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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: The Daily Mail urges ministers to “stop being Christmas killjoys”. It reports that ministers are facing backlash from the hospitality sector following the health secretary’s recommendation to party-goers that they should take lateral flow tests first. It reports that one Tory cabinet minister, Therese Coffey, said that there “shouldn’t be much snogging under the mistletoe” more soon folks…..

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Front page of the Metro 02/12/2021
Most of today’s front pages focus on Covid restrictions and government guidance over the Christmas period. The Metro headlines with “let it flow, let it flow, let it flow”, a pun on the health secretary’s recommendation that people should test regularly using lateral flow devices during Christmas festivities – particularly before attending large gatherings.

Dec.03, 2021: @acenewsservices

The i newspaper leads with the government’s announcement that more booster jabs of the Covid-19 vaccine have been ordered to last until 2023, as the UK buys a further 114 million doses.

BBC News: Staff:

The Daily Telegraph also leads with the report that the UK government has purchased enough booster doses to last two more winters and protect the country against emerging variants.

The Times headlines with “fourth jab to fight variants”, in light of the recent announcement about the new doses being ordered. It also reports on French President Emmanuel Macron privately calling Boris Johnson a “clown” and “knucklehead”, which comes following last week’s row between the two countries over the Channel crossings.

The Guardian leads with GPs potentially being asked to stop monitoring millions of vulnerable patients to ease up their workload so they can help with the booster jab drive. It also pictures Johanna Konta as she announces her retirement from her 16-year-long career.

The Daily Mirror reports there has been ‘”no apology, no shame” from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, following its story yesterday claiming that there had been Christmas parties in No 10 during lockdown last year. The paper pictures Prime Minister Boris Johnson and reports that No 10 had a Christmas gathering the day before harsher Covid restrictions were imposed. These tougher restrictions meant many families had to cancel Christmas plans and were not able to see each other over the holidays, it adds.

The Daily Express headlines with “not all gloom and doom”, it reports that “hopes were raised” following the announcement by some virologists that Omicron cases are mild and vaccines should work and give protection against the new variant.

The Financial Times leads with the US delaying a deal to remove tariffs on British steel from the Trump era. It also pictures anti-abortion protesters outside the US Supreme Court with signs that read “leftists, feminist, atheist, vegan, pro-life” and “pro-woman, pro-science, pro-life”.

The Daily Star’s main story reports that having a beard means you are three times less likely to carry MRSA – a type of bacteria resistant to several widely used antibiotics and which is often called a “superbug”.

The Daily Telegraph is among those reporting on the UK’s new vaccine deal with Moderna and Pfizer, which it says will be enough for two more rounds of booster jabs. It adds that the deal suggests that boosters could be offered for years to come. 

The Times describes the deal as having been “rushed through”. It puts the likely cost of more than 100 million doses, which can be tailored against variants of the Covid-19 virus, at £2bn. 

Both papers also devote part of their front pages to reports from France that Emmanuel Macron has privately dismissed Boris Johnson as a “clown in charge of a circus” and a “knucklehead”. Quoting a French satirical magazine, The Telegraph says the French president claimed to aides that Mr Johnson had admitted “creating phoney wars” against the French, because he had to “cater to his public opinion” to mask Brexit difficulties. 

Using the same source, The Times says Mr Macron spoke out to a small group of advisers after the row over cross-Channel migrants. Anglo-French relations were described as “the worst since Waterloo”.

A senior UK government source tells the Times “the prime minister continues to be a staunch advocate for the strength of the UK-French relationship”.

The Guardian has a warning about the possible impact for patients if GPs focus on the latest Covid booster drive. It says talks are taking place to allow family doctors to halt the regular monitoring of millions of people with underlying health problems, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. 

The paper says ministers and NHS England want to free up more GP time so they can increase delivery of vaccines – to counter the threat of the new variant, Omicron. 

The i newspaper adds that vaccine scientists are poised to make a decision, by Christmas, on whether to give the jab to five to 11 year-olds. 

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The Daily Mirror follows up its story about parties at No 10 last year, which it claims breached lockdown rules at the time

The front page mentions “booze, nibbles and party games” and above a picture of Boris Johnson is the caption “No apology. No shame”. 

The paper says the PM failed to deny that the events took place three times yesterday. It has spoken to relatives of Covid victims, who are described as “furious”, with the prime minister’s behaviour. Boris Johnson has insisted that no rules were broken. 

The row at Downing Street has not stopped other papers wanting to get into the party mood. 

The Daily Mail headline is a plea to ministers to “stop being Christmas killjoys”

It says the hospitality industry is angry at suggestions party-goers should consider wearing a mask and reports that office Christmas parties are already being postponed. The article includes a quote from Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey saying that there “shouldn’t be much snogging under the mistletoe”

The Metro features the advice of Health Secretary Sajid Javid, who said people could enjoy festive socialising if they took a Covid test first

Its front page declares “Let it Flow, Let it Flow, Let it Flow.” 

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