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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: The Daily Telegraph reports that #NHS workers will not be forced to have the #COVID19 jab this winter, under plans being considered by ministers: The paper has been told compulsory vaccinations are expected to be announced next week but the rules will not be enforced until the end of March – despite warnings over rising cases.

i front page 04/11/21
Several of the front pages lead with the news that Conservative MPs have voted to back a review of standards investigations – putting a former minister’s suspension on hold. Their colleague Owen Paterson was found by a report to have breached lobbying rules but will avoid punishment for now. The i says the Tories have “ripped up” Parliament’s anti-sleaze rules by backing the amendment to overhaul the way MPs’ behaviour is policed.

Nov.05, 2021: @acenewsservices

The Express leads with warnings from Prof Jonathan Van-Tam: On its front page, the Daily Express picks up on comments made on Wednesday by England’s deputy chief medical officer, Prof Jonathan Van-Tam.: He warned that the pandemic was not over yet, saying Christmas and the winter months could potentially be “problematic”. The paper urges readers to heed carefully what he’s saying. “Let us do what we can to protect ourselves and everyone else,” it concludes.

BBC News: Staff:

The Guardian says Boris Johnson threw the government’s weight behind protecting Mr Paterson – but scores of Tory MPs refused to back the move. Describing it as a “day of extraordinary drama”, the paper reports that MPs voted by 250 to 232 in support of the amendment.

“The sleazy way out” is the headline for the Metro, which says Boris Johnson has been accused of “wallowing in sleaze”. As the result of the vote was announced, Labour MPs shouted “shame”, the paper reports.

The Daily Mail also brands the Tory MPs who voted down the suspension “shameless”. “So now we know the lengths to which a venal political class will go to protect its own,” is the paper’s scathing reaction, as it accuses them of conspiring “to demean our democracy”.

The Times quotes one Tory MP who rebelled against the government as saying it was a “colossal misjudgement” by the prime minister to whip his MPs to support the motion. However, Mr Paterson, who has denied breaking the rules, said he welcomed the opportunity to clear his name.

The Daily Mirror leads with another story criticising Mr Johnson – this time for flying back from the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow by private jet. Labour have accused him of “staggering hypocrisy”, the paper reports.

The Daily Express carries calls from Jonathan Van-Tam for people to be cautious to help protect lives and save Christmas. England’s deputy chief medical officer says taking up booster jabs and wearing masks will be “vital” to get the country through winter.

The Financial Times reports that the US central bank will begin scaling back its $120bn stimulus programme this month. The paper describes the decision as “a critical milestone for a US economy” as it recovers from the pandemic and deals with surging inflation.

The Sun says Countdown presenters Anne Robinson and Rachel Riley are embroiled in a “toxic fued”, after Robinson had her co-star’s microphone muted because she was being “too loud” with contestants before filming. But Riley says she has been silenced, the paper reports.

The Daily Star has a story about astronauts being told they couldn’t go to the toilet on their rocket because it was out of order. “Houston, wee have a problem”, is the paper’s headline.

The Daily Mail’s lead is “MPs sink back into sleaze”. It refers to moves to change Parliament’s disciplinary system in response to a report recommending the suspension of Conservative MP Owen Paterson. 

The Mail has a front page editorial which begins: “Now we know the lengths to which a venal political class will go to protect its own.”

The Guardian has the same story on its front page, under the headline: “PM accused of corruption as rules on sleaze torn up”. 

Its opinion column concludes: “This is an insidious rot that weakens the foundations of democracy, eating away at public confidence and spreading suspicion of the motives that lead people to seek election.”

The Times has spoken to several Conservative MPs who aren’t happy about the government’s handling of the situation. 

One – Kevin Hollinrake – says: “It just looks wrong for the powerful to be able to change the system when they get a judgment they don’t like.” The paper reports that some Tories view Boris Johnson’s support for Wednesday’s amendment as a “colossal misjudgement”.

On the HuffPost UK website there is the headline: “Shouts of ‘shame’ as MP’s suspension dropped”. It has a quote from Tory peer Lord Barwell saying: “I can understand my former colleagues feeling compassion for Owen, but this is a terrible decision.”

House of Commons: Owen Paterson watched on in the Commons as MPs debated whether to suspend him

The Mirror’s lead is “PM’s flying shame”. It says Boris Johnson returned to London from the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow on a private jet, to have dinner with a friend, “after telling world leaders to crack down on CO2 emissions”. 

The paper’s leader says the move shows “contempt for the vital cause of saving the planet”. But Mr Johnson’s spokesman responds by saying: “It is important that the prime minister is able to move around the country, and we faced significant time constraints. The fuel we use for the flight is sustainable and the emissions are offset.”

The Telegraph reports that ministers are considering not forcing NHS workers to have the Covid jab this winter. It says this is despite warnings from scientists that rising cases could ultimately lead to greater restrictions. 

In its opinion column, the Telegraph argues that if health care staff are not being immediately required to be vaccinated, then it would be “wrong to impose additional constraints on the rest of us who have had jabs”.

Finally, the Sun focuses on a new art exhibit at Hampton Court Palace in London, which is raising money for the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal. 

It is an army of 125 life-size silhouettes of soldiers, made out of scrap metal, that have been placed in one of the palace gardens. They are the work of the artist Dan Barton. 

The headline is: “I’ve made our fallen heroes stand tall again”. 

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