals, but the paper insists “it is what happens when you are seen to have ditched core Tory policies”, including low tax and crackdowns on illegal immigration. 

The Mail urges the prime minister to learn lessons from what it calls the “brutal beating”. “He’s 100 per cent wrong”, it says, to blame voters for being distracted by lurid headlines. “The problems lie firmly inside Number Ten, with its disturbingly amateurish operation”. 

According to the Telegraph, health officials have abandoned the modelling that led the government to claim there were 200,000 Omicron infections a day, because people are taking more precautions. The paper says a memo – “published quietly” on Friday by the UK Health and Security Agency – says it is now wrong to assume that Omicron cases are doubling every two days, as increased mask wearing and working from home are slowing the spread. 

The Times claims government scientists are “becoming increasingly gloomy” about the coming weeks, prompting ministers to draw up plans for a circuit breaker after Christmas which would see people in England banned from meeting others indoors for a fortnight.

“Cut The 10-Day Rule”, says the Mail. The paper highlights demands by some health experts and business leaders for quarantine to be relaxed to end what they are calling “lockdown by stealth”. The paper reports that there are fears Britain could grind to a halt as self-isolation brings chaos to schools, hospitals and the economy. The Mail says there are calls for the quarantine period to be shortened to seven days, or to end even sooner for people who test negative. 

The Financial Times notes that researchers have warned there is “no evidence” that Omicron is milder than other Covid-19 variants. It says Chancellor Rishi Sunak will spend the weekend considering whether to offer new financial support to pubs and restaurants suffering a collapse in business as people cancel Christmas plans.

The chief executive of Ryanair has told the Times there is “blind panic” in the UK over Omicron. This panic is driven by what he calls “inept” political leadership that is not replicated in the rest of Europe. Michael O’Leary is described as “frustrated” following 20 months of travel restrictions. He argues that unvaccinated people should face increasing curbs on their freedoms, including a ban from international travel. “If you tell someone under the age of 30 they can’t get into a pub they’d get vaccinated pretty damn quickly”, he says.

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