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Nov.29, 2021: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: UK Mandatory face masks and now three cases of #Omicron as the world prepares for OMEGA and fears Santa becoming SATAN for this festive season

Front page of the Sunday Telegraph
Most of today’s papers focus on the two newly identified cases of the Omicron variant in the UK and a return of some anti-Covid measures in England as a result. The Sunday Telegraph is one of many papers that feature a front page picture of Boris Johnson at a hastily-called Downing Street news conference where he delivered the news.

By BBC News: Staff:

The Sunday Mirror reports the news conference with a more critical tone. Its headline says “Mask up.. even you, Boris”. The paper says it hopes the prime minister will follow his own rules, including an inset of a previous front page showing the PM going mask-free in a public place.

The Daily Star illustrates the Covid announcements with a picture of a face mask with the headline “The mask is back”. Like the Mirror it alludes to previous occasions when the PM went without one and says: “Bozo may not like wearing masks but he’s ruled they will be compulsory.”

The Sunday Express also leads with the announcement that masks will be required in shops and on public transport. It says that Mr Johnson tightened these rules to “save Christmas”.

The Sunday People leads with the headline “Beat mutant virus to save Christmas”. Elsewhere on its front page it pictures Frankie Bridge and Snoochie Shy, both wearing several layers of clothing to keep warm and dry on the set of ITV’s I’m A Celebrity – which has been beset by weather problems because of Storm Arwen. As the paper puts it ,”Well this never happened in the jungle”.

The Mail on Sunday tackles the latest Covid developments with a different angle. It headlines “Now the woke ‘blob’ tries to ban Christmas”. The paper reveals it has seen emails that show civil servants blocked the use of the word “Christmas” – because of fears it would offend minorities – in a planned publicity blitz that aimed to encourage students to get tested for Covid before returning to their families this December.


There is a starkly different look to the Observer today, for a reason. It squeezes Covid news into the bottom half of its front page, so that it can give more room to properly show a picture of a mum and three children, who all drowned in the English Channel during the week. The picture and the story are set against a sombre black background.

The Sunday Times also combines Covid news – focusing on Christmas fears – with the touching testimony from a survivor of the Channel disaster last Wednesday. The 21-year-old sent a voice message to his mother reassuring her and asking her to “pray for me”.

The Daily Star declares “the mask is back,” to be used – it says – as a “weapon” against the “scary variant.” The Sun on Sunday hails what it calls a “Merry Christ-mask.” 

The Sunday Mirror – which has previously objected to the prime minister not wearing a face covering – demands in its headline, “Mask up… even you, Boris!”. This is a point echoed by the Sunday People, which urges people to follow the rules even if, its editorial claims, “the Prime Minister can’t.” 

The Sunday Express is one of several papers to speak about the need to save Christmas. The Sunday Times suggests the “holiday plans for millions” have been thrown into doubt

The Observer focuses on the prime minister’s confidence that Christmas this year would be better than last.

The name given to the new variant, Omicron, sounds to the Mirror like a Marvel Superhero or an oven cleaner. The Sunday Telegraph says the World Health Organisation skipped two letters of the Greek alphabetwhen labelling the variant to avoid stigmatising the Chinese President by using Xi, which precedes Omicron. 

The Mail on Sunday says critics have accused the World Health Organization of running scared of the Chinese communist party, and question its ability to hold it accountable for any pandemics. 

Tragic details are revealed about some of the 27 people who drowned after their dinghy sank in the Channel. A mother and her three children – one of them just seven-years-old – who all died, are pictured on the front of the Observer. Their father, who remained in Iraqi Kurdistan for his job, explains he’d not heard from them since they said they were getting on a boat. 

The Mirror reports that a 31-year-old man called Mohamed Aziz phoned a friend to say “the engine isn’t powerful enough – I don’t know if we’re going to make it.” Only two people survived. The brother of one of the survivors tells the Times it was a miracle, given that he couldn’t swim.

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According to the Sun, the migrant crisis has created a “civil war” within the cabinet. Some are said to blame Home Secretary Priti Patel for not doing more and suggest that Boris Johnson has lost confidence in her, a claim that number 10 denies. 

Writing in the the Sun, Ms Patel says that she has been working for two years to fix the asylum system, which she says is “broken.” But she adds, there is “no silver bullet that will provide all the answers overnight”.

The Express pays tribute to Stephen Sondheim, saying he “made musicals… into a serious art form”. A West End producer and close friend, Cameron Mackintosh, tells the Telegraph that at the time of his death the composer-lyricist was working on what he called his “most virile and inventive” work yet. He had spent 90 minutes on the phone with him last Sunday working through the score of his new musical.

The Sunday Times asks the vexed question of whether it’s more environmentally friendly to have a plastic Christmas tree or a real one. It seems your carbon foot-print could be smaller, if you reuse the artificial tree for a decade. But, warns the Times, if you’re partial to a whole stilton, your indulgence will cost forty times as much carbon.

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