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June.17, 2021: @acenewsservices

Newspaper headlines: ‘No green light to jab kids’ and Met police are “Rotten to the Core” is the headline on the front of the Daily Mail,which says the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick is “fighting for survival” after being criticised over the unsolved murder of the private investigator Daniel Morgan: The paper says the publication of a report accusing the Met of “decades of cover-up, incompetence and corruption” represented a shameful day for policing: Its associate editor, Stephen Wright, says this latest fiasco for Dame Cressida proves she’s not up to the job and has to go.

Daily Telegraph front page
The Daily Telegraph claims government ministers will be advised against starting to vaccinate children until scientists obtain more data on the risks. It says experts from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation are expected to recommend not vaccinating under-18s “in the immediate future”.

BBC News: Staff:

A different vaccination story makes the front of the Guardian, which says Covid jabs are to be made mandatory for care home staff in England – and could also be extended to cover all NHS staff: The paper says the plans will give those working with adults 16 weeks to get vaccinated or lose their jobs. It describes the move as a “controversial measure” that will set up a battle with staff in both services:

The same story is the lead in the Times, which says the move comes amid concerns about take-up of vaccines in some parts of the country: The paper also quotes a government source as saying the prime minister had personally backed the plan:

The Metro splashes on the promise from the NHS England boss that all over-18s in England should be able to book a first Covid vaccine by the end of the week: Sir Simon Stevens is also quoted as saying that only 1% of hospital beds in the country were occupied by Covid patients, with the vaccine programme helping to flip the average age from older to younger people – who have better outcomes:

“Mental health crisis as NHS patients are turned away” is the headline in the i newspaper, which claims a “controversial” scheme has been used to withhold treatment from people who frequently demand help from the emergency services: An NHS whistleblower tells the paper he had to refuse care to a woman who attempted suicide on multiple occasions:

The Daily Mirror says its campaign to have defibrillators in all public places has received the backing of former football Fabrice Muamba, who had a cardiac arrest during a match – like Christian Eriksen: The former Bolton player has called for defibrillators to be put at all sport venues, schools and workplaces, it says:

Met Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick is fighting for her job, claims the Daily Mail, after the force was branded institutionally corrupt in a report over its handling of the unsolved murder of Daniel Morgan – a private investigator who was killed in 1987: Under the headline “Rotten to the core”, the paper describes it as a “shameful day” for the Met Police:

Britain celebrated a “fantastic Brexit boost” after securing a trade deal with Australia, according to the Daily Express: The paper carries the PM’s claims that the deal will unleash the full power of global Britain and boost UK firms by £1bn a year:

The chancellor will have to spend up to £4bn more on pensioners from next year if he keeps to the Conservatives’ “triple lock pledge”, reports the Financial Times: The triple lock ensures state pensions rise annually by the highest out of average earning growth, inflation or 2.5%. The paper says anomalies in wage data pushed the headline growth rate of average earnings up to 5.6% in April, adding that in July that rate will rise to about 8%

“Ab drab Britain”, declares the headline in the Sun, which leads on quotes from comedy star Jennifer Saunders saying she would not get away with making her sitcom Absolutely Fabulous in “today’s woke era”. “It’s not a crime to have an opinion,” says the 62-year-old.

And TV illusionist Uri Geller makes the front of the Daily Star after claiming he will help Scotland beat England on Friday: The paper quips that he is “wracked with kilt” after taking credit for England’s win in the same fixture at Euro 96. At the time, he claimed he used psychic energy to slightly move the ball as Gary McAllister stepped up for a penalty against David Seaman at Wembley Stadium:

The Guardian calls it a “travesty of public service” that the Met has been branded “institutionally corrupt”, more than 20 years after being described as “institutionally racist” by the Macpherson Report.

Several papers pick up on comments made by the Leader of the Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg, about the delay to fully lifting lockdown restrictions in England. 

Mr Rees-Mogg told a podcast on the Conservative Home website that you shouldn’t “run society purely to stop the hospitals being full” – adding that “the NHS is there to serve the British people,” rather than the other way around. 

The Times says that with “discomfort over the plan spreading beyond the hardcore of lockdown sceptics”, the prime minister is working to convince moderate MPs to vote in favour of his plan to extend the restrictions on Wednesday.

The Daily Telegraph says experts are advising the government against ordering the mass rollout of vaccinations for children – until scientists have more data on the risks. 

The paper says members of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation are understood to have voiced serious ethical concerns about jabs for children – given they rarely suffer serious illness from Covid-19. 

A Whitehall source tells the paper scientists want to gather more information from the US – which has already begun vaccinating children.

The government’s triple-lock pension pledge could cost the Treasury an additional £4bn this year, according to the Financial Times.The lock promise – enshrined in the Conservatives’ manifesto – ensures state pensions rise annually by the highest out of average earnings growth, inflation or 2.5%. The FT says the furlough scheme is distorting the figure for wage growth, with the incomes of millions of people appearing to jump as they return to full pay this summer, from the reduced wages paid for by the government last year.

Boris Johnson’s former race adviser tells the Guardian that some members of the government are seeking to inflame the UK’s culture wars by exploiting divisions for electoral gain. Samuel Kasumu, who resigned two months ago, says he fears there could be another Stephen Lawrence or Jo Cox tragedy if the situation continues. A No 10 spokesperson tells the paper the government is focused on defeating the pandemic and building back fairer for everyone.PA MediaJennifer Saunders (left) with her Ab Fab co-star Joanna LumleyThe 62-year-old actress blames “bigotry and small-mindedness” – saying comedians and writers “talk themselves out of” making certain jokes, because “everything is sensitive” and they fear the backlash. It all makes for an “Ab Drab Britain” according to the front page headline.

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