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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Last chance’ to save Earth, are the Guardians #COP26 news calling it the Beginning Of The End for the #ClimateCrisis sounds great BUT read a post from #AceDailyNews that tells about who sponsors this Glasgow Summit on Nov.01 read here this will not see #PeopleB4Profit BUT #ProfitB4People thats our capitalistic world of the RICH getting Richer and poor will become Poorer time for God to intervene into human history….

The Guardian front page 30 October 2021
The Guardian joins several other papers to lead with the imminent climate talks in Glasgow this weekend. COP26 must “mark the beginning of the end of climate change”, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said. World leaders are preparing to gather at Sunday’s summit, but the PM said “too many countries are still doing too little”. “Humanity, civilisation, society, can go backwards as well as forwards, and when things start to go wrong they can go wrong at extraordinary speed,” Mr Johnson added.

Oct.31, 2021: @acenewsservices

Carrying a similar message, the i weekend’s front page is dominated by a quote from the PM, with the headline “Last chance to save the planet”. Mr Johnson spoke to the paper about COP26, the pandemic and the economy. On the climate summit, the PM said: “It will be incredibly difficult to get a resultโ€ฆ There has been progress and there are big commitments.”However, China has seemingly rebuffed Mr Johnson’s pleas to do more on climate change, the Times reports. Mr Johnson has said he held a “long talk” with China President Xi Jinping over the phone on Friday. The paper reports that although Beijing said it would stop paying for coal power plants to be built overseas last month, little improvement has been made on the climate targets it set in 2016. Mr Johnson said he tried to convince President Xi to agree to reaching peak emissions five years earlier than the 2030 commitment, but the Chinese leader had not firmly agreed, the paper adds.

By BBC News: Staff:

Elsewhere, a photo of the Prince of Wales dominates the front of the Daily Express as the heir to the throne speaks about the climate, saying it is “critical” that we change the way we live.In another story dominating the papers, French Prime Minister Jean Castex has written to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen urging EU allies to back a hard-line stance against Britain in the growing fish war, the Daily Telegraph reports. Mr Castex said that the EU had to make clear that “leaving the union is more damaging than remaining in it”. France and the UK are engaged in a dispute over how many French fishing boats are allowed to fish in UK waters, with tensions growing since the UK and Jersey denied fishing licences to dozens of French boats last month. The paper says a senior government source “expressed astonishment” that Paris was openly saying Britain should be punished for Brexit.French President Emmanuel Macron has given an interview to the FT Weekend, in which he issues a warning to the British PM that the UK’s international reputation is on trial. His comments come amid growing tensions and Brexit disputes concerning fishing rights. Mr Macron said that for Mr Johnson and his government the issues were a “test of their credibility”. There are also growing disputes between the UK and EU on the Northern Ireland protocol which covers post-Brexit trade on the island of Ireland.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail leads with the Queen being told by doctors to rest for two weeks and cancel all public engagements. The paper joins several others to feature the news prominently on their front pages. The paper says the 95-year-old monarch will be confined to “light, desk-based” duties only. Royal aides have insisted that the Queen is in “good spirits”, but the Mail notes that it will be one of the longest, most significant absences for the royal as a result of ill health…….The Daily Mirror also leads with the Queen being told to slow down for the next couple of weeks. She will miss the Festival of Remembrance event, but has said she will be at the Cenotaph a day later, the paper says. The Mirror quotes a source who said doctors would need a “strong case to stop her going”.And the Daily Star claims that spoon bender Uri Geller has been told by the CIA that he is genuine.

Many of the front pages express concern about the Queen after doctors advised her to rest for two weeks.

The Daily Mirror describes the development as a “royal health shock”. 

The Times says she has pulled out of one of the key events in her calendar, the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall – but says it is still her “firm intention” to attend the Remembrance Sunday commemorations at the Cenotaph, the following day. 

The Daily Mail says that, while royal aides have stressed that her medical team are simply taking sensible precautions, the latest announcement is unlikely to calm public anxiety about her health. 

The Daily Express is a little more upbeat, suggesting: “As many of us know, a fortnight off can work wonders.”

The papers report a two-pronged French attack on the British government, as the row over post-Brexit fishing rights continues. 

The Daily Telegraph says French Prime Minister Jean Castex has warned that the UK must be shown that leaving the EU is more damaging than remaining in it. 

The Sun says the president’s “sabre-rattling deputy” has appealed to EU member states to unite in their opposition to the UK, in what it calls “a jaw-dropping threat”.

And in an interview with the Financial Times, the French president himself says the Brexit issues of fishing rights and Northern Ireland represent a test of Boris Johnson’s credibility. 

He says the UK has spent years negotiating a treaty, only to do the opposite of what was decided. 

But according to the Times, the UK believes it is France that is breaking the Brexit deal. 

It says the Brexit minister Lord Frost has warned that Britain could take legal action if France goes through with its threat of imposing extra checks on lorries. 

The Times says China has dealt a fresh blow to hopes of a climate deal at the COP26 summit, which begins tomorrow.

It quotes Mr Johnson as saying President Xi would not commit to bringing forward his target date for peak carbon emissions from 2030 to 2025. 

A leading climate researcher, Johan Rockstrรถm, tells the Guardian that COP26 cannot be like other political negotiations. 

“A rise of 1.5 degrees is not an arbitrary number, it is not a political number. It is a planetary boundary,” he argues. 

The Daily Mail warns that the public will not be prepared to make seismic shifts in their lives, if they think their sacrifices are in vain, making it essential that whatever agreements are thrashed out in Glasgow, the big polluters, like China, are on board. 

Recalling the Terminator actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comments yesterday about how it is possible to combine green changes with economic success, the Sun says Mr Johnson will have to show an “Arnie-style muscular vision of planet-saving prosperity, so we can say ‘Hasta La Vista’ to pollution.”

“Fright night” is the “i” paper’s take on Emma Raducanu’s straight-sets quarter-finals defeat at the Transylvanian Open last night. 

Just weeks after the papers celebrated the British tennis star’s unexpected US Open title, the Daily Telegraph describes how her “error-strewn and at times disengaged” performance saw her “blown away” in less than an hour. 

The Daily Mail says she got a battering. 

The Sun notes that she felt “tired and lethargic”. 

The Mirror quotes her saying it is time for a holiday.

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