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Dec.07, 2021: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Whistleblower says that U.K. Government strategy to evacuate Afghans lacked direction and Dominic Rabb who was Minister at the time says …checking peoples identity was what took the time but we did evacuate 15,000 people in short amount of time …..this is another TRUE OR False story that will never get to the truth more soon l am sure …

Guardian front page 7 December 2021
A former diplomat has said “red tape chaos” in the UK’s withdrawal from Afghanistan left tens of thousands of people unable to access help, the Guardian reports. Raphael Marshall claimed “bureaucratic chaos” in the Foreign Office led to Afghans “being left to die at the hands of the Taliban”, the paper says. The government says staff “worked tirelessly” to evacuate more than 15,000 people over two weeks.

Second Report: Experts have warned the #Omicron variant is set to become the dominant strain of #COVID19 in the UK within weeks, the Times is reporting. Cases of the variant are doubling every three days, as scientist have become “increasingly confident” #Omicron is more transmissible than the #Delta strain currently dominant see figures below:

BBC News: Staff:

The Daily Mail is also leading on the controversial withdrawal, focusing on the testimony that a “work from home” culture in Whitehall contributed to the deaths of Afghan people. The paper says the whistleblower claims he was sometimes the only person working on dealing with thousands of people “desperate to flee the Taliban”.

The i paper also leads with a story about the spread of Omicron, instead focusing on the government’s insistence that stricter Covid rules – known as Plan B – will not be needed before Christmas. It says ministers are refusing to consider introducing these measures unless the variant turns out to be more dangerous than Delta, even if a rapid rise in Omicron cases is experienced.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph leads on the rollout of Covid booster vaccines, which it describes as being at a “standstill”. The paper says the effort over the weekend led to fewer people being given third jabs in England than before the government called for the rollout to be accelerated last week.

Meanwhile, a government “cover up” over the Grenfell Tower disaster is leading in the Daily Mirror. The paper reports that the fire risk from the cladding on the outside of the building was “covered up for years by ministers”, the inquiry into the disaster heard on Monday.

The Daily Express is reporting on a warning from the Bank of England that price rises “will bite even harder” in the new year. Inflation is set to rise “comfortably” above 5% next spring once the cap on energy bills is lifted by regulators, the paper says.

Moving away from the UK, the Financial Times is reporting US regulators increasing their scrutiny of a company being used to take Donald Trump’s “non-woke” entertainment group public. The Securities and Exchange Commission is evaluating a company created specially for this purpose, after concerns were raised about so-called blank-cheque company listings being used to evade regulation, the paper says.

The Metro is leading with the allegations that professional golfer Thorbjorn Olesen sexually assaulted a woman on a plane in 2019. A court heard that the Danish golfer also allegedly pushed a cabin crew member and urinated on another passenger’s seat after waking up, the papers reports. Olesen has denied the charges.

And finally, “Grape expectations” is the headline in the Daily Star, reporting on a study that an injection made from the fruit “could extend life by up to a decade”. The paper adds the “boffins” who made the discovery may have solved the “mystery of eternal youth”.

Both the Guardian and the Daily Mail are leading on the Foreign Office whistleblower’s claim that fewer than 5% of Afghans who sent emails pleading to be evacuated during the Taliban takeover received any help from the UK. 

The Mail says across 39 pages of devastating evidence, Raphael Marshall lays bare the extraordinary shambles at the heart of the Foreign Office after Kabul fell to the Taliban. “Afghans killed as Whitehall worked from home”, is its headline. 

The Guardian says the testimony will raise fresh questions about Dominic Raab’s leadership of the department – and not just during his absence on holiday.

According to the Telegraph, fears have been raised of further restrictions over Christmas unless the pace of booster jabs in England increases. It reports that data show the number of boosters given at the weekend was lower than the previous weekend. A blame game has begun in Whitehall over the speed of the rollout, while sources have told the paper the UK Health Security Agency – run by Dr Jenny Harries – is responsible for delays.

The i paper reports that a rise in cases of the Omicron variant of Covid is inevitable, but that won’t be enough to convince ministers to bring in new measures before Christmas. However, the paper adds, further restrictions would be introduced if laboratory data and evidence from South Africa prove the new variant is significantly more dangerous than Delta.

The Times is reporting that Boris Johnson has held talks with US President Joe Biden and other Western leaders to agree a package of sanctions against Russia if it invades Ukraine. According to the paper, the White House fears that Russian President Vladimir Putin believes he has a moment of opportunity to act because he sees the US and UK focusing on the pandemic, France in the throes of an election and Germany changing leader.

For its lead, the Sun says Prince Harry has been mocked for telling anyone who’s unhappy at work to quit. In an interview in the US, the Prince praised workers who left their jobs because it didn’t bring them joy – saying people who put their mental health and happiness first should be celebrated. However, the paper says he’s been accused of talking nonsense and spouting out-of-touch advice.

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