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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Today Ministers and scientists are described as being “deeply concerned” by the new #COVID19 development, the Times reports. It quotes a senior airline source as describing the news as a “hammer blow” for the travel industry……as cases of coronavirus continue to rise with over 50,000 on Friday see below …..

The Guardian 26 November 2021
Flights from several southern African countries will be banned from 12:00 GMT on Friday after scientists raised the alarm over a new coronavirus variant, the Guardian reports. The paper says there are fears the variant is “the worst… yet identified”. No cases have been found in the UK so far, the paper notes.

The paper’s main picture is of a group of migrants it says have not been seen since a dinghy capsized in the Channel on Wednesday….

Other news today centres on migrants that keep crossing with NCA arrests of 18 of the traffickers with Metro’s main headline as it reports reaction to Wednesday’s Channel tragedy, in which 27 people died. The paper says desperate migrants say they are still prepared to risk their lives for a better life in the UK. It quotes one man from Iraq as saying: “You only have one life.”

Nov.27, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News: Staff:

British troops will patrol French beaches in a united effort by both countries to tackle migrant crossings, says the Daily Express. Home Secretary Priti Patel will head to Paris this weekend to “thrash out” an agreement, the paper adds.

The Daily Mirror pictures what it describes as a “flimsy” dinghy of the type used by people smuggling gangs for crossings across the Channel. “The DIY death boats” is its headline.

The husband of an Iraqi-Kurdish woman has told the Daily Telegraph he fears she drowned during Wednesday’s incident in the Channel. Maryam Nuri is believed by her family to be among the 27 dead, the paper says.

People from Sudan, Iraq, Eritrea, Iran, Afghanistan and Somalia tell the i newspaper they remain determined to reach the UK from Calais. “I know the risk. This is my only way to reach England,” the headline says.

Fears of an “exodus” of stars from the I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here castle lead the Sun. The paper says panicking ITV bosses are worried the sudden departure of presenter Richard Madeley on medical grounds could spark more exits from the Welsh castle.

The Daily Star says a photograph of Madonna showing the pop star face down with her legs sticking out from under a bed has sent the internet “into meltdown”. The paper’s thought for the day? “Just imagine the dust and toffee wrappers under that bed.”

Coverage of the English Channel migrant crisis continues to dominate the front pages. 

The Daily Telegraph leads with powerful quotes from the husband of one of the people believed to have died on Wednesday, saying he was tracking her progress from Calais via GPS before her signal disappeared. 

An image of a young migrant who arrived in Dover yesterday is on the front page of the Metro – alongside the headline “We Just Want To Live Like You”. 

The Daily Mirror focuses on a picture of the type of dinghy some migrants are being given by traffickers, calling them “DIY Death Boats”. The paper claims criminal gangs are building their own vessels from plywood, PVC and gaffer tape because of a shortage of inflatable boats in shops in northern France.

The Financial Times believes the UK and France are playing a “blame game” over who was responsible, adding that strained relationships between the countries are hindering efforts to find a solution. 

The countries have started a “united effort”, according to the Daily Express, which will see British troops allowed to patrol French beaches, despite public statements from Paris resisting that. 

The Daily Mail reports the arrangement could start as early as Monday if permission is granted by President Macron, who has so far refused to approve the plan. 

It is recruitment problems at the Home Office that are fuelling the problem, says the i paper. It claims the home secretary is struggling to find somebody to fill a key position aimed at fixing border issues, saying that high staff turnover at the department is being fuelled by a “toxic” culture. 

and number of variants increasing see below ….

New variant

The tightening of travel restrictions following the discovery of a new Covid variant in Africa features in many papers. A Whitehall source tells the Guardian the possibility of it being resistant to antibodies makes it “a potentially significant threat to the vaccine programme”. The Times quotes a senior airline source, who calls it a “hammer blow” for the travel industry.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet Secretary, Simon Case, has used a letter in the Times to acknowledge that the government lacks the skills needed to address the challenges it faces. 

The UK’s most senior civil servant sets out some of the measures he’s taking to address the problem, including reforming Whitehall training schemes and increasing the number of private sector secondments. 

A scientist in the US has discovered a genetic trait in giant tortoises that could explain their long life spans – and revolutionise the treatment of cancer, according to the Daily Star. 

It reports that the biologist Vincent Lynch from the University of Buffalo has discovered the animals have unique genes which duplicate cells associated with longevity while destroying ones that could become cancerous. 

Mr Lynch also seeks to reassure people worried that his research may lead to them being injected with reptilian genetic material – saying it’s hoped drugs will be developed that mimic the process instead.

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