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May.25, 2021: @acenewsservices

Newspaper headlines: Brits flock to Spain as EU leaders condemn Belarus

Guardian 25 May
The Guardian says official NHS data suggests that up to 8,700 patients have died after catching Covid while in hospital for other medical problems since March 2020. That represents almost three in 10 people who contacted the disease in hospital, it adds. Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt calls the figures “devastating”.

BBC News: Staff:

Millions of people who have had two doses of the vaccine could still be made to spend 10 days at home if they’ve been in contact with someone who’s had the virus after 21 June, when the final stage of England’s roadmap out of lockdown is due to take place. That’s according to the Daily Telegraph, which says the continued imposition of quarantine “is likely to undermine plans for ‘normality’ to return”.Asda and the AA are among the UK companies “sold off to private equity in a high-risk ‘pandemic plundering’ spree”, the Daily Mail reports. It says 123 firms have been “bought up by the predators” since the start of the pandemic, and 19 more deals are due to take place.

The Daily Express says thousands of Britons have flown to Spain “in defiance” of advice from the government, which includes the country on its amber list of travel destinations. It’s because “tourism chiefs predicted it will soon join the green list”, the paper says, next to a photo of parasols lining a sunny beach.

The i features a curious crop of the prime minister’s ex-aide Dominic Cummings, who it reports is “expected to reveal turbulence at the heart of government” when he gives his long-awaited and much-trailed evidence on the government’s handling of the pandemic to Parliament on Wednesday.

The Daily Mirror reports that Premier League star Marcus Rashford “has urged the Tories to finally do the right thing” after MPs debated his child hunger petition. “You should help them,” reads a quote from Rashford on the front page.

The Financial Times reports that EU leaders have been preparing to “punish” Belarus after journalist Roman Protasevich was arrested when his flight was diverted to Minsk. Ideas being considered include targeting “the business interests of oligarchs who are financiers” of the regime, banning Belarus’s national airline from EU airports, declaring its airspace unsafe, and extending travel bans and asset freezes that are already imposed on dozens of officials, the paper says.

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has promised sanctions against Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, the Metro reports – calling the diversion of the flight over a supposed bomb threat “a danger to civilian flights everywhere”.

Back in the UK, the Times reports that “huge parts of the countryside could be paved over” in the south of England in an effort to meet revised housebuilding targets over the next five years. The paper says the new analysis of planning policy has “reignited concerns on the Tory back benches” that reforms could “alienate Conservative voters in the shires while undermining commitments made to the North”.

The Sun claims that Little Mix singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock is “distraught” after thieves stole an engagement ring it says was worth £40,000.And the Daily Star says anyone wondering what is going on with the weather should look to Greenland. Its conclusion was reached after “an exhaustive 30-second investigation”, it adds.

Many of Tuesday’s papers urge the West to show strength in its response to Belarus.

The Daily Telegraph describes the forced interception of a passenger plane to arrest a prominent critic as being “tantamount to air piracy and a belligerent act by a despot”. It reports on the boycott of Belarusian air space – but says that until the countries that are complaining about “Lukashenko’s appalling behaviour” are prepared to put their own interests on the line to stop him, the people of Belarus will look in vain to the West for delivery. 

The Financial Times writes that President Lukashenko’s “rogue regime” belongs to President Putin – and that if Russian involvement was demonstrated, retaliation would be needed against Moscow as well. The Guardian says the “hijacking” raises the prospect that Belarus may carry out other operations against critics living abroad. It quotes the head of the country’s KGB, Ivan Tsertsel, who’s vowed to “eliminate all traitors to the motherland”.

HO via EPAThe Athens-Vilnius flight was diverted because of a bomb threat, Belarusian officials said

Millions of fully vaccinated people will be forced to self-isolate for 10 days if they come into contact with someone with coronavirus even after the next phase of England’s roadmap out of lockdown on 21 June, warns the Telegraph. It says people “may be deterred from going to crowded places if they face the threat of enforced isolation” and that continuing the rule “will prompt questions about the government’s faith in vaccines and whether it is maximising the benefits of its successful jab rollout”. 

The Guardian’s lead story reveals that up to 8,700 patients died after catching Covid-19 while in hospital being treated for another condition. It obtained the data from 81 trusts in England which responded to a freedom of information request. The paper claims the figures provide the most detailed and comprehensive insight yet into how widespread a scourge hospital-acquired coronavirus has been over the past 15 months and the huge death toll it has exacted. An NHS spokesperson tells the Guardian that outbreaks in hospitals were less common than in other settings.

The i and the Guardian have both picked up on the Wall Street Journal’s story that three staff at a laboratory in Wuhan sought hospital treatment in November 2019 – a month before China first reported cases of Covid-19. The American paper says while the theory isn’t the predominant hypothesis for Covid’s origins, prominent scientists are calling for a deeper probe and clearer answers from Beijing. China has strongly rejected the report. 

For too long too many politicians were indifferent to public opinion about immigration, writes Home Secretary Priti Patel in a comment piece for the Daily Express. Ms Patel says that too many were happy to say that even raising the topic was racist. She says the government has a firm but fair plan which this year will end the use of insecure ID cards for people to enter the UK and will apply tougher criminality rules.The home secretary said this week that new US-style electronic border permits will give ministers a clearer idea of who is in the country.

The Times reports that Cornwall would have to build more than 11,000 homes on rural land and areas such as Buckinghamshire and Central Bedfordshire will each have to create at least 10,000 plots in order to meet revised housebuilding targets over the next five years. It says that in total, nearly 400,000 homes will be built on greenfield sites in the south of England – but half as many new homes per head of population will be needed in “red wall” constituencies elsewhere in the country.

The Daily Mirror reports that the Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford has urged the Tories to – in its words – “finally do the right thing” following his child hunger petition. MPs debated his petition – which attracted more than 1,113,000 signatures – in Parliament on Monday. It calls on the government to support vulnerable children by implementing three recommendations from the National Food Strategy to expand access to Free School Meals, provide meals and activities during holidays to stop holiday hunger, and to increase the value of and expand the Healthy Start scheme. The Mirror features the plea: “Don’t abandon hungry kids.” 

And the Telegraph reports the secret of happiness has finally been discovered. Neuroscientists from University College London used a crowd sourced gaming app and MRI scans of people’s brains to develop a rather long-winded formula – (t)=w0 +w1∑j=1tγt −jCRj +w2∑j=1tγt −jEVj +w3∑j=1tγt −jRPEj. It means, as the paper puts it in plain language, that you should lower your expectations but not so low or for so long that it makes you unhappy.

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