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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Its with sadness today of the this post and the ‘ Appalling Cruelty’ by two people who have Friday been sentenced with the stepmother of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes jailed for life with a minimum term of 29 years for starving, poisoning and then murdering the six-year-old boy read Coventry Crown Court Full Report here but be aware of some of the graphic descriptions …Tears

Dec.04, 2021: @acenewsservices

Front page of the Daily Telegraph
Most of today’s papers lead with the case of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, a six-year-old boy who was tortured, poisoned and eventually beaten to death in Solihull. On Thursday his stepmother was convicted of murder and his father found guilty of manslaughter, and they will be sentenced later on Friday. The Daily Telegraph headlines the story: “A bruise for every day of lockdown”.

That 2 jabs and a booster vaccine study results boost hopes of protection but more needs to be known with cases rising to around 50,000 per day ….

BBC News: Staff:

The Sun headlines with “did they learn nothing from Baby P?” referring to the case of another young boy who was killed after suffering several injuries in 2007.

The Daily Mail asks “why didn’t they save Arthur?”. The paper reports that social workers and the police are facing questions, saying they missed “so many signs he was being tortured by his father and stepmother… until it was too late”. It pictures Emma Tustin, the stepmother found guilty of murder, and Arthur’s father Thomas Hughes, who was found guilty of manslaughter.

The Guardian pictures young Arthur, calling what happened to the six-year-old “appalling cruelty”. Its main story is on the cut in funding from the Labour Party’s biggest union backer, Unite. Unite decided to cut the funding because, according to its general secretary, “Labour needs to talk about workers and defend communities”.

The Times headlines with “jab results boost hopes of beating Omicron”, reporting that a recent study has shown that booster jabs “massively” strengthen the body’s defences against Covid. The paper reports that, according to the long-awaited results of the trial, booster doses of the Covid vaccine tripled levels of T-cells – which are an important part of the immune system and it could be a critical weapon against the Omicron strain of the virus. The paper also pictures Arthur, and captions the picture with “torture trial”.

The Daily Express also pictures the young boy, Arthur, who was mistreated by his dad and stepmother. It says “Little Arthur. The boy who never stood a chance”. The paper’s main story reports that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has dismissed “doom-monger” calls to cancel Christmas because of Covid.

The Daily Mirror headlines with a “message to the Tories”, stating that they should “make up your mind up on Christmas”. The paper reports that there is confusion and chaos over how people are expected to behave during the Christmas holidays. This confusion, the paper claims, is due to ministers contradicting each other over party advice.

The Metro headlines with “maskless forced to pay up”. It reports that according to Transport for London, 152 passengers were fined, a further 125 were kicked off services and 5,100 people were reminded to cover their faces by TfL staff on the first day of a crackdown on masks. It comes after face coverings were made mandatory on public transport in England.

The i reports that the British public’s use of the NHS Covid app has dropped sharply since the summer “pingdemic”. It suggests that this finding prompts concerns that the UK does not have the infrastructure in place to help slow down any surge in cases from the new variant, Omicron.

The Financial Times leads with a story on Saudi Arabia’s new agreement to raise oil supplies after a charm offensive by Biden administration officials. It also reports on the UK government’s attempt to recoup an estimated £5bn stolen during the pandemic via the Covid loan scheme for small businesses. According to a new report by the National Audit Office, the initiative by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is “inadequate”.

And the Daily Star reports on a Santa Claus “shortage”. It says that individuals taking on the role of playing Santa earning up to £100 after a “shortage rocked Britain”.

Many of the front pages feature a smiling photograph of six-year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, who died in Solihull last year after a catalogue of abuse by his father and stepmother. 

The Mirror describes Emma Tustin and Thomas Hughes, who are due to be sentenced later today for murder and manslaughter respectively, as “beyond evil”. 

The Mail says social workers, police and teachers face “damning questions” over missed opportunities to stop the child’s death. 

The paper asks “Why didn’t they save Arthur?”. The Sun has a similar take, with the headline “Did they learn nothing from Baby P?” . The paper compares the tragic case to that of Peter Connelly, who died in London in 2007 after suffering more than 50 injuries.

Jurors held a minute’s silence for Arthur Labinjo-Hughes after they returned their verdicts

The Unite union decided to cut its political donations. In an exclusive interview to mark her first 100 days in the job, the organisation’s new general secretary, Sharon Graham, said Unite would still pay £1m in affiliation fees to Labour, but that other money would be better spent on union campaigns. 

The Financial Times reports that Saudi Arabia has agreed to keep increasing monthly crude oil production, after a “charm offensive” by the United States, where prices at fuel pumps have soared. 

The paper says a high-level American delegation held talks in the kingdom this week, signalling a shift in Washington’s approach to relations with Riyadh.

“Jab results boost hopes of beating Omicron” is the upbeat headline on the front of the Times. The paper reports on the outcome of the British trial, which it says “underpins” the decision to press ahead with a mass Covid booster campaign. 

But the i newspaper is concerned that a sharp drop in the number of people using the NHS Covid app could leave an opening in the UK’s armour against the new variant. 

It points to health service data, which shows that far fewer people are being “pinged” now than they were in the summer, despite infection rates remaining at high levels.

The Metro reports that a crackdown on passengers failing to wear masks on public transport in London saw 152 people fined £200 in one day. It says another 125 were “kicked off” the city’s Tube, bus and rail network for refusing to follow the new rules, which came into force in England this week.

The Mirror complains of “chaos and confusion” after ministers appeared to give conflicting advice about whether parties should be going ahead this festive season. “Make your mind up on Christmas” is the paper’s plea. 

The Daily Express, meanwhile, is happy to go with the prime minister’s view that people shouldn’t be cancelling any plans. “Boris blasts bah humbug cancel Xmas brigade” is the headline there. 

And the Times says government departments have been cancelling their parties despite Boris Johnson’s assertion. In a play on words with the name of the new Omicron Covid variant, the paper calls the situation a “Christmas party omi-shambles”.

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