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#AceDailyNews says here’s today Newspaper Headlines: #Omicron known as OMEGA as in the ALPHA & OMEGA VARIANTS or the Beginning & The End is already in the UK’ with two cases

Front page of the i
Most of today’s papers focus on the new Covid variant “Omicron”. The i’s lead story – headlined “UK battling to hold back ‘Omicron” – reports that England’s Test and Trace service is in a race against time to find thousands of people who arrived into the UK having recently spent time in one of the countries where cases of the variant have already been identified.

NOW it stokes fear over Christmas with PM Giving another Conference today Saturday heres briefly what was said video below:

Nov.28, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News: Staff:

The Daily Mirror strikes a more pessimistic tone with what it labels a “pandemic bombshell”. Its headline “Covid variant ‘already in the UK'” reflects the fears expressed by some scientists about what they call Covid’s “worst ever” variant.

“Keep calm & don’t let new Covid ruin Xmas” is the front page advice from the Daily Mail, which strikes a positive tone, quoting experts who believe the existing Covid vaccines will protect people from this new variant.

The Daily Express appears to be in the pessimistic camp on the Omicron news, both warning of the fears that the “super-strain” is already in the UK and then adding that it is a “threat to Xmas”. And handily for today’s edition, its weekend columnist Richard Madeley is out of ITV’s I’m A Celebrity show just in time to give the paper an exclusive that he found the show was “brilliant”.

The Guardian reports that there is a growing alarm in Europe as the new Covid variant spreads in the continent. It reports that scientists are warning the new variant, which was detected in Belgium yesterday, will “inevitably reach Britain”. The paper also reports on the red alert issued by the Met Office for Storm Arwen.

The Financial Times reports on a “dash to safety” on stocks and oil prices as a result of the latest news on the new Covid variant. It reports that oil prices and global stocks were hit by their “hardest falls” in more than a year following the discovery of the new coronavirus variant.

The Daily Telegraph leads with England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty saying that the Delta variant remains of greater concern to the UK than the new Omicron variant. The paper also finds room on its front page for a vibrant picture of a happy young engaged couple with flowers, but with the sombre note that the woman pictured – Maryam Nuri Mohamed Amin – has become the first victim to be named from this week’s mass drowning in the English Channel.

The same photo also features on the front page of the Times with the caption detailing how she had travelled from Iraq Kurdistan to join her fiance in Britain. Unlike the other papers. the Times also leads on the issue, saying that UK has warned France “it must get back to the negotiating table” to find a way to prevent more lives being lost.

The Daily Star leads with a story on Jamie Oliver not being able to make toast, based on the detail that smoke alarms at his house triggered the fire brigade. Ever helpful, the paper offers an “exclusive guide to making toast” on its inside pages.

The Sun reports on an intruder sparking panic on the I’m A Celebrity set yesterday in Gwrych Castle in Wales, on a day when Storm Arwen had also disrupted broadcasting plans.

The risks posed by the Omicron Covid variant are weighed up on almost all of the front pages. The Daily Mirror says some scientists fear it may already be in the UK, while others think it’s a matter of “buying time” before it gets here. 

“New variant is threat to Christmas” is the headline on the front of the Daily Express, which highlights comments from some health experts who think we need to prepare for new curbs on our freedoms in the weeks and months ahead…

The Daily Mail is determined to send a different message with its front page, which urges readers to “Keep calm and don’t let new Covid ruin Christmas”. The paper says health chiefs don’t think there is any “plausible scenario” under which the country will find itself “back to square one”. It points out in its editorial that “even the notoriously lugubrious Professor Chris Whitty” has sought to “calm apocalyptic warnings” and urges Boris Johnson to “keep his head and face down the shroud-wavers demanding fresh curbs.” 

Professor Whitty’s comments are also seized upon by the Daily Telegraph, which says he believes Delta remains the principal variant we need to concern ourselves with between now and Christmas. The paper says Professor Whitty has made clear that his “greatest worry” is that the public would not support further restrictions if they were brought in.

Writing in the Guardian, the former prime minister Gordon Brown says the blame for the emergence of Omicron lies with global leaders who have failed to ensure vaccines are given to the poorest countries. He says 100 million jab doses will pass their use-by dates in December – being destroyed when they could have been used to save lives and prevent future mutations. 

Several papers print the same image showing the first named victim of Wednesday’s Channel migrant disaster. Maryam Nuri Mohammed Amin – a 24-year-old Iraqi-Kurd – is pictured in a blue dress, smiling alongside her fiance.  The Times says the government has told France that its decision to disinvite the UK from talks on tackling the migrant issue will cost more lives. The paper says Mr Johnson’s decision to publish a letter to President Macron about the issue on Twitter has caused “an extraordinary diplomatic spat”. A UK governmnent source tells the paper: “We need to fix this. We can’t have kids dying in the Channel every week.” 

The Sun doesn’t hide its distain for Mr Macron – describing him as “Le Muppet” and a “naive, puerile poser” elected to a job “far beyond his competence”.

The Daily Telegraph reports on a study that suggests a dog owners’ sense of smell may be almost as good as that of their pooch. Researchers in the Czech Republic found almost all owners were able to recognise their pet by smell alone. The owners were asked to smell jars containing gauze pads which had been soaked with dog body odour. 90% of them got the right answer – with those who admitted to not bathing their pets being the most likely to guess correctly.

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